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 MerBlue Index:

MerFolk Family Unit, Ma, Pa and the Kid.

This section is in backwards order, the newest pictures are first and the beginning of this project is at the bottom of the page.

MerFolk for more fishy characters.

06-25-04: TLS Hair -  The MerBlue Family got hair. Dad's been redone and you can see the rasp marks on his arm. 

Layer 2: The first curing is just that, the first. Here is the second layer of clay that was smeared over the Male figure after he was filed with wood Raspers and Jewelry files. Ma and the Kid just filed. 
MerBlue-2: Cured, fussed with a bit and unsanded. Still bald as cue balls. 

Pictures taken with flash

Pictures taken without flash

Posing the MerBlue Mom, and sculpting review. Screen Shots from Roni. Thank you honey! 05/15/08 on photo gallery page.

These shots go with DemoLog-2

11-14-03: DemoLog, aluminum foil armature and covering the body in blue. 

11-15-03: DemoLog-1, fish scales, pressing sheets, making a fish tail and turning the Blue Female into a MerMaid.

11-15-03: DemoLog-2, Posing her in the abalone shell and related links to waterlilies,  MerBruce, UnderTheSea and other tutes and albums that are related to this demo. 


11-15-03: DemoLog-3,  Making the MerBlue Male figure and the baby. Discussion on how baby's faces are different from adults. 

11-15-03: DemoLog-4,  Winding down to the end of Saturday's 9 hour demo. 



Cobalt blue and silver. Demo of Nov. 14 - 15, 2003 reviewing these various techniques:

Blue and silver fish scale technique: This is a favorite color combination of mine, especially for the holidays. It's so icy. It also serves the MerFamily well with evoking the underwater vibe.

As seen used on the Easter Emu Effort.

Aluminum foil armature


Sculpting Review


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