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MerBlue-1: Uncured MerFolk Family Unit, Ma, Pa and the Kid.

11-15-03: DemoLog-2,  Posing her in the abalone shell and related links to waterlilies,  MerBruce, UnderTheSea and other tutes and albums that are related to this demo.

This is the log that goes with these screen shots

Posing the MerBlue Mom, and sculpting review.  Screen Shots from Roni. Thank you honey.

nora_gatine: sorry about that
nora_gatine: let me fix my font and post to the list that Yahoo is
being mean to me
nora_gatine: There, that feels better, now let me tell the list what
name I'm logged in as
nora_gatine: brb
khym left the room
khym joined the room
nora_gatine: ok, now I'm back I'll open the cam again. Close out all
old cam windows of mine and then open the cam again
mzsayk: NJ sorry to join in so late, had a horrible nite.
henrye21: thats a good clear picture
nora_gatine: no worries, we're just starting out. I'm going to do a
blend and before I crashed I asked, shall we do a hand blend
nora_gatine: for those who do not have a pasta machine?
nora_gatine: no preference?
nora_gatine: I do a little of both?
henrye21: please
khym: thank you
mzsayk: k
emato (emato2) joined the room
nora_gatine: Howdy Karin
nora_gatine: just started doing a blend here, fixing to do fish scales
henrye21: hi karin
emato: Hey! going to have to add you so I can see you
nora_gatine: okie dokie
nora_gatine: can you tell me something?
nora_gatine: does the tiny url on my status line take you to the
nora_gatine: it doesn't show up as an active link to me
khym: yes it worked for me
mzsayk: yes
nora_gatine: coolness, now let me get you the link for the blends
emato2 left the room
nora_gatine: for without a pasta machine
nora_gatine: doing the classic Skinner bend takes a couple of dozen
passes through the pasta machine, that's too much work
nora_gatine: I say, roll the two colors together, mash and wring like
a wet wash rag
nora_gatine: then press
nora_gatine: each press this way equals 6
nora_gatine: cuts down the work, and if you don't have a press at all,
pull the twisted mass into a long ribbon and repeat the proccess as
nora_gatine: is that understandable?
nora_gatine: best to ask questions now while we're typing
mzsayk: yes it is
nora_gatine: Henry and Lisa you ok with this concept?
henrye21: yes ty
khym: yes
nora_gatine: press down the fold from the middle and force out air
nora_gatine: like that but faster, LOL
nora_gatine: now compress to a fat plug, silver on one end and blue at
the other, ok?
mzsayk: yep
nora_gatine: now we pull it out to a ribbon
nora_gatine: now we do that a couple of times to get a blend
emato (emato2) joined the room
nora_gatine: Welcome back Karin, Yahoo has been mean to all of us
emato: Hello everyone - made it back. I love the fish scale cane!
nora_gatine: and it's easy once you get the jelly roll blend figured
nora_gatine: I mean when "one" gets the blend figured out
nora_gatine: not you specifically, Karin, LOL
emato:  Oh no --- that be me for sure!
emato: would love to try a Koi fish with that cane on it some time
nora_gatine: koi are better suited with spotty designs I'm thinking,
but this fish scale is fun, the covered tin in Kai3's new digs are
fish scale, did you see that yet today?
nora_gatine: there it is... done in pearl and black
emato: Oh way cool! Yeah, Koi do have those big spots -- going to find
something to put that fish scale on though -- it's been a favorite
since I saw it on your site
nora_gatine: you saw that OLD koi tute?
nora_gatine: on the geocities site
nora_gatine: you got grit to slog through those old tutes
nora_gatine: LOL
emato: that's me -- True Grit! LOL
Betty (bettyintennessee) joined the room
polymerfairy joined the room
Betty: Hi, all
nora_gatine: Betty and Bonny
Betty: Hi, NJ
polymerfairy: Hi everyone...Hi NJ
nora_gatine: doing a hand blend, the tiny url in my status line is the
Fish Scale tute
mzsayk: Hello
emato: Hi Betty (and Bonny?)
khym: Hello
polymerfairy: Hi Karin
nora_gatine: this shows the fish scale in Kai3's new digs
nora_gatine: this blend is the same as I did for the WaterLily
nora_gatine: you could do it with any two colors, but this hand blend
makes the blend have some variation, doesn't look so perfect and
therefore it looks more natural
emato: that's a pretty mix - the WaterLily
julia_dodge joined the room
julia_dodge: I see you
nora_gatine: Howdy Howdy Julia
nora_gatine: doing a blend, the tiny url will take you to the fish
scale experiments
emato: Hi Julia
julia_dodge: is there demo tonite?
nora_gatine: which we're going to review right now
Betty: Hi, Julia
nora_gatine: yes, we're doing it right now, first a hand blend, then
on to a jelly roll
nora_gatine: shall we do a quick roll call? First name and Location
julia_dodge: thank
nora_gatine: NoraJean, San Francisco
Betty: Betty, Nashville, TN
julia_dodge: Teddy Florida
emato: Karin (emato2) Miami, FL
polymerfairy: Bonny West Palm Beach FL
mzsayk: Lauren NY
nora_gatine: this cane design is the first one we'll do
nora_gatine: then we'll do this other one
khym: lisa, Missouri
nora_gatine: for those who weren't around last Easter...
polymerfairy: brb hubby's making signs for my snowmen
mzsayk: that is a beauty
emato: Is that a real egg?
Betty: That is beautiful, NJ
nora_gatine: a mini scene can be inside of anything
nora_gatine: that's an Emu egg
emato: way cool
nora_gatine: that's one in the natural state
julia_dodge: where is access to the web cam?
emato: darn they are BIG
nora_gatine: I'll get the link for those who are interested
mzsayk: I am
nora_gatine: Julia are you in chat through the web page or Yahoo
nora_gatine: Just sent an invite to Julia
emato: Julia - right click on nora_gatine in your list and it will
lead to the video link
mzsayk: k
julia_dodge: messager
nora_gatine: you have to be in the chat room through Yahoo Messenger
or access my Cam through the Friend's list if you're on a MAC
nora_gatine: right click on my name, does it not have a TV icon?
julia_dodge: no icon
julia_dodge: it said it was not turned on
nora_gatine: then go to the Friend's list see if there's a link by my
name, add this ID if you don't have it already
julia_dodge: k
nora_gatine: I'll get the emu egg link while Julia gets my cam open
emato: 'k
mzsayk: Thanks
nora_gatine: for those who have not seen this Emu effort before check
it out now, Julia how you doing?
emato: Oh no ... that means the figures will have to be even SMALLER
than 1/12
julia_dodge: nothing yet
nora_gatine: LOL, those figures didn't go into the Egg, they were just
for examples in Demo
emato: Whew!!!
nora_gatine: Julia, you might have to log off, reboot and come back,
like me and Karin had to do
nora_gatine: see if you can get my icon and access the cam after that
Betty: I have a link for eggs, but I haven't tried them. Has anyone
used them?
julia_dodge: k, brb
julia_dodge left the room
emato: Betty never saw one 'live' - wouldn't know where to get them
but online
Betty: This looked like a good link, so I thought I'd share
Betty: I have no experiece with them though
emato: Thanks - I will give them a try. I would love to make a scene
in an egg
nora_gatine: so ...
Betty: yw
nora_gatine: does everyone have blends and this jelly roll technique
nora_gatine: Lisa got to see a blend done by hand
emato: kind of
khym: yes, and thank you. can't wait to try it. lol
Betty: I think so, Thanks NJ
nora_gatine: if you want to do blends with a pasta machine you can,
but if you don't have one you see that it isn't difficult to do it by
nora_gatine: now the fish scales that I did on the emu egg were
exactly the same as this cane
nora_gatine: blue and silver
nora_gatine: done as a blend
nora_gatine: then rolled as a jellyroll
nora_gatine: What I'm going to do now is cut this in half, and then
into fourths
nora_gatine: now check out how it looks like wood grain
nora_gatine: change the color and you have wood grain
nora_gatine: now we'll stack these four lengths with the tips pointing
in the same direction
julia_dodge joined the room
nora_gatine: ok, Julia, can you see my TV icon?
julia_dodge: still telling me the cam is not on.
nora_gatine: and you have nora_gatine added in your Friend's list?
julia_dodge: anyway, I am here. LOL
nora_gatine: you're checking under this current ID for me?
julia_dodge: yes, but it is not lite as you are online
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to julia_dodge (11/15/03
1:45 PM)
nora_gatine: Ok, I just sent you an invite to the cam
nora_gatine: did you receive it?
julia_dodge: yes, it said server is busy
julia_dodge: I will just lurk and learn
nora_gatine: Ah, now I understand, keep on trying to access the cam
and you'll get in
julia_dodge: I hate being a bother
nora_gatine: you can check the fish tute that's linked to my status
line, I"m repeating that tute
emato: Julia, it's ok -- it's happened to us all at one time or
julia_dodge: thanks, love you gals
nora_gatine: now I'm going to slice this fish scale and press it to a
nora_gatine: to review, do a blend
nora_gatine: then with that make a jelly roll
liteladi (liteladi) joined the room
nora_gatine: slice down the center to make four lengths
nora_gatine: stack the four quarter circle lengths so all the points
go in the same direction
nora_gatine: reduce
nora_gatine: and cut into four sections
nora_gatine: and stack again
nora_gatine: now I'll slice, lay them on a sheet that matches the wide
end of the fish scale, in this case blue
julia_dodge: I got the cam, DUH it was my fault.
nora_gatine: LOL
julia_dodge: I see a blue doll
nora_gatine: ok let me show you this fish scale before I press it
julia_dodge: nice
liteladi: very cool
chelyha55 joined the room
Betty: Hi, Cheryl
liteladi: hi betty
chelyha55: Hi~
liteladi: hi cheryl
Betty: Hi, Penny
nora_gatine: can you guess what she's going to be made into?
julia_dodge: hi Cheryl
nora_gatine: ClayMates?
emato: Hi Cheryl
liteladi: mermaid??
julia_dodge: a mermaid?
polymerfairy: hmmmm a mermaid?
nora_gatine: Give the girl a candy, that's it... A MerMaid
nora_gatine: trick to Mermaids... do the whole body first
nora_gatine: then add the fish scale bottom
liteladi: very cool
emato: NJ, is she cured yet?
julia_dodge: do you break off her legs?
nora_gatine: makes your life easier and your mermaid have the proper
nora_gatine: I had her bend in a sitting position and when stretching
her out
nora_gatine: she makes perfect indentations
nora_gatine: where her legs and hips were bent
emato: duh -- not unless she's Flexclay!
chelyha55 left the room
henrye21 left the room
nora_gatine: there
Betty: That is great, NJ
nora_gatine: my beef with Mermaids
mzsayk: way kool
nora_gatine: is the bottom is often not proportioned to the top
emato: Cool!! You always make it look so easy!
nora_gatine: the way we get around that problem is to sculpt the body
nora_gatine: because it IS easier
nora_gatine: this way
khym: very nice
polymerfairy: very nice...I like her face too
nora_gatine: ok, what mermaids have we seen in our life times
nora_gatine: Mr. Peabody's Mermaid
julia_dodge: lol
nora_gatine: and the ladies who swim at tourist attractions
nora_gatine: Darrel Hanna in Splash
nora_gatine: they are women with a bottom put on them that looks fish
emato: Once while I was sailing --- No just kidding. Yeah, Darrel
Hanna in Splash
nora_gatine: so let's do that too then
nora_gatine: sculpt the whole body
nora_gatine: remember you're going to be covering the legs so you can
make them not so muscular, unless you aim to have a big bottomed
nora_gatine: same goes with men when doing a MerDude
julia_dodge: with mer-men, do you add front zipper
emato: Looks like MerMaid and MerDude have a family?
polymerfairy left the room
polymerfairy joined the room
polymerfairy: blasted yahoo
Betty: wb, Bonny
mzsayk: love it
nora_gatine: Mer-Bruce
nora_gatine: it's Bruce Willis
polymerfairy: thx
nora_gatine: I love the baby
emato: Mer-Bruce is very nice!
nora_gatine: I'll get the link
liteladi: bruceie baby
emato: Does baby have a tail?
mzsayk left the room
nora_gatine: Well crap, I didn't link Jean Luc Picard or MerBruce
nora_gatine: they were made just before I transfered the tutes to the
biz site
emato: nice six pack!
emato: Mermen must be like Bettas - take care of the young?
liteladi: jean luc no me thinks he is more a bruce
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
Roni: hi all
emato: Oh yeah -- and MY man -- Fu Man! man they came out so like them
it's fantastic!
Betty: Hi, Roni
nora_gatine: NoraJean.Com/Biz-Archive/Sculpt/JeanLuc/Index
julia_dodge: hi Meows
liteladi left the room
Roni: hi Teddy
nora_gatine: Karin now that I have some spare money I can send out the
figures, Fu Man Chu included. I'm going to let you gals do the finish
on them
nora_gatine: I just don't have the time now that I got the full time
emato: Oh not to worry -- I love him where ever he lives!
emato: so glad he has his facial hair back --!
julia_dodge: those are super
emato: I adopted him in my heart -- he's already been with me didch'a
nora_gatine: I got to adjust the curtains I'm getting glare
nora_gatine: LOL, that's what I was hoping Karin
nora_gatine: I did some work on Lex recently
Betty: Oh, He looks good!
emato: Oh wow! he keeps getting more and more refined! He looks good
emato: I like the glasses!
liteladi (liteladi) joined the room
emato:  not the same ... better on Lex -- matches his personality
Betty: wb, Penn
Betty: y
liteladi: thanks bett
liteladi: y LOL
emato: hummm -- that works too
Betty: lol yw!
nora_gatine: LOL
emato: need to add some shells to the rims! LOL
Betty: LOL
nora_gatine: the glasses look really goofy on the Blue MerMaid
emato: Just need to give her some of those 'fin' type wing type with
shells on them or something
emato: a teacher - for the tadpoles!
nora_gatine: I'm looking for these little straw hats I had
julia_dodge: schools of tadies
emato: How 'bout a clam shell hat with sea grass flowers on it?
julia_dodge: I need yp make a mer-maid Santa
nora_gatine: crap I can't find them
nora_gatine: ah well
emato: Cool -- she looks a-drift ..
liteladi: ah a clay santa
emato: Makes a great sled! Sea Sled!
liteladi: very cool NJ
nora_gatine: we can have it pulled by fantasy figures
nora_gatine: sea horses
liteladi: she looks like shes sitting in a shell or a small pond
emato: that would be cool
nora_gatine: we could surround the shell with waving sea weeds
nora_gatine: let me get the old MerMaid and show you a few ideas on
setting an Under the Water Scene
polymerfairy: dang...I type and nothing shows up
polymerfairy: every other time I guess
emato: bummer
julia_dodge: lol
emato: Yahoo has be acting up lately
Betty: How would you make Coral?
Betty: Like a Coral Reef
emato: pretty colors -- lots of holes
polymerfairy: btw I for that LPC book today...nice book
nora_gatine: Check this out
Betty: Thanks
nora_gatine: That waving sea weed is extruded clay
emato: Looks nice
nora_gatine: and the way I use the clay gun is to put the plunger on
the floor and step on the handles and catch the strands as they come
up to me
polymerfairy: found even
liteladi: gorgeous NJ
nora_gatine: That little Mermaid, my first, lives in Florida, which is
fitting I think
emato: How do you step on the handles? Like a pogo stick?
nora_gatine: she's in a fish bowl in the bathroom of a claymate
nora_gatine: yes, like a pogo stick
nora_gatine: wear shoes
nora_gatine: and just press with your feet
emato: for sure -- shoes and FL being fitting for a mermaid!
liteladi: ohoh i almost forgot i was to thrilled with watching the
mermaid hubby has a job interview on monday. Keep your fingers crossed
emato: I'll try that -- I did try with a cauking gun but it blew big
time --
emato: crossed here!
khym: Gotta go fix dinner. Thanks for the demo, great stuff. Bye
nora_gatine: Bye Lisa
nora_gatine: thanks for coming
julia_dodge: fingers crosses
Betty: bye Lisa
emato: bye Lisa
liteladi: by lisa
khym left the room
julia_dodge: bye Lisa
Betty: Keeping Fingers Crossed, Penny!
liteladi: thanks
polymerfairy: fingers crossed Peggy
liteladi: i hope i hope LOL
Betty: Good thought, prayers, energy and all, too!
emato: you got it!
Roni: crossing everything and sending prayers
liteladi: thanks
polymerfairy: except eyes...can't see the screen if I do LOL
liteladi: lol eyes are ok uncroseed
liteladi: uncrossed too
Betty: LOL
polymerfairy ))
polymerfairy: "))
liteladi: wouldnt want to miss this demo if your eyes were crossed
polymerfairy: oh poo
liteladi: colon then two ))
polymerfairy: I know but it doesn't like me unless it's at the end of
something else
liteladi: now she seems to have a regal aire to her
emato: exactly
liteladi: mermaid queen???
emato: Lady Mer
emato: MerQueen?
nora_gatine: when you use the foil armature
nora_gatine: and cover the armature with skin and then put clay fabric
on it
nora_gatine: you can pose it in different positions until you get the
pose you like
liteladi: cool
Roni: I just tore apart a cat sculpture I was working on cause I
couldn't pose it, I must have wrapped the foil to tight
emato: Yes, that is a real plus -- but when I move any of mine around,
I totally screw it up and can't find it's 'proper' oriention anymore
emato: Yours always seem to stay in proportion - just different
julia_dodge: NJ, what clay did you use for her?
emato: my last two foils figures cracked in the chest during baking
nora_gatine: Old Premo
Roni: barfing over the side
julia_dodge: thx'
emato: hahahahaha
nora_gatine: She's sea sick
polymerfairy: LOL I was going to say that but didn't
Roni: I just say what pops in my head
Betty: Maybe it's morning sickness
polymerfairy: poor thing
emato: hummmmmm -- the plot thickens!
julia_dodge: lol
Betty: LOL
liteladi: woooo a pg mermaid
nora_gatine: LOL
nora_gatine: or she's looking for a friend who's still underwater
nora_gatine: "I hate to wait" she thinks
liteladi: or shes thinking diving back into
nora_gatine: or
polymerfairy: or " They said the dolphins of Pern could talk??"
liteladi: they do?? LOL
Betty: LOL
liteladi: now shes the outboard motor
polymerfairy: lol you'll have to read Anne McCaffrey to find out
liteladi: lol
emato: going - damn, time to clean this shell again!
Roni: now she's praying to the porcelian g*d!
liteladi: shes had one to many and is crawling into bed
polymerfairy: she lost her contact lens
polymerfairy: blast
emato: Didn't want her underwater friends to find out -- no more of
that chucking over the side
emato: nap time
liteladi: sleeping it off now
polymerfairy: have to go....hubby wants to watch a movie....guess
which one?? LOL
emato: Little Mermaid?
polymerfairy: Finding Nemo
liteladi: mermaids of the deep
nora_gatine: Splash?
emato: Ahhhh -- it was GREAT
Betty: Finding Nemo?
Betty: oh, No mermaids
polymerfairy: catch you gals later....close enough....the ocean at
least LOL
liteladi: the storm
Betty: No..Which one?
emato: Ok
liteladi: bye
Betty: lol
polymerfairy: bye 4 now tc
Roni: bye
nora_gatine: Ciao Bonny
emato: C ya
polymerfairy left the room
nora_gatine: ok, folks
nora_gatine: what have you learned just now?
nora_gatine: about posing your figures before curing?
julia_dodge: mermaids drink too much
nora_gatine: LOL
Roni: it won't hurt them?
emato: that you would have been fun at all get out as a kid with my
liteladi: and stumble around
nora_gatine: you made me spit coffee
Betty: LOL, Teddy, NJ
liteladi: hmm coffee sounds good
liteladi: its cold and rainy here
Betty: Here, too
nora_gatine: That you don't have to know what pose your figures are
going to be until after you do the rough sculpting
Roni: here too Penny
nora_gatine: you can make your figures all limbs extended and then
pose this way and that
Betty: Yaayy, I like that lesson, NJ
nora_gatine: and then figure out what you're going to do with your
Roni: is it possible to make the foil to tight?
nora_gatine: I think I'm going to have her sleeping like this
liteladi: cool NJ
nora_gatine: yes, it is possible to mash your foil too tight
julia_dodge: I like the sleeping pose
emato: That you MUST make the kind of armature with foil the way you
nora_gatine: let me show you real quick how tight I do my armature
Roni: that must have been what was wrong with my cat sculpture than
julia_dodge: k
liteladi: hey i havent even tried something that advanced. I did mess
with making a snowman ornament
nora_gatine: it's still squishable
nora_gatine: let me show you
nora_gatine: that middle pinch would be too tight
Roni: I was following Katherine Dewey's book on animals but after I
put the clay on I couldn't move it
emato: Same here Roni
Roni: so if there is air in somewhere, it doesn't hurt? I used a
hammer to mash it together
Betty: in her new book for small dolls, she doesn't use any armature
emato: Just in the head
liteladi: i wonder if i can make something like that. I would love to
try a tiger person
liteladi: or cat type woman??
Roni: that sound cool Penny
liteladi: or a fire goddess
Betty: Like in "Cats" the play?
liteladi: yeah like the cats play
Betty: That would be great
emato: Does the figure with the loose foil need holes to let air
liteladi: I missed the claying part on the armature
nora_gatine: I'm going to do that right now, cover this with clay
nora_gatine: she can't sleep alone
liteladi: oh cool
liteladi: opps the she gets a he
Roni: I'm going to go see if I can do anything with these new web
shots I took. be back later
emato: mush have been morning sickness
Betty: LOL
liteladi: no not yet they havent slept together
Betty ponders the meaning of life
emato: .......???....
Betty: ok, Had to play with the new menu
liteladi stands up and applauds
Betty: lol
emato: ok -- I give -- what new menu
Betty: Fit in pretty good didn't it? LOL
Betty: Emote user
Betty: next to chat list
liteladi: click on the red exclamtion point
liteladi: ah christmas music
emato grabs Roni and dances around the room
liteladi faints on liteladi
liteladi: hmmm
emato turns away from Roni and blushes
liteladi pokes you in the chest
emato ducks down to hide from Roni
Betty sings, "Tell me what you want, what you really, really want"
Betty: Arrrgghhh
emato hiccups and then searches for a glass of water
meows3xx left the room
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
nora_gatine: How'd it go Roni?
nora_gatine: with the screen shots?
Roni: NJ, what program do you use to open the web cam shots?
nora_gatine: Photoshop
nora_gatine: so I need jpgs
Roni: I've got them saved as jpg's but it still says opens with Arc
photo studio but I can change that except I don't have photoshop
nora_gatine: check to see if you can do a "save as"
nora_gatine: and see if one of the options is "jpg"
liteladi: ah the fireplace is finally lit
Roni: I can, that's what I did
nora_gatine: did you send them?
Roni: will send these to you and when you have time see if they will
open for you
nora_gatine: I'll see if I can open them
nora_gatine: ok?
meows3xx left the room
emato2 left the room
emato (emato2) joined the room
nora_gatine: welcome back Karin
nora_gatine: I'll get the link for using leaf shaped cut outs for
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
emato: thx -- serious crash and burn
Roni: they're on their way, if it works I'll go back and change the
one's from yesterdays demo
emato: Thx NJ. I ordered and received a set of the leaf cutters to try
nora_gatine: ok, so we know it's a male
nora_gatine: because we built up the shoulders and arm muscles
emato: Do you start out with a certain size tin foil?
julia_dodge: where
nora_gatine: the foil is as long as the foil is wide coming out of the
nora_gatine: pull out a foot length and cut into thirds
julia_dodge: if he don't get a zipper, skip the jewls
nora_gatine: or use foil pop ups
nora_gatine: no details yet Julia
nora_gatine: we'd just getting general body shape and without details
we know this is a male
emato: don't know what foil pop ups are but that is what I was
wondering. Gesh you make it so darn easy looking. And it DOES look
male already
nora_gatine: from the back we see a wide shoulder area and narrow hips
and a knucle butt
julia_dodge: lol
nora_gatine: we can start out with the same foil armature
nora_gatine: and depending on where we put the extra clay we make it
male or female
Roni: can you put a lady butt next to him so we can compare, I'm very
visual LOL
emato: It seemed you had a pre-measured amount since after you rolled
it then bent it - it was the right length etc...
Roni: thank you
nora_gatine: now if you want to make the female shorter don't twist
the torso foil lengths as many times as the many times as the man's
emato: he has a nice crack -- I guess until he gets his tail?
Roni: but honey, I can't live under water
emato: They make a lovely couple
nora_gatine: I'll be doing more detail work with him but I'm going to
take a biological break and save log
nora_gatine: how about 20 minutes, I got to grab something to eat
Roni: and don't forget to eat something
nora_gatine: exactly
emato: EXACTLY
Roni: okay
liteladi: yup hungry here too
nora_gatine: I've been on for nearly four hours and I got to eat
julia_dodge: I got pot pie in the ovem
nora_gatine: so see you on the hour
liteladi: K
nora_gatine: which ever hour you have there in your time zone
Betty: Thanks, NJ
emato: here too -- the gang is waiting
meows3xx left the room

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