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Man and Beast Index

Arnold Vosloo Index

My thanks to KatG and KathyH who sent me logs when I got The Booties.

jill_z_q joined the room
jill_z_q: howdy all
tedi382001: hi everyone
JennyP: howdy
kgedrich: Howdy you all
Teddy (julia_dodge) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Hey hey, the server is busy so my cam is still in limbo
jill_z_q: ewie
Teddy: Hi all
Fearless Leader: ok it's on now
Fearless Leader: Howdy Everybody
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: That's the review of sculpting
msatclayart left the room
jill_z_q: what you makin Jenny?
kgedrich: ouch and she bounces once
jill_z_q: anyone good at wirewrapping stuff?
kgedrich: nope just learning
JennyP: nope, wish I was
jill_z_q: I posted note in pcc, hoping some one can lead me to tute
jill_z_q: I want to wire wrap some donunts
kgedrich: have you gone to the jig wig site they have lots of tuts there
jill_z_q: just really simple
jill_z_q: ooh good idea
kgedrich: get most of my patterns there love that site
jill_z_q: my donuts aren't ever big so was thinking of dangling them off a memory wire necklace
Teddy: hey Jill, I got chocolate Entemens only have one left
nora_gatine joined the room
nora_gatine: Sorry about that
nora_gatine: couldn't get back in after being booted
kgedrich: np nj just yahoo playing booties with ya
jill_z_q: Ooh chocolate yummies I got me some thin mints
nora_gatine: playing booties
nora_gatine: LOL
Teddy: me too, Girl scouts sell t hem
kgedrich: oh man don't be talking chocolate its that time of the month for me and i want SOME CHOCOLATE
Teddy: lol Kat
jill_z_q: Hehehehe
Teddy: I got my leaf canes from PCC swap today
kgedrich: i can't wait for menopause
Teddy: they are wonderful
tedi382001: believe me you'll still want chocolate
jill_z_q: I think you want after menopause?
Stamphi (stamphi) joined the room
Teddy: Hi
jill_z_q: not sure if that is everlasting thing or temp
kgedrich: son has devoured ever drop of chocolate in the house argggg
jill_z_q: laugh
jill_z_q: that is horrible
Stamphi: Aloha, Thanks for the invite.
jill_z_q: hands you some thin mints
jill_z_q: hasn't eaten breakfast or lunch so lets talk about flowers lol
kgedrich: aw thanks cyber chocolate doesnt do it for me LOL
jill_z_q: me either lol
nora_gatine: I'm going to post to the list which name I'm logged on as, does anyone have Esther on their Friend's list?
Stamphi: lol too bad
nora_gatine: Esther Reeves?
jill_z_q: no
tedi382001: no
nora_gatine: ok, I'll be back in a tick
Teddy: Jenn, LOOK !, out the window !
Teddy: getting one of your canes is a tough job
jill_z_q chuckles in amusement
kgedrich: lol
JennyP: lol
Teddy: me, I want that one too
tedi382001: ooooooooooooh
jill_z_q: dang that is so precise
jill_z_q: okay your making me sick lol
JennyP: ty
Stamphi: Oh,oh! I think I hear thunder.
Teddy: she sells them from her website
jill_z_q: ew thunder go away
jill_z_q: tell the gods to stop bowling
jill_z_q: hehee
Teddy: no thunder allowed
Stamphi: lol I'll keep my fingers crossed
jill_z_q: wonders how anyone can keep there desk that clean
jill_z_q: I have like 5" X 5" space left I think to work on
Teddy: If I had a cam and a dozen gals watching, I'd clean too
jill_z_q: true
jill_z_q: lol
JennyP: are you talking about mine???
jill_z_q: my desk is covered in beads, jewelry, beads, finding, clay, tls, beads, findings, keyboard somewhere
Teddy: just got room for cup of coffee, ashtray and one elbow
jill_z_q: the phone lol I pile stuff on it and then takes me forever to get the phone thank god for speaker phone button lol
jill_z_q: Yes Jenny.
kgedrich: LOL nj's seen my work space she can tell you how messy mine is, and its much worse since the last time
jill_z_q: OMG totally thought of Forest Gump when I said that
jill_z_q: giggles
Teddy: lol
Stamphi: It's nice to see that I'm not the only one that has too dig to find the phone.
JennyP: ok you only see part of the table, watch!!!
Teddy: if your workspace is too neat, your now claying
kgedrich: i fixed that problem my phone is screwed into the side of my computer desk LOL
kgedrich: Jenny still to clean
jill_z_q: heh that is good idea
jill_z_q: nodnod
esther_reeves joined the room
nora_gatine: Howdy Esther
Teddy: hi Ester in England
esther_reeves: hi
nora_gatine: checking out Jenny's clay stash
Stamphi: Aloha Ester
jill_z_q: Hi Esther
nora_gatine: shall we do a roll call so everyone knows each other?
kgedrich: i can't even find half of my supplies lol
nora_gatine: NoraJean, San Francisco
kgedrich: Kat, Indianapolis Indiana
Stamphi: Oh no, I'm sure now. It's thunder. Gotta go.
tedi382001: hi esther
Stamphi: bye
Teddy: Jenn it looks like Magees closet
Teddy: Julia/ Florida
stamphi left the room
jill_z_q: bye I thought it was lightening you had to worry about
esther_reeves: Esther, england
JennyP: JennyPat minnesota
nora_gatine: If the thunder is close I turn off my computer and unplug the surge protector
jill_z_q: Suz, somehere in like OMG the valley
NikiT (azstitcher2001) joined the room
kgedrich: in a few weeks i'll be worrying about that also, think i'm going to invest in a good backup sys
jill_z_q: oops left off the Y
nora_gatine: Niki We're introducing ourselves
tedi382001: Amy Canada
NikiT: Niki, Arizona
jill_z_q: I know Niki
esther_reeves: jon's house got hit when we were on the phone to each other once
jill_z_q: dragon lady
nora_gatine: Newly wed Niki
nora_gatine: yikes Esther
kgedrich: btw congrats Niki
jill_z_q: You got hitched Niki?
jill_z_q: Congrats
NikiT: yeah. THanks.
kgedrich: yeah tornado season is almost upon us here thats why i'm getting a house with a basement
Teddy: congrats on the wedding Niki
jill_z_q: NJ, that is what I miss when living in back east. Cool thunderstorms
NikiT: ty
jill_z_q: You get any up there?
nora_gatine: That's what we're going to review
nora_gatine: starting with the aluminum foil armature
kgedrich: man am i glad i won at bingo this week just got the bill for my new license plate OUCH $256.00
jill_z_q: ew scary take them back
Teddy: lolo
Teddy: Kat, I won too
Teddy: 250 and 25.00
kgedrich: I won the $1000 coverall monday i was shaking for 2 hours after
kgedrich: wtg
Teddy: I hear that
esther_reeves: wow
esther_reeves: i only play bingo for fabric
kgedrich: gave the ladies a 100 tip and they about passed out lmao they all went out to dinner
Teddy: I bought a tv/video combo and saved the rest
kgedrich: ohoh nj is having major boot issues today
nora_gatine left the room
nora_gatine joined the room
nora_gatine: gonna be one of those days
kgedrich: yeh went and bought son a lot of clothes that he needed he's growing like a week and already up to a size 12 shoe and he's only in 8th grade
nora_gatine: I'm doing a new thing with the third twisted foil
nora_gatine: it's going to be the arms
nora_gatine: and I find that the ends get too wadded up for the hands
nora_gatine: so I'm trimming the ends into a mitten shape
Teddy: Esther, how do you play bingo for fabric?
jill_z_q: hmm your webcam stopped for me
nora_gatine: before adding the arms
nora_gatine: close out old cam windows
nora_gatine: and open me up anew, since I got the Booties
jill_z_q: okay mucho bettero
kgedrich: lol nj likes my booties word
nora_gatine: I LOVE IT
nora_gatine: gonna be the thing to say
nora_gatine: LOL
esther_reeves: On a quilting list.. pick 25 from a set of quilting words, that then get called.. need all 25 to win
Teddy: Nora Jean, did you get my letter?
kgedrich: sounds like fun esther
esther_reeves: oh we pay for goes in fabric it all goes into the pot
esther_reeves: tis fun, lots of chat and jokes along the way
kgedrich: i play at the moose lodge i belong to because all the proceeds go to charity
Teddy: I play at the Lions Club
kgedrich: i do that in New Palestine here sometimes they have a huge hall
Teddy: NJ did you get my letter?
Teddy: maybe I should type louder
Teddy: lol
JennyP: brb
nora_gatine: Oh Teddy
nora_gatine: yes I did thank you
nora_gatine: sorry I thought I wrote to you
Teddy: NJ did
Teddy: oh, good
JennyP: bk
nora_gatine left the room
nora_gatine joined the room
nora_gatine: grrrr
Teddy: count to ten
nora_gatine: what I did for the head was to wad the foil into a sort of skull shape
nora_gatine: when I covered it with another piece I pinched the neck towards the back of the skull
nora_gatine: what I see folks doing is using round balls for heads
nora_gatine: and the only person I know with a truely round head is Charlie Brown in Peanuts
nora_gatine: Charles Shultz hated to draw him, that darned round head
nora_gatine: so if it's a human, give it a skull and put the neck behind the jaw line
nora_gatine: are there any questions about this aluminum foil armature before we put the first layer of skin on it?
kgedrich: nope
Teddy: no
esther_reeves: hands look quite large will they need trimming?
kgedrich: are you doing a male or female this time nora?
Teddy: lol
nora_gatine: I don't know if it will be male or female, the torso is long, so it could be a man
nora_gatine: and I crimped the foil for the hands
kgedrich: okay does make a difference in muscle mass i know that much lol
nora_gatine: I just didn't want so much foil for the hands
snowdove58 joined the room
Teddy: Hi
nora_gatine: The first layer of clay doesn't really matter, it will look no gender
snowdove58: Hi there.
kgedrich: oh shoot bummed teenager brb got to find out whats wrong

tedi382001: hi
nora_gatine: With the subsequent layers of clay there's where the gender decision will be made
JennyP: Hi Snow, I invited you here, cuz there are lots of clay folks here!
nora_gatine: shall we do roll call?
JennyP: and NJ is doing a demo!
nora_gatine: NoraJean, San Francisco
Teddy: Julia/ Florida
snowdove58: ok thanks.
tedi382001: Amy Canada
JennyP: Jenny Pat Minnesotat
snowdove58: Polly WV
NikiT: niki, AZ
Teddy: Mrs.Niki

nora_gatine: Polly this is the sculpting review
kgedrich: back Kat, Indianapolis Indiana
snowdove58: Ok
nora_gatine: and we just finished the aluminum foil armature...
esther_reeves: Esther, England
JennyP: brb gotta set up the vcr to record Carol Duval this afternoon
nora_gatine: I keep on getting booted off so you can save the links by saving the log. Tap the chat screen, select all, copy and email it to yourself. That's how I save logs when I can get a chance to save them
nora_gatine: so now that the armature is done I'll cover this with the first layer of clay. It's pretty boring so it is a good time to get food and drink, or go to the loo
snowdove58: Thanks Nora
Teddy: skit to the loo my darlin
nora_gatine: Check this if you're limber
nora_gatine: your foot is as long as your forearm
nora_gatine: that's how we measure feet for our figures here
Teddy: wow, I got a 6 1/2
nora_gatine: bend your elbows and bring them into your sides
nora_gatine: your elbows touch above the waist line
nora_gatine: I got to wash my hands ... brb
Teddy: I found some cheap non fuzzy gardning gloves I wear to shape my foil, no stain on the clay then
Teddy: and won't hurt my hands on the sharp foil
nora_gatine: I thought about that but never tried it
snowdove58 left the room
kmrhodes joined the room
kgedrich: hi Karen
Teddy: Hi Karen
kmrhodes: I came and Nj left
tedi382001: hi
kmrhodes: Hi everyone
Teddy: she gets the boot from us all the time
kmrhodes: How are you all doing
Teddy: great
JennyP: bk
kgedrich: fine
kmrhodes: did you see my sculpture?
tedi382001: goo and you
kgedrich: yes i thought it was great
tedi382001: good
kmrhodes: Thanks Kat
kgedrich: reminded me of that computer generated baby that dances the one on ally mcbeal
kmrhodes: LOL
kmrhodes: He was cute
Teddy: I made a sculpture but sent it to PCC for the March challenge so could not show it
kmrhodes: And you didn't take pics?
kmrhodes: shame on you
Teddy: can't show til the votting is done
kmrhodes: That little thing took a whole pound of clay
kmrhodes: and I'm still not done
kmrhodes: I don't think NJ knows shes booted from messenger
JennyP: Karen, I still see her
esther_reeves: camera is still going for me
tedi382001: I still see her
Teddy: I see cam
kmrhodes: Yeah, I see her cam but she is not highlighted on messenger
JennyP: I see her there too
kmrhodes: hmmmm
tedi382001: me too
kmrhodes: must be me then
esther_reeves: I got a message she had left, no-one told the camera
Teddy: lol
kmrhodes: me too
kmrhodes: So Julia you made a sculpture for PCC
kmrhodes: Thats great
Teddy: yup, first time to enter
kmrhodes: are the photos up yet?
Teddy: no, after the 20th
kmrhodes: gotta go vote for you
Teddy: thlast day to enter is 15
kmrhodes: whats the sculpture of
kmrhodes: what does yours look like?
Teddy: no, vote for the one you like best, not for me, I am not in the compitision
kmrhodes: Like heck your'e not
Teddy: I am not telling, I want to see what you see
kmrhodes: Do you want me to stamp my foot? LOL
Teddy: sure
Teddy: ouch
kmrhodes: talk woman
kmrhodes: or you will get more of the same
nora_gatine left the room
nora_gatine joined the room
esther_reeves: shes gone
Teddy: ok, you'll go lol
kgedrich: what is that bootie number 3
nora_gatine: 3 or 4
nora_gatine: something like that
kmrhodes: hello
Teddy: I feel like it would not be fare to the others if I told about my entry
kmrhodes: awl shoot, you don't think others are telling their friends?
kmrhodes: bet they are
kmrhodes: but I understand - you have ethics
kmrhodes: and that is good
nora_gatine: what entry where? Hey Karen
Teddy: thanks, I will say, I felt I was sending off my kid, it was hard to let him go
kmrhodes: Hey NJ
kmrhodes: Will you get it back afterwards?
nora_gatine: what entry?
nora_gatine: PCC Challenge?
kmrhodes: yep
Teddy: yes, I sent the return postage and emailed to Stephen, he said yes
kmrhodes: Good for you Hon
Teddy: I put a little of all of us into it
Teddy: duh
Teddy: we are just too much fun
kmrhodes: no wonder I felt a few pounds lighter! LOL
Teddy: It is hard to wait for the photos to post
kmrhodes: I can imagine
kmrhodes: But You do great work
kmrhodes: so I am confident you will do well
Teddy: thanks, I had alot of compliments on it from my family
kmrhodes: I will cross my fingers that you win
Teddy: thanks
Teddy: at least we will get a good laugh
kmrhodes: Only if we are supposed to
Teddy: I'll shut up now
kmrhodes: I mean, is it a comical sculpture
Teddy: hummmm
Teddy: zip
kmrhodes: a jester
kmrhodes: a clown
kmrhodes: digging for information
Teddy: hands her a shovel
nora_gatine: Ok, so the first layer is on, now we choose gender
Teddy: I like gender
nora_gatine: votes? Male or Female?
JennyP: geez, I gotta go pick up my DD
kmrhodes: gender is goo
kmrhodes: good
JennyP: be back in about 20 minutes, I am gonna leave my cam open
kgedrich: i think its a man
kmrhodes: man
Teddy: man
tedi382001: k,
kmrhodes: be careful Jenny
JennyP: bbs
nora_gatine: ok, so no hips, little butt, more chest
nora_gatine: See ya Jenny
kmrhodes: so whats everyone doing
kmrhodes: are you claying right now
kmrhodes: are you watching the demo
Teddy: I am doing mini foods
kmrhodes: cool
tedi382001: swirly lentils
kmrhodes: who else is claying
NikiT: kinda half-watching.. i'm at work, no clay with me.
kgedrich: catching up on mail, watching nj and watching a dvd movie with son now thats what you call multi tasking
jill_z_q: Im' coloring!
esther_reeves: I'm having a good at the foil bit of this
jill_z_q: going to do transfers
Teddy: eggplant, oranges and lemons for the newbie box swap
kmrhodes: cool
jill_z_q: remeber the color contests as a kid lol
kmrhodes: I got little containers I want to give Cheryl for that
Teddy: yes, I do , as a kid I did those
Teddy: coloring contest
kmrhodes: The weis store has that for easter
kmrhodes: thats our grocery store
kmrhodes: its in the paper and everyone cuts it out, colors it
kmrhodes: and sends it back to the store
jill_z_q: oh yeah lol
jill_z_q: they do that too
kmrhodes: who put them up on the walls
jill_z_q: here
Teddy: all the pix on my fridge and all the toys in the house are mine, kids are gone
kmrhodes: so whats the coloring contest for?
jill_z_q: Oh I'm coloring with colore pencils to make transfers on tls
kmrhodes: ah
jill_z_q: just reminded me of that for some reason
jill_z_q: I think last memory I had coloring was a contest or something
jill_z_q: so maybe that is why lol
kmrhodes: maybe we all need to get out our crayons and just color like kids again
Teddy: I got the 72 Prismatic pencils butdon't know what to do with them
kmrhodes: and go over the lines
kmrhodes: color Honey
jill_z_q: first you can give them to me cause those suckers are expensive
Teddy: over the lines sounds good
Teddy: lol Jill
jill_z_q: secondly its what I use to color to make transfers
Teddy: I got alot of want to and no know how
kmrhodes: me too!!!!
jill_z_q: I got some dover books
jill_z_q: made copies at Kinko's
kmrhodes: nice books
jill_z_q: love those books
jill_z_q: and now I'm coloring in the stuff I copied
Teddy: which one tells about pencil transfere
kmrhodes: see, I could get all those and not know what to do with them
jill_z_q: which book?
Teddy: yes
jill_z_q: the one that has to do with liquid sculpey
jill_z_q: let me find the name hold on
Teddy: I have a video on TLS
kmrhodes: Karen and Anna sometihng wrote it
kmrhodes: the sisters
jill_z_q: liquid polymer clay from mitchell sisters
kgedrich: Mitchell
Teddy: thanks, I might have to buy that one
jill_z_q: I'm trying out the fimo gel right now
kgedrich: fimo gel shrinks a bit i need to try the kato sauce out
kmrhodes: I got a bottle of that - a friend sent it to me
kmrhodes: haven't tried it yet though
kmrhodes: some people love it
Teddy: Kar, how's come no cam today?
jill_z_q: I'm not sure if I like it or not
kmrhodes: and others don't
Teddy: Kat
jill_z_q: its clear but where the paper was it not so clear
kgedrich: no room to work and i'm dealing with broncitis (sp?)
kmrhodes: Poor kat
Teddy: oh, sorry you are sick
jill_z_q: yeah me too being sick sucks
kmrhodes: I had some bug on Monday and Tues
kgedrich: yeah got it from my visit to Michigan hate being sick
kmrhodes: gosh, slept most of those two days
kgedrich: having trouble sleeping every time i lay down i start coughing up a storm need some whiskey
kmrhodes: can you sleep on an incline
Teddy: hands Kat the bottle
kmrhodes: like put a couple pillows behind you
esther_reeves: baby has been ill last day or so, seems to be getting better now
Teddy: Esther, you got a baby?
kgedrich: yeah thats what i've been doing, LMAO dog even growled at me last night because i was moving so much
kmrhodes: Sometimes I have to sleep sitting up.
kmrhodes: I'm getting good at it! LOL
esther_reeves: yes, Dominic, just over 6 months
Teddy: aww, I love babies
kgedrich: yeah its a pain just have to get everyone not to wake me up when i'm sleeping
jill_z_q: I noticed the older you get the more likely you can sleep in just about any position.
tedi382001: LOL
jill_z_q: but then again I'm not postive on that
tedi382001: I am
jill_z_q: use to see my grandpa sleeping in the chair. Going how did he do that
kmrhodes: LOL Teddi
jill_z_q: grin
kmrhodes: Now I do that!
Teddy: you will grow up all bent if you sleep sitting up
kmrhodes: haven't got the knack for sleeping standing up yet though
JennyP: bk
jill_z_q: I've recently found myself asleep on semi sit up position on the couch lol
Teddy: NJ, he's got a cute butt
jill_z_q: lol
kgedrich: man that is one thing i wish my hubby had he aint got no BUTT to speak of lol
jill_z_q: one day I need to conquer hands and feet
jill_z_q: Oh was just thinking my honey has a cute butt
jill_z_q: lol
Teddy: lol
kmrhodes: LOL
tedi382001: hey he is starting to look really good
Teddy: I second that
jill_z_q: I made a square votive with froggie and lily pads can't show it to mitch she might want it
nora_gatine: ok
nora_gatine: so he is basically male
nora_gatine: the top of the body is like a wedge
kmrhodes: Any new products you want me to check about getting?
Teddy: Karen, I want to try foils
kmrhodes: I got 5 kinds of metal leaf foils
kmrhodes: or is there something else you want to try
jill_z_q: I haven't tried foils yet
Teddy: I loved the look of foil in beads and pendents
kmrhodes: Oh, thats nice
kmrhodes: I put foils on a sheet of clay
kmrhodes: and then just scrunch it all up
kmrhodes: run it thru the pm and start from there
kmrhodes left the room
nora_gatine: I'm putting in the Mummy and after that The Mummy Returns
nora_gatine: it has a lot of shots of bare chested men
kgedrich: love the mummy guy to cute
Teddy: I used ciggie pack foil cause it was all I had, turned out ok but not fine
kgedrich: lol
nora_gatine: The bald headed dude?
kgedrich: yep the one from Africa
kgedrich: can never remember his name though thats terrible
nora_gatine: Arnold Vosloo
nora_gatine: I have the International Movie Date Base as a link in my browser
Teddy: ya, I dated him when I was a kid
kgedrich: yep thats the one
nora_gatine: get out of here
nora_gatine: Teddy, you're pulling my leg, no?
Teddy: lol
nora_gatine: I'm soooo gullible
Teddy: LOOK out the window
Teddy: lol
kmrhodes joined the room
tedi382001: wb
kmrhodes: back
Teddy: wb Karen
kmrhodes: dang thin
kmrhodes: thing
nora_gatine: I'm printing up some pictures of Arnold Vosloo
nora_gatine: we can use him as a guide
Teddy: NJ, he needs a little in the middle.
kgedrich: hunk a hunk a burning love <giggle>
Teddy: looks like a girl there
tedi382001: LOL

 here's Karen, it's the link to The Mummy
kmrhodes: the Mummy
kmrhodes: and No, girls, he does not need any equipment
nora_gatine: Ya, since we're doing a male, I thought I'd put in the video of The Mummy
kmrhodes: My shy eyes!
nora_gatine: so I can see some bare chested men
kmrhodes: You just want to see the men NJ
Teddy: your shy eyes, my foot
tedi382001: lol
kmrhodes: my shy and naive eyes
nora_gatine: I got too many men around here
nora_gatine: James and Said and then the half dozen young men who wander through each day
kmrhodes: have them model for you
kmrhodes: at least you can have some fun with them, yah?
nora_gatine: Well when I need to check things like jaw line, brow ridge
nora_gatine: I go up to them and start feeling on their heads
nora_gatine: "Hey wait up... "
nora_gatine: "Get outta here!"
Teddy: lol
nora_gatine: they aren't very cooperative
nora_gatine: so Movies... you can rewind
nora_gatine: pause
nora_gatine: take shots and print them out
kmrhodes: cool
nora_gatine: so I'm going to wrap this guy up and only keep his head above the wrapping and let's see if we can't get a face sculpted
Teddy: and inlarge
nora_gatine: let's take a break for 5 minutes or so
tedi382001: k
kmrhodes: k
Teddy: k
nora_gatine: and take care of biologicals
kgedrich: k
esther_reeves: k
nora_gatine: come back at the hour
kmrhodes: k
nora_gatine: what ever hour it is for you where you are
kmrhodes: LOL
nora_gatine: It's going on to 2pm here
NikiT: agreed.. my eyes are swimmin
tedi382001: gotta pick cat hair out of my clay anyway
kmrhodes: it will be 5 pm here
kgedrich: 5 here also
JennyP: 4 here
tedi382001: 6 here
kmrhodes: Where are you Teddi?
NikiT: 6? Where's that at?
tedi382001: Canada north of Toront
NikiT: what time zone?
kmrhodes: Ah, a Canadian! Yippee
NikiT: 5 is EST..
tedi382001: eastern
tedi382001: maybe not
NikiT: don't change your clocks?
esther_reeves: 10 pm for me.. wil be going to bed soon after Dominic kept me up last night
tedi382001: yep we do
NikiT: ok.  I was starting to get confused. Heh
nora_gatine: Esther, we'll be reviewing sculpting regularly, so you won't miss anything
NikiT: AFK
esther_reeves: just put some pictures up of what I've been making
esther_reeves left the room
nora_gatine: hey the leaves and flowers are pretty cool.
nora_gatine: brb
kmrhodes: Hey NJ
nora_gatine: yes, Karen?
kmrhodes: How do I get the movie to play
nora_gatine: excuse me? which Movie?
kmrhodes: or how do I work this dang thing
kmrhodes: the Mummy
nora_gatine: it's just the data on the movie, it might show links to movie trailers
nora_gatine: but that's it
kmrhodes: or is it just stills
kmrhodes: ah
kmrhodes: olay
kmrhodes: okay
nora_gatine: Olay too
kmrhodes: Oil or Olay
nora_gatine: LOL
nora_gatine: both
kmrhodes: Veggie or Olive
nora_gatine: I got to get something to drink, brb
kmrhodes: and eat
nora_gatine: MIL's granola
nora_gatine: ok, I'm going to open up PhotoShop and print out two pictures, I hope it doesn't give me the Booties, if it does I'll be back
nora_gatine left the room
nora_gatine joined the room
nora_gatine: I thought PhotoShop would give me the booties
kmrhodes: got 2 ham and cheese sandwiches
kmrhodes: yum
kmrhodes: had to fit the animals for it though
nora_gatine: close out old cam windows and open me up anew, since I got kicked out
tedi382001: LOL
nora_gatine: that's what I printed up
nora_gatine: so I can have different head shots of him
kmrhodes: hmmm maybe some pickled eggs
jill_z_q: pickled eggs?
kmrhodes: hard boiled eggs in picked beet juice
jill_z_q: speaking of eggs anyone make vinegar eggs befoe
jill_z_q: sounds scary Karen
kmrhodes: its a Dutch thing
kmrhodes: Hard boil your eggs
kmrhodes: shell them and put them into a jar
kmrhodes: but first put in 1-3/4 Cups Sugar
JennyP: brb
kmrhodes: and 2-3/4 Cups applie Vinegar
kmrhodes: then put in your eggs. add canned beets
kmrhodes: and let sit for 24 hrs
kmrhodes: excellent
jill_z_q: sounds nasty
kmrhodes: You will love them
jill_z_q: maybe when I'm sleeping
kmrhodes: No, I'm telling you this is good
kmrhodes: It sounds nasty but its really excellent
jill_z_q: lol
kmrhodes: it gives the eggs a sweet tangy taste
jill_z_q: Okay tell me this 500 dollars for a booth for a three day show is that like OMG Wow or normal?
NikiT: back.. got Wendy's salad
kmrhodes: I think its OMG wow
kmrhodes: but it depends on the show
jill_z_q: its the california avocado show
jill_z_q: lol
kmrhodes: If its a good producer, its worth it
kmrhodes: never heard of it
jill_z_q: me either!
kmrhodes: Have you went to the show
kmrhodes: in previous years?
jill_z_q: never been just heard about it when searching
jill_z_q: its about 2 hours away
kmrhodes: Does it pull in thousands of people?
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
kmrhodes: Did you do a search on the Craft Trends site for it?
tedi382001: hi
jude: Howdy everyone!
kmrhodes: hey Jude
jill_z_q: Hi Jude
jude: How is everyone today?
jill_z_q: Jude next time Cheryl and crew go down to LA you should come!
kmrhodes: eating and talking about pickled eggs
jude: I'd love to, but it's a really big hassle for me.
jill_z_q: I want to do the ventura street fair claims to bring in like 50,000 people
jill_z_q: giggle
jude: And, I just don't have the stamina.
kmrhodes: Jill, is it an indoor or outdoor show
jill_z_q: outdoor
jill_z_q: its on the fricken street
kmrhodes: so you would need a booth set up with roof
jude: Is that Captain Picard NJ's working on?
NikiT: not today.. The Mummy's Arnold Vosloo
kmrhodes: She got a thing for bald guys
jill_z_q: hehehe
jude: Nope, guess not. It's some bald guy I don't know.
jill_z_q: but he's cute bald guy
jude: Yes, he is a cute bald guy. LOL
kmrhodes: So hows Jude doing?
jill_z_q: too bad Jude, I love to see you
jude: Is it like the buddha you rub his tummy for good luck? You rub the bald guy's head?
jill_z_q: I got tent but I think 500 bucks is a bit beyond my reach at the time
kmrhodes: sounds good
jude: jude's doing okie.
kmrhodes: just okie
jude: Well, there are okie days and then there are okay days.
kmrhodes: gotcha
jill_z_q: no good or awesome days?
jude: The sun is shining and it's semi-warm today, so it
jude: it's okie.
kmrhodes: ah
jude: Wait for the summer. Then we do good and awesome.
jill_z_q: sends Jude down to Fresno/Bakersfield
kmrhodes: the sun is shining, the sky is blue and its as cold as steel outside
jude: Nice here, in the 60's.
kmrhodes: rub it in Jude
jill_z_q: its medium warm here
kgedrich: 47 here
jude: It will probably be short-lived. We get cold weather all the way into July.
jude: However, our plum tree is blooming!
kmrhodes: So are our Pussywillows
jude: I just hope it doesn't snow on it like last year and kill all the blooms.
kmrhodes: the daffadils are up about 3 inches now
jude: Ours are blooming.
kmrhodes: shoot
jude: We have a few in the front.
kmrhodes: it'll do the onion show yet
kmrhodes: onion snow
jude: The roses are all leafing and everything else getting leaves.
kgedrich: i'll see you all later i'm going to finish watching bourne identity with son take care and happy claying
jude: Onion show?
kmrhodes: robins in the yard
kmrhodes: Bye Kat
tedi382001: bye k
kmrhodes: Onion snow
jude: What is onion snow?
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