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11-15-03: DemoLog-1, Making Silver and Blue fish scales for the MerBlue Female's tail.

  MerBlue-1: Uncured MerFolk Family Unit, Ma, Pa and the Kid.
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
Roni: hi NJ
Roni: what a cutie!
Fearless Leader: Oh she's getting there
Roni: did you get the web shots I took yesterday?
Fearless Leader: I couldn't open them
Fearless Leader: could you save them as jpgs?
Fearless Leader: they were saved in a way that I didn't have the right program to open them
Roni: don't know, never did that before, took them with Arcsoft Photo studio, I'll go see if I can change them. brb
Fearless Leader: okie dokie
Roni: what a bummer, I can change them to jpg's but I did something wrong 'cause I only have 1 shot in each of the 3 folders I saved. I must have taken 40 or 50 shots.
Fearless Leader: yikes
Fearless Leader: truth be known, I've never done screen shots
Roni: I'll have to ask Mitch next time she comes on. LOL
Fearless Leader: I'm always claying and depend on others. You used the tips on the How To page?
Roni: yep, I guess I need more in depth instructions.
Fearless Leader:
Roni: I'm thinking you must have to save each shot separately
Roni: I saved them all to one page
Fearless Leader: She's logged on but idle, I'll post to the list that we're here
Fearless Leader: brb
Roni: k
Fearless Leader: Done
Fearless Leader: now I'm going to go get another cup of coffee, can you anchor the chat room and greet folks as they come in? Tell them I'm fetching something to drink?
Roni: sure
Fearless Leader: thanks honey
Fearless Leader: I'm looking for these blue sheets from last Christmas
Fearless Leader: for the blue woman's clothing
henrye21 joined the room
Roni: hi henrye
henrye21: good evening all
boobearns joined the room
Roni: hi Dorothy
boobearns: hello
Fearless Leader: Never clean house
boobearns: what is NJ going to be demo'ing?
Fearless Leader: you can't find things if you do
boobearns: LOL
Roni: I don't LOL
Fearless Leader: Howdy Doro, I can't find these blue sheets from last Christmas
khym joined the room
boobearns: don't ask me...I don't know where they are!
Fearless Leader: For this gal here
Roni: be back later, hubby wants to go to store
boobearns: oh yes...foil armatures!
henrye21: hi khym
boobearns: TTFN Roni
khym: Hi
boobearns: hi
Fearless Leader: Howdy Henry and Khym...what's your first name honey?
khym: Lisa
Fearless Leader: Howdy Lisa, I'm NoraJean ... let's do a quick roll call ...first name and location
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
boobearns: Dorothy, Nova Scotia
khym: Lisa, Missouri
henrye21: Henry, UK
boobearns: Henry, what time is it there now?
Fearless Leader: quarter past 8pm I reckon
Fearless Leader: or 20 past
henrye21: 8.21p.m.
boobearns: 4 hours later than here, 8 hours later than you NJ?
Fearless Leader: Yup, Noon for me 8pm in London
Fearless Leader: now I can't find the sheets I was going to use to make her dress. Who's up for a quick fish scale cane, press sheets and then dress her?
boobearns: sounds good to me
Fearless Leader: I'll get the links for that fish scale in silver and blue
henrye21: dark, cold and miserable here
boobearns: here too!!
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: Check that out while I prep. I'm going to slice off some silver and blue. condition them with the food processor, press some sheets, do a blend and then begin the cane. Go get a sandwich and something to drink if you've seen all this before
boobearns: chevrons..what I need to learn
Fearless Leader: hmmm, fish scales are just a jellyroll blend cut into fourths and reassembled. I'll do some chevrons too if you'd like
boobearns: actually, from looking at the picture, I think it makes more sense to me now.
boobearns: do the jelly roll
boobearns: unless someone else wants to see chevrons??
Fearless Leader: the blue I was using last night was a bit old and little dried out. So I'm going to mix some newer blue with it to see if that softens it up a bit
Fearless Leader: see how it clumped together
boobearns: NJ, Dan got a new Lee Valley catalog the other day, has some cute little ornaments in it...just checked, they don't show them on-line...but I discovered they do have the sculpty bake and bend clay. Now...what did I want some of that for??
Fearless Leader: that means it's sticky enough
Fearless Leader: I don't trust the bendable clay
Fearless Leader: it cracks from what I heard
boobearns: no? They claim this stuff can be bent after baking. Can't remember what I wanted it for anyway
boobearns: Oh, the ornaments I thought I would cover, they melted in the oven
Fearless Leader: rats
boobearns left the room
boobearns joined the room
henrye21: hi boo
boobearns: hi again, my chat screen got real small...and the ad screen at the bottom got huge!
Fearless Leader: ya when that happens I too have to go out and come back in
Fearless Leader: now I'll condition and press some silver
Fearless Leader: sorry this is the boring part
Fearless Leader: LOL
boobearns: NJ, with you nothing is boring!
khym: I think it is cool, I am so new to this, that is great to watch! Thanks
Fearless Leader: ooh this is dry too. I'll soften it up with translucent liquid sculpey
boobearns: I love being able to watch someone work with the clay
boobearns: and today is "learn what to do with dry clay day"
henrye21: oh dear
boobearns: oh dear is right
boobearns: there she was, gone
henrye21: come back nj. all is forgiven
boobearns: henry, can you see NJ yet?
henrye21: yes
boobearns: good!
henrye21: thanks
khym: me too
Fearless Leader: got to go out and come back, brb

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