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11-15-03: DemoLog-4,  Winding down to the end of Saturday's 9 hour demo.   MerBlue-1: Uncured MerFolk Family Unit, Ma, Pa and the Kid.
nora_gatine: I best save log at this point because Yahoo has been mean
kgedrich: hey nj do you have gills on those merfolks yet???
thepcman: see yaa
thepcman left the room
nora_gatine: I'm going to have to fine tune the muscles
nora_gatine: add eyes
nora_gatine: they might have sea weed hair before it's all said and
kgedrich: kool
liteladi: i dont know i kinda like them like they are
nora_gatine: between the smoothing of the muscles and the hair they
should get gills
nora_gatine: I need to make the hands more defined, or maybe make
their hands webbed like duck's feet
liteladi: yeah they do need to breathe LOL
kgedrich: oh you got to have some webbies
nora_gatine: I think I got the tilt of the mother's head
Betty: That is pretty Nancy
nora_gatine: loving and indulgent
nora_gatine: Yow Nancy
nora_gatine: you're getting busy with those designs
liteladi: yes nancy very pretty
techi_mom56: i get these really wacky ideas sometimes...some of them
techi_mom56: and i learned alot about using tls as "glue"
Betty: I think you did get it, NJ!
nora_gatine: well I'm going to take a break and have a cup of coffee
kgedrich left the room
liteladi: yup jon luc the mer dad
Betty: Okay, NJ
kgedrich joined the room
techi_mom56: okay nj
liteladi: ok NJ
Betty stands up and applauds
nora_gatine: I want to thank my Producer and Director
nora_gatine: LOL
techi_mom56: giggle
techi_mom56: i want to thank my teacher....grin
nora_gatine: they still have a lot of work to do but already they have
liteladi: and all the little people LOL
Betty enthusiastically cheers for nora_gatine
nora_gatine: And all the Little People that populate my abalone shells
nora_gatine: LOL
Betty: LOL
liteladi: very very good
kgedrich smiles happily
nora_gatine: I got to work on Pa's face so he is smiling or something
kgedrich smiles happily at nora_gatine
techi_mom56: LAUGH
liteladi cheers
Betty waves at everyone in the room
Betty ponders the meaning of life
nora_gatine: and I got to make the baby smile too, he is looking more
scared than amused
techi_mom56: washer...
techi_mom56: go get your snack nj..i gotta go unload the dishwasther
Betty gives everyone a big hug
nora_gatine: like he is about to start crying
kgedrich: bye all have to go do mail and try to snag Karen's attention
Betty: LOL, We don't want that
nora_gatine: I'm munching on a left over sandwich and having coffee
techi_mom56: night betty
Betty: Nighe, Kat
nora_gatine: Nighty Night Kat, thanks for dropping by
techi_mom56: oh..okay
kgedrich: bbl if you all are still here
Betty: Kat said she's leaving..I
Betty: will stay a little longer
liteladi: its getting late here an this ole gal needs to head to the
bedroom i think
liteladi: night everyone
kgedrich left the room
nora_gatine: I think I might wrap up too
techi_mom56: there finally got the light right
nora_gatine: it's been 8 hours for me here
Betty: Night
liteladi left the room
Betty: Nite all
Betty: Ok.;.I'm going to play with the emotes a minute! LOL
Betty: THanks NJ
Betty waves at everyone in the room
nora_gatine: my pleasure we covered a lot of ground today
nora_gatine: Nancy has Tongues of Fire cane there?
nora_gatine: is that what I see?
Betty agrees
techi_mom56: sigh..
techi_mom56: i had to go do some shopping...
techi_mom56: yes i do...
nora_gatine: I was going to go see the Matrix but I just really wanted
to clay
Betty Yahoo!s
techi_mom56: and chop
Betty smiles happily
techi_mom56: swirled and basket weave
nora_gatine: well if you're up to hanging out and claying along I can
do some finishing touches on these figures
techi_mom56: i am game...
Betty: Great, as long as you aren't too tired, NJ
julia_dodge left the room
nora_gatine: I'm just going to take a little break then, do my
biologicals and post to the list that we're going to be hanging out
for a while
Betty: ok
Betty: I'll get up and do a couple of things for a minute too
nora_gatine: covered egg?
nora_gatine: focus is off on my side here
Betty: That is pretty
techi_mom56: yes...
Betty: I still need a desk or workspace..I guess I'll get a folding
table and say I had it. LOL
techi_mom56: it is a blue chrysanthamum cane..
techi_mom56: covered with transparent with gold flecks
nora_gatine: I thought there was gold flecks in that
Betty: beautiful
techi_mom56: i wasnt happy with the way the blue turned out...
techi_mom56: i had to do something..the blue annoyed me...
nora_gatine: I did the same thing with an egg I wasn't happy with
nora_gatine: covered it with translucent with gold flecks
nora_gatine: LOL
nora_gatine: makes everything look good
nora_gatine: I'm going to go to the loo and post to the list and be
back in a bit
Betty: ok...see you later
techi_mom56: i love the translucent over something is so cool...
techi_mom56: love the depth but of course its also in the sanding and
techi_mom56: i have also been trying out using neutral shoe polish for far so good
Betty: brb
techi_mom56: the shine on the votive is the shoe well
applied while still warm
nora_gatine: back but munching
nora_gatine: posted to the list that we're still hanging out
meowys_hairball joined the room
nora_gatine: Howdy Staci
nora_gatine: Can you see me type? Are you typing and I can't see you?
nora_gatine: is Yahoo being mean to us?

techi_mom56: i see you okay
nora_gatine: Maybe Staci is having Yahoo problems because I saw her
come in but she isn't typing or on my cam list
nora_gatine: you're going design crazy there Nancy
nora_gatine: LOL
techi_mom56: yeah...having fun
meowys_hairball: Hi guys.. gah.. yahoo is all crappy tonight. I just
popped into chat on my end.
nora_gatine: yahoo has been mean all day
bonsaikathy joined the room
meowys_hairball: Can't get the yahoo thingy up bah. I'll just sit here
and knit while you guys sculpt hehe
bonsaikathy: Lol, NJ, I"ve lost count of how many id's I have for you
nora_gatine: should be around three ID's now Kathy
nora_gatine: you can't get the Friend's list up? Is that the thingie
you can't get? Are you in Chat through the webpage? Meowy?
bonsaikathy: haha, ohh mer people
nora_gatine: a Mer Family
bonsaikathy: yup
meowys_hairball: Yeah website chat  is how i always join chat
bonsaikathy: it's wonderful NJ
nora_gatine: Meowy, you can't get cam when you're in through the chat
room unless you have the Friend's list up. Can you log into the
Friend's list and then add this ID of mine and click the cam from
meowys_hairball: Ooh I can't get the friends list to come up, it keeps
crashing out or timing out on login
nora_gatine: I'm sorry that Yahoo is being mean to you, Honey.
nora_gatine: Thanks Kathy this family sort of made itself
nora_gatine: and I reviewed the fish scales from last year's Blue Blue
meowys_hairball: afk a min
nora_gatine: reviewed baby's faces compared to adult faces
nora_gatine: ok Meowy
nora_gatine: How are you doing Kathy?
nora_gatine: just get home from work?
bonsaikathy: I'm ok, how about you and yes just walked in the door
nora_gatine: I'm loving this blue MerFamily
bonsaikathy: Glad to finally have 2 days off, I"m beat
nora_gatine: been at it all day
Betty: I"m back
nora_gatine: and last night
Betty: Hi, Kathy
nora_gatine: I'll bet. How's the weather over there, did you get that
bad wind?
bonsaikathy: it was pretty windy but not as bad as up north of us
bonsaikathy: just lot's of rain and you know me, when the weather is
up and down things ache, but I've been worse, so won't complain
bonsaikathy: how about yourself, how's the new job
nora_gatine: Hilda shared something with me the other day that I've
been repeating
nora_gatine: "Growing old may be a Mitzva (blessing), but a pleasure
it is not."
nora_gatine: her mother used to say that
nora_gatine: Hilda is 95
nora_gatine: and her mother lived a long time too
bonsaikathy: lol
bonsaikathy: very true
nora_gatine: it breaks me up every time I tell someone
Betty: LOL, How sweet
nora_gatine: I use it at work when I forget something someone asked me
to do
nora_gatine: I remind them I'm older than all of them so bare with
this old forgettful grandmother
nora_gatine: when all I was really thinking of was clay and minis
nora_gatine: he he he
Betty: lol
nora_gatine: and how to get around that damned web block they have
nora_gatine: I'm so glad I can drop a note through the albums
nora_gatine: it'll make me preview new stuff through the albums more
nora_gatine: I should open another account. I have over 300 megabytes
in the Epson albums
bonsaikathy: oh I know, I can't get in to the groups at work either
and it drives me nuts
nora_gatine: I only found out how to transmit through invites from the
epson albums, I haven't figured out how to respond
nora_gatine: unless I subscribe to the list through my work email and
that's a bust
bonsaikathy: anyone needing any dollhouse furniture ought to check out
bombay store, they are making more new things, they have a really nice
mahogony dining table, it says 5$
nora_gatine: link?
bonsaikathy: First Link to Bombay Company
bonsaikathy: if it doesn't work let me know and I"ll do the tiny url
bonsaikathy: pretty armoire too
Second Link to Bombay Company
nora_gatine: This one is NICE
Betty: Thanks, Kathy. I put it in my miniatures folder bookmarks
bonsaikathy: I've gotten some of their stuff and what I bought is
exquisite, a perfect replice, but the last time I went, some of the
things were either out of scale or very lumpy looking because the wood
was to thick
bonsaikathy: welcome Betty
bonsaikathy: it's all 5$, not bad
nora_gatine: Check out James the butler and it's $79
Third Link to Bombay Company
nora_gatine: we can do that for much less
Betty: That would be fun
bonsaikathy: oh wow, every time you click on a differant piece of
furniture more shows up below, lol
bonsaikathy: oh wow, NJ look at the table below that butler, that
would make a great bonsai stand
nora_gatine: I book marked it
nora_gatine: they have NICE plant stands
nora_gatine: that's the truth
nora_gatine: great site, love that bed set
bonsaikathy: whoops, guess not, to much
bonsaikathy: are these still mini's or full size
Betty: There use to be an artist who made them from wood and sold them
Betty: "My Sisters Shoppe"
Betty: They had the neatest catalogs
Betty: for miniatures
Betty: I hated when they went out of business
bonsaikathy: I'll have to go to the store at the outlet mall, maybe
tomorrow after church if I can get down there with the traffic that
will be leaving town in the morning, arrggghhhh
bonsaikathy: I'll bet
Betty: Good luck with that traffic tomorrow
bonsaikathy: it gets worse and worse, we're seriously considering
moving back to NC, now that Alicia is back there, we're just ready to
get away from the headaches around here
Betty: It was pretty bad when we came, and that has been a few years
Betty: No vacations lately
Betty: I can imagine it is much worse since, though
Betty screams in a mad fit
Betty knows that the truth is out there
Betty: He is looking good, NJ
bonsaikathy: well folks, it's about that time, so good to chat with
all of you, Nancy and NJ you're doing a great job
bonsaikathy: hugs everyone
nora_gatine: Sweet Dreams Kathy
Betty: Night Kathy..Good to see you
techi_mom56: huggs
techi_mom56: thanks kathy
nora_gatine: good seeing you for a minute
bonsaikathy: good to see all of you too, I've really missed you
bonsaikathy: nite
bonsaikathy left the room


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