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 11-14-03: Starting the MerBlue Female, Friday Night Demo.   MerBlue-1: Uncured MerFolk Family Unit, Ma, Pa and the Kid.
lil_mitch24: Hiya, Staci & NJ!
Staci: Hiya Nj
Staci: Hiya Lil
Staci: sorry I am so bad with names
liteladi (liteladi) joined the room
liteladi: hi
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
Staci: Hiya Lite
Staci: Hiya Roni
liteladi: its penny LOL
liteladi: the one with the terrible week
lil_mitch24: Hiya, Penny & Roni!
Fearless Leader: Hey folks, just setting up
Fearless Leader: So is sculpting ok with all y'all or do you want
something else
Fearless Leader: speak out or be bored to tears
otengoku joined the room
Staci: LOL
liteladi: ok by me
Staci: Sculpting is fine with me
Roni: you never bore us NJ
liteladi: i did get a snowman done this week
Staci: Sorry all I have been gone for the past few days
Staci: I have been really sick
Staci: Hiya Otengoku
echo_base_one joined the room
otengoku: Hi everyone!
Staci: Hiya Echo
Roni: hi O, is it Robin?
echo_base_one: hello folks
Roni: hi echo
liteladi: hi echo, roni, staci,
otengoku: It sure is!  I wish I knew how to change my name... LOL
polymerfairy joined the room
liteladi: staci how did those gingerbread guys work out
Staci: Oh they turned out so cute
Staci: I have them on ebay
Staci: but I will turn my cam on so everyone can see them
liteladi: can you give me the link?
lil_mitch24: Hiya, Bonny!
liteladi: ok i got a huge callwave add and very little chat window
polymerfairy: Hi Mitch
Fearless Leader: roll call, first name and location please
otengoku: NJ, what did you decide to do tonight?
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
liteladi: Penny Lansing Michigan
lil_mitch24: Mitch, Louisiana
Roni: Roni Michigan
otengoku: Robin, Fort Wayne, Indiana
polymerfairy: Bonny West Palm Beach Florida
Staci: Staci, Springfield Missouri
Staci: Ok my web cam is up
Staci: Hiya Bonny
polymerfairy: Hi Staci
Fearless Leader: What do you all want to see?
echo_base_one: erica , upstate NY
Fearless Leader: we could do a figure from start to finish
Fearless Leader: we have enough time for that
Fearless Leader: I'll need virtual scribes to answer question and
explain what I do for these late demos I'll be working fast
Fearless Leader: so sculpting?
Fearless Leader: is that alright?
Roni: anything is fine with me, don't know how long my eyes will stay
open LOL
Fearless Leader: or I got chop ready for beads here, let me show you
the chop pile
Staci: Sure NJ
Staci: did everyone get to see the gingerbread garland?
Staci: it ended up being a total of 5 ft.
lil_mitch24: it's cute!
otengoku: Do you archive everything? DH is on his way home from
Wisconsin...I can't stay on long...
Roni: yep, it's cool Staci
liteladi: yup not sure how long i can stay with you though its getting
late here and i have had a long day
polymerfairy: cute Staci
Fearless Leader: If we have volunteers to do screen shots then I
publish them and the log
otengoku: That garland is adorable Staci!!
lil_mitch24: oh, yall are gonna make me feel bad...Lene's already
hollering for me to come to bed...
Staci: if you look really close in the lower right hand side of my web
cam is a mini raggedy andy
Fearless Leader: but we've not had screen shot volunteers for a while
Staci: NJ, do you want me to do screen shots?
Staci: of anything I make?
Fearless Leader: Cool gingerbread folks
echo_base_one: I dont know what it is, I could try though? if someone
tells me how?
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: the How is on that page
Staci: Ok
otengoku: How do you do that so fast??? LOL
Fearless Leader: now if we have screen shots I'll save log and we can
put them up on the site
Fearless Leader: I had it ready from the post to the list
Fearless Leader: LOL
Staci: I am gonna hold up this tiny tiny Raggedy Andy...everyone look
quick LOL
otengoku: Thank you!!!!
Fearless Leader: it's good to have that link ready at the start of a
liteladi: stacy i love those gingerbread guys
Fearless Leader: so what do you all want to see?
otengoku: I'd love to see a face armature!
Fearless Leader: Hey, that's a 1/76 scale person it looks like
polymerfairy: brb gonna see if I can get in the other way
Fearless Leader: ok Bonny
otengoku: hold it back a bit staci, can you?
polymerfairy left the room
polymerfairy joined the room
otengoku: Very cute!!
liteladi: staci you are totally talented
Jackie (ljcswartz) joined the room
Fearless Leader: that's the mold I use to do faces
Fearless Leader: Hey Jackie
Jackie: hi
lil_mitch24: Hiya, Jackie...wb Bonny!
echo_base_one: I have to go---sorry folks--kitten fight
polymerfairy: Hi Jackie...thx Mitch lol
Roni: hi Jackie, Bonny
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
otengoku: Geesh that is TINY!
echo_base_one left the room
Fearless Leader: I'm asking folks what they want to see done Jackie
Fearless Leader: got any preferences?
Fearless Leader: or we could just go with the aluminum foil armature
and do a figure
Jackie: hmmm.. I love your color combinatons
otengoku: You make molds of armatures NJ?
Fearless Leader: nope, I make face molds of the LEXX crew
Staci: Hiya Jackie
Fearless Leader: and use them, but I like to make each figure from
scratch so they have their own personality
otengoku: Do you use an armature under the mold?
Staci: I was totally insane the night I made the mini Raggedy andy
sewdaisy2001: Hello all, Sheri here
Staci: I really have lost my mind
Staci: LOL
Fearless Leader: did you check out the album I sent through the list
before coming home?
Staci: Hiya Sheri
otengoku: I'm sorry, I don't know what the lexx crew is...
Fearless Leader: the aluminum foil armature?
Roni: hi Sheri
Staci: I saw it NJ
Fearless Leader:
Staci: very informative
polymerfairy: I did NJ...very interesting
Fearless Leader: we can do that and then cover it with skin
Fearless Leader: sculpt a face
Fearless Leader: there's clay sheets to dress it
liteladi: i checked out the link very interesting NJ
Fearless Leader: and then pose it for a mini scene
otengoku: I missed this...I'm going to check it out...
Fearless Leader: let's do the armature with skin, because we've not
reviewed sculpting basics in a while
mzsayk joined the room
lil_mitch24: gotta go for now...hopefully I'll catch yall for a bit
Staci: bye Mitch
lil_mitch24: nite all!
Staci: have a great night
liteladi: me too time to leave illb e here tomorrow though
liteladi left the room
lil_mitch24 left the room
mzsayk: hello all, what have I missed?
polymerfairy: brb need coffee or I'll fall asleep on the keyboard LOL
Staci: Just getting started
Staci: Nj is getting ready to make an armature
mzsayk: thank you
Staci: I am eating a banana
Staci: wanna watch?
Staci: lol
mzsayk: yep
Staci: LOL
Staci: I didn't figure you would say yes
mzsayk: gotcha
Staci: Wow Nj sure is quick
otengoku: Hubbies home...which is good, but I have to go...haven't
seen him in 3 weeks, everyone have a great night! I'm sorry I'm going
to miss this one! *sigh*
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
mzsayk: byebye
otengoku left the room
jude: Howdy!
mzsayk: hey
Fearless Leader: There's the armature
jude: Yoga position?
Fearless Leader: now I have to condition some clay and press sheets to
cover the body
mzsayk: cool 1 dude or chick?
Fearless Leader: you pick, male or female?
mzsayk: chick
Fearless Leader: That's a yoga position Jude
Fearless Leader: LOL
jude: There you go!
Fearless Leader: LOL
mzsayk: LOL
Fearless Leader: easy as standing on your head
Fearless Leader: ok, female she'll be
jude: I have enought trouble standing on my feet! Hehehehe
Staci: lol
jude: enought? Hmmm...
Fearless Leader: got to recondition this clay
Fearless Leader: it's going to be a blue woman
jude: a la Gainsborough?
sewdaisy2001 left the room
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
Fearless Leader: ok so we have the first layer of clay on the armature
Fearless Leader: it can go male or female at this point.
Fearless Leader: I'm going to take a few minutes and mash the clay
into the wrinkles of the foil to make sure it's as compact as it can
be then we'll start adding the extra clay that women need
Fearless Leader: breasts, hips, butt
Fearless Leader: that sort of thing
Fearless Leader: any questions at this point?
mzsayk: not yet
greatauntjudy left the room
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: I should save log at this point, since folks are
getting booted and coming back in
Staci: Smurfet?
Fearless Leader: LOL
Staci: or if you make it a guy.....Pappa Smurf
mzsayk: lol
Fearless Leader: or Krishna
jude: Mumble, mumble, curse.
jude: I'm back.
Staci: Hiya Jude
Fearless Leader: shall we do a quick roll call?
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Staci: Staci Springfield Missouri
jude: I did not enjoy the trip, either.
Roni: Roni Michigan
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
polymerfairy: Bonny West Palm Beach FL
mzsayk: Lauren (Windy)NY
Jackie: Jackie MD
polymerfairy: brb going to get some clay to mush...hope my thumb will
stop hurting..that's what I get for smacking hubby for saying Sterno
Stove LOL
Staci: LOL
Staci: I have clay warming in the clay warmer so I can make some
Jackie: I guess I can't keep my eyes open much longer.... good night
all. Hope to catch you another time.
sewdaisy2001: Sheri, Ohio
Staci: Night Jackie
mzsayk: nite
ljcswartz left the room
Staci: Sheri, where are you in Ohio?
Fearless Leader: I need to take a biological break and Said is going
to check something on the web, 10 minute break
Fearless Leader: brb
Staci: ok
Roni: k
sewdaisy2001: Huron- on lake Erie, near Cedar Pointe -home of the
worlds largest highest roller coaster
Staci: Cool
Staci: I am from Mansfield
Staci: Have a bunch of family in Huron
sewdaisy2001: You are a long way from home!
Staci: yeah
Staci: But I like being out here on my own
sewdaisy2001: Do you come back to visit?
Staci: I was just back in March
Staci: but before that I hadn't been back for 6 yrs
sewdaisy2001: Have you been claying for long?
Staci: no not really that long
Staci: only about 6 months
Fearless Leader: back
Staci: I am just softening this hard clay right now
Fearless Leader: I'm going to start putting female lumps and bumps on
this figure
jude: GASP! Female bumps?
mzsayk: junk in the trunk,yep
mzsayk: junk in the trunk=hinnie
polymerfairy: well I think I'm going to bed...the coffee didn't
help..should have had chai instead...nite everyone tc
Staci: bye bonnyt
Staci: Bonny**
mzsayk: nite nite
polymerfairy left the room
Staci: OK, I need ideas....otherwise I am gonna throw this package of
clay away
Staci: just really crumbley
Staci: any ideas what to do with it?
Roni: put a few drops of diluent or mineral oil in it
mzsayk: add a bit of mineral oil ?
Staci: see how the edges are?
Staci: I don't have mineral oil
Staci: or diluent
Fearless Leader: translucent too
Roni: baby oil?
Staci: add translucent to it?
Fearless Leader: I use translucent, baby oil also
Staci: nope no baby oil either
Fearless Leader: essence oil
Staci: It is a full block of Fimo
Roni: olive oil?
Staci: how much Translucent should I add?
Staci: nope
Staci: LOL
Staci: can ya tell I don't have any oil?
Staci: that is it
Staci: I have traslucent and liquid clay
Fearless Leader: TLS will work
Staci: how much?
Staci: Ok
Staci: found baby oil
Roni: big bootty on her, her legs up in the air LOL
sewdaisy2001: Staci, so glad you asked - I am doing the same thing. I
DO have baby oil -
icare4bunnies joined the room
Staci: ok here goes nothing
icare4bunnies: doing figures again?
Roni: hi bunny
Staci: LOL
icare4bunnies: hi
Fearless Leader: haven't done figures in a while
Fearless Leader: so I "figured" it was time
Fearless Leader: LOL
bonsaikathy joined the room
mzsayk left the room
Roni: hi Kathy
icare4bunnies: I haven't been on in a while, it figures (hehe)
mzsayk joined the room
Staci: hi kathy
sewdaisy2001 left the room
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
sewdaisy2001: Yahoo doesn't like me tonight
icare4bunnies: I finally put my craft room back together
icare4bunnies: I've had that problem before
icare4bunnies: I am trying to get back into my clay, and it's hard....
never would have guessed that
icare4bunnies: gotta sleep, just stopped to say hi
icare4bunnies: have fun everyone
Roni: bye bunny
bonsaikathy: by honey, good to see you again, you should stop by more
icare4bunnies: ttfn
mzsayk: nite
icare4bunnies: nite
icare4bunnies left the room
Staci: ok
Staci: that is going in the trash
bonsaikathy: no just keep conditioning
bonsaikathy: it should eventually smooth out
mzsayk: or put it aside ,fix when you get some oil.
bonsaikathy: I had some like that Staci and after conditioning for
awhile it finally smoothed otu
Staci: I put some baby oil on it
mzsayk: happens to me with my older clay
Staci: and ran it through the pasta machine
Staci: and that is what it turned out like
bonsaikathy: just keep folding it in half and then putting it through
mzsayk: it is getting there
bonsaikathy: see it already got a little smoother looking
mzsayk: yep
bonsaikathy: Nj is so fast on those faces it amazes me
bonsaikathy: Staci is that fimo?
mzsayk: nice nice set
bonsaikathy: I've never had any problems like that with premo but sure
have with fimo
Staci: yep fimo
bonsaikathy: have you got any premo you can mix with it or translucent
helps also
mzsayk: trans really helps
Staci: this is the worse package of clay I have ever had
Fearless Leader: Oh Hey Kathy
Fearless Leader: didn't see you there
Fearless Leader: faces are quick to do if you practice
bonsaikathy: I've had some worse, hi NJ snuck in well you were busy,
Fearless Leader: this clay is hard so I've been using this hard rubber
ended tool
bonsaikathy: I had to stop by and say hello to my favorite mentor and
all my friends
Staci: Hey, I did have a question
mzsayk: put it aside staci,get back to it later,just don,t trash it
Staci: Has anyone tried to put tears or water drops on their dolls?
bonsaikathy: I did on a rose
Staci: what did you use? Liquid clay?
bonsaikathy: took the end of a toothpick and dipped it in clear glue
then touched it to the rose petal
bonsaikathy: it worked pretty well
mzsayk: after it was baked ?
bonsaikathy: hey it's really looking better Staci
bonsaikathy: yes
mzsayk: cool thanks kathy
bonsaikathy: welcome
Staci: that is with liquid clay in it
bonsaikathy: you can also use future floor polish, or gloss mod podge
Staci: and baby oil
mzsayk: looks much better
bonsaikathy: well I'd better get to bed, we're hitting the yard sales
in the morning,
Staci: Night Kathy
bonsaikathy: Everyone have a good evening
Fearless Leader: see ya Kathy
mzsayk: nite hope you make much moola
Staci: Thanks Everyone for your help with this darn clay
Staci: I really appreciate it
Roni: nite Kathy
bonsaikathy: bye NJ
bonsaikathy: welcome Staci, hope it works for you
bonsaikathy: nite Roni
mzsayk: oops
bonsaikathy left the room
mzsayk: dont spend to much?
Staci: LOL more fimo or wait for the white sculpey?
techi_mom56 joined the room
Staci: Hiya Nancy
mzsayk: lol when will you geet the sclupey?
Roni: hi Nancy
mzsayk: hi nancy
Fearless Leader: Howdy Nancy
Staci: NJ, I ordered some clay from Karen week I am going to
start sculpting dolls so I am really glad you are having this demo
Fearless Leader: That's great Staci
mzsayk: go for it
Staci: I ordered one of those tool too
Staci: so next time you show how to make flowers I can make some too
mzsayk: cool
Staci: LOL my friend told me to spit in my clay to make it moist
mzsayk: nutty funny
Staci: He is a nut
Staci: He is the one that came into chat last week
Staci: I freaked out
Staci: didn't know how he got here
mzsayk: lol
Staci: thought I was gonna get kicked outta the group
Staci: but it really wasn't my fault
Staci: he just clicked on Join user in chat
sewdaisy2001: one of the high price sculptors teaches to use spit to
smooth doll skin
techi_mom56: relax staci...
techi_mom56: chuckle
Staci: Really?
Staci: they don't sand the doll skin?
mzsayk: she,s lookin good NJ
sewdaisy2001: Spit while sculpting
Staci: NJ, are you spitting LOL
Fearless Leader: How's that, the blue lady asks? Spitting?
jude: That's not a good thing, spitting on the sculpter. Yuck.
jude: er...sculpture.
Fearless Leader: Don't spit on the Sculptor
Fearless Leader: she's likely to cold cock you
Fearless Leader: pow
Staci: LOL
Staci: that is great NJ
Roni: got to get to bed, good nite all
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night Roni
Staci: LOL
meows3xx left the room
mzsayk: nite
jude: LOL
Fearless Leader: so anyway, she's begun
Fearless Leader: I'll be working on her tomorrow
Fearless Leader: covering her with clay sheets and giving her hair
Fearless Leader: more detail for the face
mzsayk: k
sewdaisy2001 left the room
Fearless Leader: what I'll probably do tonight off camera is smooth
out the rest of her like I've done so far
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
Fearless Leader: so that's all I'm going to do tonight, I'm starting
to fade
Fearless Leader: got up at 5am and I'm feeling it now
Staci: Thanks NJ
techi_mom56: night NJ
Staci: I probably wont be here tomorrow though
sewdaisy2001: Thank you NJ
Fearless Leader: Why not Staci?
Staci: I appreciate what you have shown thanks
Fearless Leader: you're welcome all
techi_mom56 left the room
mzsayk: I hear you see you later,thanks much
Staci: My idiot boyfriend will be home tomorrow
Fearless Leader: but at least you know it's easy to do an aluminum
foil armature and cover it with clay
Staci: LOL
Fearless Leader: well I hope you get lucky at least. LOL
Staci: He gonna clay all weekend again?
Staci: LMAO
Staci: thats a fact
sewdaisy2001 left the room
Staci: Have you ever used a wire armature?
Fearless Leader: I use materials that folks can find in their home,
foil works that way
Fearless Leader: I don't want folks to buy a bunch of other stuff if
we can get around it
Fearless Leader: also
Fearless Leader: dig
Staci: oh, with wire you can't do that
Fearless Leader: we can change the post with aluminum foil
Fearless Leader: wire is hard to repose
Staci: do you just use that one tool to smooth?
Fearless Leader: like that
jude: Drat, I have to go. Thanks NJ! Great, as always! Night all!
Staci: Night Jude
Fearless Leader: larger tools for larger areas, smaller ones for finer
Fearless Leader: I'm leaving out soon Jude
greatauntjudy left the room
mzsayk: Way Kool
mzsayk: nite jude
Fearless Leader: if you're going to cover the body with clay fabric
Staci: how tall is she NJ?
Fearless Leader: sheets run thin, you can dress and then pose
Fearless Leader: she'll fit in one inch scale
Fearless Leader: she's a bit tall
Fearless Leader: but that can be adjusted in the smoothing stage
Staci: too cute
Fearless Leader: it's the reposing that makes me stick with aluminum
Staci: Yeah I see that now
mzsayk: makes sense
Staci: Thanks for your help NJ, I wont keep you any longer...I know
you have had a long week
Fearless Leader: ya, I'm fading for sure
mzsayk: Nite All Til Later
Fearless Leader: thanks for coming by
Fearless Leader: xoxo

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