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MerBlue-1: Uncured MerFolk Family Unit, Ma, Pa and the Kid.

11-15-03: DemoLog-3,  Making the MerBlue Male figure and the baby. Discussion on how baby's faces are different from adults.

emato: here too -- the gang is waiting
meows3xx left the room
emato: ok!
nora_gatine: brb in 20 minutes
Betty: in 20 min, then
liteladi left the room
Betty: lol
Betty: 20
emato waves at emato
emato: well that didn't work ... LOL
emato Applauds nora_gatine
emato: C U in a while! (computer gods and goddesses willing)
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bettyintennessee left the room
Betty (bettyintennessee) joined the room
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
nora_gatine: Said went out to get me something to eat
nora_gatine: I'm still waiting for him to get home.
Betty: Okay, NJ. No rush
nora_gatine: Roni, the screen shots are in the Epson album
nora_gatine: and I sent an invite to the list for folks to see
Roni: cool, now I'll go do the one's from yesterday, I think I got a
lot on how to make the armature
julia_dodge: Bushes beans and pot beef pot pie...yumm
Roni: darn, I forgot, can't get the ones from yesterday cause I didn't
do it right! next time lol
nora_gatine: I got to write a grocery list for James, brb
Betty: k
julia_dodge: ask for cranberries and oranges
meows3xx left the room
Betty: Planning cranberry salad for Thanksgiving, Teddy?
liteladi (liteladi) joined the room
Betty: Hi, Penny
julia_dodge: you got that rite
Betty: yummm
julia_dodge: has to age for a week
Betty: Sounds like my mom's recipe
julia_dodge: cranberry-orange relish
Betty: Oh, yes. That's the word
julia_dodge: I glase the ham with it too
Betty: That sounds good
Betty: My kids might not eat it, if I do that though! LOL. They are so
liteladi: hi warmed up a porkchops and some greenbeans. NOw i have to
vaccumm brb
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
nora_gatine: I only have Betty and Julia on my cam list
julia_dodge: hi sewdaisy
sewdaisy2001: Hi Teddy, NJ
julia_dodge: I stayed on so no problems this time
nora_gatine: Quick roll call, first name and location please
nora_gatine: NoraJean, San Francisco
Betty: Betty Nashville TN
julia_dodge: Julia aka Teddy, homosassa, Fla.
sewdaisy2001: Sheri,Ohio
nora_gatine: Sheri what I'm doing now is sculpting a man's face. The
Blue MerMaid needs a friend
Betty: Penny or Liteladi is vacuuming LOL
sewdaisy2001: Blue Mermaid? - is that the armature you worked with
last nite?
julia_dodge: she's doing the (W) or (C) word
nora_gatine: oooh food's here, let me take a few quick bites and all
y'all can get to know one another. I'm starving
sewdaisy2001: enjoy!
Betty: Don't Rush, NJ
nora_gatine: I'm burping
nora_gatine: LOL
nora_gatine: when you're hungry the plainest burger tastes good
Betty: LOL, NJ
Betty: You aren't rushing, are you?
nora_gatine: Said brought me burger with cheese on a french roll with
mustard and pickle and that's it. It was scrummy
nora_gatine: because I was really hungry
nora_gatine: LOL
Betty: LOL
julia_dodge: put slice tomatoe and lettice on it, canifornia burger
nora_gatine: When I found myself wishing for tomato, lettuce, avacado
and mayo
nora_gatine: I figured I wasn't hungry anymore but eating for
nora_gatine: LOL
Betty: LOL
nora_gatine: so I'm back and before I get back to sculpting this man
nora_gatine: he's going to need a fish bottom
nora_gatine: and we need to build some cane and press sheets
julia_dodge: I was born in California, undre advacato tree
nora_gatine: I was thinking of chevron flip in silver and blue like
Betty: That would be pretty
nora_gatine: so depending on whether you want to see sculpting, or
cane building and sheet pressing... I'm up for both for both need to
be done...
nora_gatine: it's just a toss up which way we go from here
julia_dodge: I don't have a coin
Betty: I'm into sculpting, but want to use all of it, so Flipping a
coin would be good
julia_dodge: betty has a coin
nora_gatine: one no vote and one for sculpting
nora_gatine: we got another vote missing
nora_gatine: That's Sheri
Betty: hmmm, if I wasn't so broke I might have a coin! LOL
sewdaisy2001: It is all so new - I want to learn it all
nora_gatine: No fair, Sheri
nora_gatine: you have to choose, sculpting or cane building to prep
his tail
nora_gatine: LOL
Betty: I'd like to see another fish tail
Betty: merman tail
julia_dodge: NJ has a coin
Betty: so I win?
Betty: lol
nora_gatine: Betty you want to see it all, which one first?
nora_gatine: I'll use this trick penny
nora_gatine: LOL
nora_gatine: ain't that a gas?
nora_gatine: make your minis look microscopic
Betty: LOL!! Kewl!
julia_dodge: wow
sewdaisy2001: LOL
Betty: There was a joke on Ellen Degeneres about Pennys on ebay
julia_dodge: pocket change
nora_gatine: So heads we sculpt and tails we do MerMan Tails
nora_gatine: how's that?
nora_gatine: ready?
julia_dodge: go
Betty: Ready!
sewdaisy2001: ready
nora_gatine: I'll twirl it and see which way it goes, but I promise
not to sculpt Abe Lincoln on the MerMan
nora_gatine: that would be just so wrong
nora_gatine: LOL
Betty: Thanks! LOL
julia_dodge: heads
nora_gatine: looks like we sculpt a face
Betty: Merman Tails
Betty: or face is good
nora_gatine: Abe is a good example of a man's profile actually
liteladi: im back vaccumm broke
Betty: Is that good or bad, Penny? LOL
Betty: Good you're back, anyway
liteladi: well bad really the belt is broke onit again
Betty: oh, really bad
Betty: sorry
liteladi: but i swept with it best i could LOL
liteladi: just another thing that went wrong. Im glad this week is
over I have had enough. someone else can have the bad week now
julia_dodge: I have a Bissel sweeper, no belts on it
liteladi: lucky
Betty: No thanks, Penny. I've had my own
liteladi: sure ill be happy to share
julia_dodge: I fell yesterday and hurt my shoulder so I got to rest
Betty: oh, I'm sorry, Teddy
liteladi: i had the second mammogram on friday now next friday i have
an ultrasound done
Betty: I hope it turns out okay
liteladi: me too.
julia_dodge: wasn't too bad, just tripped in a hole out side and fell
in the dirt
liteladi: well falling is bad enough
Betty: He looks good, NJ
julia_dodge: ya, hurt my dignaty
Betty: We get holes in our yard. I've tripped like that going to the
Betty: mailbox
Betty: It hurt mine too
liteladi: that looks like the phanton of the oprea
julia_dodge: I should watch where I walk, I was looking up at a bird
nora_gatine: Ok, did you see that last move?
nora_gatine: I added a "tear" of clay
nora_gatine: for I needed more cheek bone and cheek
liteladi: yup to small splotches of clay for cheeks
julia_dodge: looks good NJ
nora_gatine: there's a V that is upside down, starting from the center
between the eyebrows and going along the side of the nose
nora_gatine: we need some mass for nostrils and lips
sewdaisy2001 left the room
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
Betty: So you just added some triangles on the sides and blended and
added nostrils?
liteladi: ill never be able to do that
Betty: Never say never
liteladi: hmmmm
julia_dodge: he would be a strong kisser
Betty: lol
liteladi: dont you love that kurt douglas chin
Betty: Or Michael Douglas, too! Like father like son
liteladi: of course
Betty: He's more my age, although he married that Katherine
lady..Don't know what he sees in her! LOL
liteladi: im thinkin hes more my age too. yeah shes a young one
Betty: Yep. It will catch up with them some day
Betty: Oh, wow, NJ!
nora_gatine: let's do that nose right
nora_gatine: triangle lump of clay
nora_gatine: should look triangular from every angle
nora_gatine: bottom of the nose is one eye width wide
nora_gatine: check out this page, let me get you the link
Betty: Thanks
Betty: Noses have been my trouble
nora_gatine: check out the face covered with eyeballs
nora_gatine: second picture
liteladi: got it
Betty: Me too..Thanks!
sewdaisy2001: intersting
nora_gatine: door
Betty: k
nora_gatine: it was Hilda
nora_gatine: my 95 year old neighbor, I empty her garbage because the
door to the garbage chute is too heavy
nora_gatine: so, did you see how the nose is a triangle when looked at
from below
nora_gatine: from the front
nora_gatine: from the side
Betty: Yes
nora_gatine: different types of triangles, but it's a trick one can
julia_dodge: yes
nora_gatine: the nostrils are the last thing you do
sewdaisy2001: saw that - now to remember
nora_gatine: the bottom of the nose is one eye width wide
nora_gatine: there's that upside down V starting from the center
between the eyebrows and that's your line for the side of the nose
Betty: I just measured my eye and nose. It worked! How 'bout that
nora_gatine: So there he is
nora_gatine: definately male
Betty: Yes, Definately
liteladi: yup
nora_gatine: men have different foreheads
nora_gatine: wider jaws
nora_gatine: women's faces have curved jaws, compared to men
nora_gatine: now if you find a woman with a strong jaw
nora_gatine: her brother's jaws are even stronger
julia_dodge: is that five o'clock shadow?
nora_gatine: it's relative,
nora_gatine: meaning it depends on who your relatives are
nora_gatine: LOL
liteladi: lol
Betty: LOL
nora_gatine: I'm still laughing over here
nora_gatine: it's such an old joke and it slays me each time I type it
julia_dodge: sorry, I got gigglies
Betty: I do too Now
liteladi: giggles are allowed
Betty: I need giggles
liteladi: me too
julia_dodge: rockabybaby
nora_gatine: speaking of babies
nora_gatine: let's do a blue baby face and go over those moves
nora_gatine: for the baby face had a different grid
Betty: oh, Great!
Betty: Do I have time to refill coffee?
nora_gatine: yes, I have to make a head armature
Betty: k..brb
Betty: back
nora_gatine: there's the baby armature
nora_gatine: the head is bigger in proportion to the body
nora_gatine: the arms and legs are shorter
nora_gatine: so let's get him a blue skin cover and then we can sculpt
the face
Betty: Okay
julia_dodge: good
nora_gatine: ok, with the adult face
nora_gatine: if you draw a line across the middle
nora_gatine: that's where the eyes are
nora_gatine: with a baby face
nora_gatine: when you draw that middle line
nora_gatine: that's where the hair line is
nora_gatine: it's the line under the mid point where the eyes will be
nora_gatine: babys have huge foreheads
nora_gatine: we are born when we are with the bones not connected
because that's as large as the brain can grow
nora_gatine: and still be born safely
nora_gatine: the brain doubles in size in the first two years
nora_gatine: that's why the skull isn't connected, it has to over lap
to get out of the birth cannel
nora_gatine: and then open up for the brain to grow before getting
hard and solid
nora_gatine: so baby's heads are really big compared to the rest of
the body for it is the brain's importance to our development that has
to be given room to grow
nora_gatine: the body will catch up
nora_gatine: that's why nutrition in the first couple of years is so
sewdaisy2001 left the room
nora_gatine: for there can be nutritional retardation that can't be
fixed that manifests when there's not the right foods for the
developing brain
nora_gatine: there's no going back to fix it either
nora_gatine: so let's grid off this baby's face and see who it wants
to be
liteladi: now that guy you made NJ he looks like john luc
nora_gatine: he got that Jean Luc nose for sure
nora_gatine: now see how I moved the eye sockets down on the grid for
the baby's face
nora_gatine: without any more detail we know it's a child
nora_gatine: what's the most important thing a baby has to do?
nora_gatine: to stay alive?
julia_dodge: suck milk
nora_gatine: and to do so you need which muscles?
liteladi: mouth
liteladi: ????
Betty: cheeks
nora_gatine: and
nora_gatine: yes, cheeks
liteladi: oh yeah thats right
nora_gatine: so the nose then has to be small as not to get in the way
as well, right?
julia_dodge: rite
Betty: Right
liteladi: works for me
julia_dodge: heee hee
nora_gatine: so let's give this baby some cheek and see how it turns
nora_gatine: ok, fat baby cheeks
Betty: Cute
nora_gatine: the mouth is little as is the chin
liteladi: very cool
Betty: oh, that is awesome
liteladi: now i know i couldnt do that
nora_gatine: so there's the baby in rough draft
julia_dodge: nice family
nora_gatine: but you see how you have to approach the baby face
liteladi: yeah ok so whats going to happen to the little family
nora_gatine: Daddy is going to get a fish bottom once his body is
sculpted as a regular man
nora_gatine: the baby's body needs to be all sculpted before it get's
its tail
nora_gatine: then they will be posed in the abalone shell
liteladi: so we have a merfamily
nora_gatine: and cured as a sleeping group
liteladi: very very cool
julia_dodge: will the family be for sale?
tedi382001 joined the room
tedi382001: hi
liteladi: hi
julia_dodge: hi Tedi
nora_gatine: I don't know
nora_gatine: if I'd sell it
nora_gatine: give it as a gift most like
liteladi: its very cool NJ
nora_gatine: Amy, hey honey
tedi382001: hi NJ
tedi382001: is that blue?
Betty: hi, Amy
tedi382001: hi Betty
nora_gatine: yes the blue Mer Family
nora_gatine: cousins of the Smerfs
tedi382001: neat
tedi382001: LOL
nora_gatine: I was reviewing the difference between male and female
nora_gatine: and adult and infants faces
liteladi: thats too cool but I think its beyond my capabilities
nora_gatine: For now maybe
nora_gatine: but with practice you'll get it
liteladi: i dont know NJ
nora_gatine: I've seen it happen
Betty: im on phone but watching
julia_dodge: your doing a wonderful job NJ, love them
nora_gatine: see the difference between the list and me, is I have
Faith that all of you can do this
liteladi: well ill stay with my beads for now LOL
nora_gatine: little faces on beads are very hot
nora_gatine: sculpting is a committment of time and effort that's the
truth of it
liteladi: how do you do faces on beads?
liteladi: well i made a snowman yesterday does that count LOL
nora_gatine: but I'm willing to stick with you during the long haul
and keep you company as you work
nora_gatine: you sculpt little faces, make molds of them, press the
molds on beads and then embellish
nora_gatine: let me see if I can find one real quick here
tedi382001: neat idea
liteladi: cool idea
nora_gatine: practicing face sculpting is not easy, it's not quick,
and it does take effort
nora_gatine: but
nora_gatine: once you learn
nora_gatine: you can't unlearn a thing
nora_gatine: and you'll be able to have original faces on anything
you're working with
nora_gatine: free yourself from the tyrrany of face molds
nora_gatine: that are
nora_gatine: boring
nora_gatine: and look like everyone elses stuff
nora_gatine: I could make a baby doll with this little face mold
nora_gatine: a dolly for the baby
nora_gatine: there
tedi382001: cute
liteladi: very very cute
nora_gatine: so who's up for some chevron flips
nora_gatine: the Daddy needs a fish tail and we got to prep for that
julia_dodge: ok
liteladi: works for me fearless leader you show we follow
tedi382001: I have to run, just popped in to say hi, take care
Betty: bye Amy
julia_dodge: bye Tedi
liteladi: bye amy
tedi382001 left the room
nora_gatine: door
Betty: k
liteladi: k
julia_dodge: k
nora_gatine: back
nora_gatine: ok, any stacked sheets can be chevron flipped
nora_gatine: cut on the diagonal like this
nora_gatine: and flip one side over
nora_gatine: but I like to put a vein down the center
nora_gatine: so I pressed blue and silver together
nora_gatine: pressed it again thin
nora_gatine: and folded it in half so the silver is in the middle
nora_gatine: I'm going to press some silver on blue again and surround
this cane before reducing
nora_gatine: now to cut and press these to a sheet
julia_dodge: whoa, the cam stopped, then did a fast forward
julia_dodge: Teddy , Homosassa, Florida
nora_gatine: NoraJean, San Francisco
julia_dodge: hi Nora Jean
liteladi: Penny------------>Lansing Michigan
julia_dodge: just wanted you to know we are paying attention
liteladi: now thats way cool
nora_gatine: This is my Holiday leaf pattern
nora_gatine: for Elvis's Blue Blue Christmas
liteladi: that design would have made beautiful beads i think
Betty: I'm fully here now, sorry
liteladi: ok here is fully here betty LOL
Betty: THanks, Penny
julia_dodge: lol
Betty: My son called and couldn't get away
Betty: but, I was watching! LOL
liteladi: my mom called and bought drove me nuts tonight
Betty: The add took over my chat there a way to fix it?
Betty: LOL, Penny. Sorry
liteladi: not that i have found last night i had a tiny chat window
huge ads
Betty: THat is mine now..Guess it's my turn
Betty: I'll leave and come back, I guess
liteladi: that might work
bettyintennessee left the room
Betty (bettyintennessee) joined the room
Betty: it worked
liteladi: ok ill have to remember that one then
Betty: Pretty Tail he has
liteladi: i love that pattern
nora_gatine: it's like he is making faces at the baby
nora_gatine: coo chi cooo chi cooo
Betty: LOL
liteladi: lol
Betty: I wondered
julia_dodge: so sweet
Betty: So fun
nora_gatine: now with the mother looking at the baby
nora_gatine: and the baby looking at the father
nora_gatine: it seems more balanced
nora_gatine: they are both looking for the baby's reaction
liteladi: cute
techi_mom56 joined the room
nora_gatine: Howdy Nancy

Betty: Hi, Nancy
techi_mom56: howdy all...
liteladi: hi nancy
techi_mom56: i am so excited...we are getting a micheals in the town
only 20 minutes from here...sometime next year
nora_gatine: well there'll be no protection from the piggy banks
techi_mom56: ah..more mer people
liteladi: i hope its better than ours. the micheals we have here is
very slow in getting shipments
nora_gatine: a happy blue mer family
techi_mom56: i told hubby i was going to start saving now...giggle...
Betty: Oh, Great, Nancy! 'hope you love it
techi_mom56: he wasnt amused
Betty: LOL
liteladi: i can imagine my husband wasnt either when they built one 1
mile from me
techi_mom56: the nearest one now is and hour and half way and the only
place that carries clay nearby only carries premo in packs..its a
small joanns store...
Betty: 1 mile! I'm jealous
nora_gatine: Oh hey it keeps us out of their hair during football
nora_gatine: like they should complain or something
Betty: but there are 4 in the Nashville area
liteladi: lol tell them that NJ
techi_mom56: are you going shopping tomorrow
nora_gatine: like we should be tapping them on the shoulder asking,
"What is that little yellow hankie they throw on the ground?"
techi_mom56: laugh...
nora_gatine: "It's a PENALTY FLAG... for Pete's sake don't ask me
about that now!!"
liteladi: hmmm
nora_gatine: true story
Betty: LOL..okeeee
nora_gatine: my older sister Linda wanted to share the football
experience with her now Ex-husband
nora_gatine: and she thought she'd ask about the first thing that
confused her
nora_gatine: but a penalty against his home team wasn't the time to be
asking about such details
Betty: LOL
liteladi: lol
nora_gatine: "well ok then..." pout pout "I was just trying to share
this with you."
nora_gatine: "Not a GOOD TIME OK!!"
nora_gatine: "grumblity mumbly.... @&*(%&*#"
Betty listens attentively
nora_gatine: it still slays me
nora_gatine: and that happened decades ago
techi_mom56: my hubby taught me how to watch football many years ago.
it turned into some serious competition on sundays...
nora_gatine: it still just cracks me up
nora_gatine: uh oh
nora_gatine: that's what I told her
nora_gatine: when you're a football widow
nora_gatine: time for crafting
nora_gatine: do some art
nora_gatine: call your sister and yack for hours
liteladi: i craft or work on the computer. LOL I dont have a sister
nora_gatine: you got us now
nora_gatine: we'll be your sisters
nora_gatine: you can yack at us
liteladi: cool
Betty: Yes, I was going to say that, too
nora_gatine: Oh hey, did you make this room a favorite room yet?
liteladi: im an only child
nora_gatine: so you can get here easily?
nora_gatine: file, favorites, add
liteladi: can you do that??
Betty: It is so great
nora_gatine: look up on this box we're in, see FILE
nora_gatine: then hit FAVORITES
techi_mom56: it worked out okay...something we enjoyed yelling at each
other during the games...i was in the hospital one year during the
super team won and he wouldnt even answer the phone
nora_gatine: and then ADD
liteladi: ok got it
nora_gatine: it'll add this room and on the Friend's list
nora_gatine: you go Tools
nora_gatine: chat
nora_gatine: favorite room
nora_gatine: and you've got the room saved
nora_gatine: you can come in and post to the list that you're claying
and hanging out
liteladi: yeah i do that anyway LOL
nora_gatine: for folks to come on in an keep you company, especially
those with webcams so you can see
liteladi: i wish i could get a web cam maybe someday
nora_gatine: So Nancy since you were the latest to come in what do you
want to see?
nora_gatine: before I poop out
liteladi left the room
Betty: oops, there went Penny
techi_mom56: gosh i hadnt even thought of that...i am woking on
something right now i will let someone else choose
liteladi (liteladi) joined the room
nora_gatine: Welcome back Penny
liteladi: dog gone adds
nora_gatine: so shall I work on the baby?
julia_dodge: I have to go, love yous, till next time
nora_gatine: so it doesn't look so mutant?
nora_gatine: Love ya too Julia
julia_dodge: good nite
nora_gatine: thanks for coming by
Betty: Nite, Julia
liteladi: by julia
liteladi: mutant blue baby
Betty: Sounds good to me
nora_gatine: lost Betty now
liteladi: my grandson loves the baby
nora_gatine: boy Yahoo is being mean tonight
bettyintennessee left the room
Betty (bettyintennessee) joined the room
nora_gatine: What's your grandson's name?
liteladi: wb
liteladi: alex
nora_gatine: Howdy Alex, I'll wave to him
liteladi: he did the devil not me
Betty: Yahoo logged me out
techi_mom56: giggle...sooo funny NJ
techi_mom56: i have been playing with fire cane
kgedrich joined the room
liteladi left the room
Betty: HI, Kathy
Betty: Ad took over..brb
liteladi (liteladi) joined the room
bettyintennessee left the room
liteladi: dang ads
kgedrich: Hi Betty
Betty (bettyintennessee) joined the room
liteladi: im Penny
Betty: I was no where near that ad and it took over
Betty: Hi, Kat
liteladi: i know me too
liteladi: the ad that is
kgedrich: hi Betty
Betty: Those ads drive me nuts. LOL
kgedrich: hi everyone else
kgedrich: cute mermaid baby nj
liteladi: hi
kgedrich: Nancy what ya making ????
liteladi: fire canes
kgedrich: ahhh thanks
kgedrich: liteladi i don't recognize your sign in your name please
(mine's Kathy or Kat)
liteladi: im Penny
kgedrich: Thanks Penny
kgedrich: old lady has to go write that down LOL
liteladi: lol
techi_mom56: yes and then i did the basket weave and then reduced it
some....and of course did some chop
Betty: I know what you mean..I made a Roll call word file LOL
liteladi: i really should do that i dont rember so well myself anymore
kgedrich: I have one of those clip things attached to my monitor with
all your names on it LOL I cheat
techi_mom56: NJ you dont have to answer but i did some chop and come
up with this...
Betty: I am learning but if I don't I can use find
Betty: That is pretty Nancy
kgedrich: right now im not saving anything to this puter, getting
ready to fire up my new puter in the box
techi_mom56: yes it was my most successful chop ever
Betty: I am afraid of running out of room, I save so much
Betty: I want a BIG hard drive next time
liteladi: i have an 80 gig hard drive on this one now
Betty: I only have 20
kgedrich: only 20 on this one WAY TO SMALL
kgedrich: its driving son nutz that its still in the box though hehehe
liteladi: i also got 512 ram this is a screamer LOL
Betty: Wow
liteladi: yeah but i save tons of stuff too every so often i make
myself burn stuff ot cds
kgedrich: Aldi's of all places had a puter on sale with a dvd writer
and other perks so i picked it up the other day
Betty: I thought I was saving some things to CD ..then they didn't
liteladi: i found that sometimes its the cds themselves that arnt any
kgedrich: Betty were you saving as Data or what?
Betty: I tried to reload my Roxio and it wouldn't update
Betty: Yes
thepcman joined the room
kgedrich: You might try Nero its good
Betty: I was..I guess I did something wrong
Betty: Oh, thanks Kat
kgedrich: love it Nora
liteladi: nero?
techi_mom56: yes it is a terrific software...
kgedrich: its a cd burning program
Betty: I've heard of it on Techtv
kgedrich: plus other things
nora_gatine: The PC Man, you're new
Betty: But hadn't tried it
nora_gatine: are you into miniatures and polymer clay?
nora_gatine: this isn't a wanking webcam hang out, ya know
Betty: Hi pcman
kgedrich: LOL nj
thepcman: My mom is teddy
techi_mom56: laugh
kgedrich: Hi is there another name we can call you by
nora_gatine: Show me your chop Nancy
nora_gatine: I just scrolled up to read the text
thepcman: pc
liteladi: ill have to remember nero then
kgedrich: just do a google on it Penny
kgedrich: okay pc it is Hi Pc
nora_gatine: I don't believe he is a member of the MSATClayArt list
liteladi: i love that merfamily NJ the way the dad is looking over at
his family very cute
kgedrich: somewheres around here i have a code for it also
nora_gatine: Ya, the MerDad is making choo chi coo faces to the baby
nora_gatine: oh hey nifty chop Nancy
nora_gatine: what was it's original cane?
techi_mom56: leaf cane...scrap canes...zebra scaps...
kgedrich: NJ i got Angie Scarr's making miniature food book and I LOVE
nora_gatine: The PC Man, if you're here looking to get "lucky" I'll
have to ask you to leave
nora_gatine: because this is a class room
nora_gatine: and I'm running a Demo for my MSATClayArt list
kgedrich: he says he's related to Teddy NJ
nora_gatine: Oh did he?
nora_gatine: I didn't read that
Betty: He is her son
nora_gatine: Oh well hell's bells
nora_gatine: Then he should catch up with us Techno Grandmas and turn
on our cams
kgedrich: LMAO
nora_gatine: we're leaving him in the technological clay dust
thepcman: Just looking to se what my mom is up to. I have 4 kids and
am far a from pervert.
liteladi: lol
nora_gatine: Biggest perves are married men
Betty: Good. LOL
kgedrich: OMG get my son his electric scooter tell him KNOW WANT TO
HEAR about it anymore till XMAS now he wants me to take him to get the
tires filled (HMMMM maybe i don't want the tires filled)
techi_mom56: GIGGLE...
thepcman: Lol
liteladi: lol
kgedrich: LOL
nora_gatine: looking to get into trouble, that's why I was going to
scoot you out of here, open my cam then and see what your mother is
learning how to do
Betty: LOL
nora_gatine: I'll send you an invite
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to thepcman (11/15/03 7:33
nora_gatine: there
nora_gatine: if you're in through the Friend's list you'll be able to
open my cam
kgedrich: hey has anyone talked to Karen today????
nora_gatine: That's a boy
nora_gatine: LOL
thepcman: My mom sent me some photos of a tea set she was making.
liteladi: really a t set how cool
nora_gatine: speaking of Dads this is MerDad
nora_gatine: making faces at his baby
nora_gatine: baby has his tail designs, takes after Pa
kgedrich: man these dang yahoo ads are driving me nutzzz
thepcman: Kool
liteladi: i have cat in the hat bouncing on the screen here
nora_gatine: this is what we've done this week end in Demo
Betty: Me too..I've had to leave and come back twice
thepcman: Ads stink.
Betty: they got so big
liteladi: me too betty
nora_gatine: I best save log at this point because Yahoo has been mean


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