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September 2003

Pen Pals

Screen Shots of the making of a Male Pen Pal. We've decided in Demo on 09-04-03, to call these "Pen Pals" here is the how-to on starting a covered pen in the shape a man. Thank you Sharon/shargoose for getting these screen shots.

Below is the DemoLog that went along with these screen shots.

09-04-04: Pen Pal Demo - 1

You are in "*g.MSATClayArt:1" ( )

ljcswartz: wb
Symplymad: welcome back.
auntyalias: thanks
auntyalias: as I was saying
auntyalias: if there's air between the torso and the arms
auntyalias: the arms need to be reinforced on the inside, connect to
the shoulder
auntyalias: wire or foil
lilypond41 joined the room
auntyalias: or they might break up
ljcswartz: hi lily-- Jackie here
lilypond41: Hi Jackie, I'm Cindy from WV
Symplymad: Hi's Maddy
auntyalias: Hey Cindy
auntyalias: this is a Man Pen
ljcswartz: I'm in MD
ljcswartz: neighbors
auntyalias: that's a Lady pen
auntyalias: one leg is the shaft of the pen
auntyalias: lady pen, pen, man pen
auntyalias: Cindy did you see the Sleeping Lady Pen?
auntyalias: I sent the link through
auntyalias: but I can get it for you if you'd like
lilypond41: No, I don't think I did. Please send it!
Symplymad: i haven't seen it NJ
auntyalias: here she
is bald
auntyalias: Sharon got pix of my making this man, I'm going to see if
she got them into Epson, brb
auntyalias: not yet
polymerfairy: back
auntyalias: Hey Bonny
polymerfairy: feel better lol
auntyalias: the arms and the crossed leg are made separately
Symplymad: Oh great stuff.
auntyalias: the pen is buired into the body, you form the head, torso,
and one leg and slice it down the center to bury the pen
auntyalias: close it up and start forming the one leg around the pen
auntyalias: when you got the leg and lower torso done you can add the
crossed leg
polymerfairy: love the angle of the head
auntyalias: He is modest for he is nekkid
auntyalias: When you hold the Leopard lady she looks at you when you
Symplymad: LOL
polymerfairy: lol looks like he has to go
polymerfairy: ah ok
lilypond41: These are amazing! I haven't tried a pen yet.
auntyalias: now no one will realize these are working pens
auntyalias: When I had the sleeping lady pen
auntyalias: each time I took it out to sign
auntyalias: folks would snatch it out of my hand to look at it
auntyalias: it's a canvas for you to practice your sculpting
auntyalias: as well as covering a pen
polymerfairy: lol they sure don't look like pens
auntyalias: nope
auntyalias: but they have a very good feel to them
Symplymad: i think this is one of the neatest ideas i've seen.
Symplymad: i can always count on your NJ to come up with something
totally off the wall
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: well that's my job on the list
auntyalias: to nudge all of you to do something new
auntyalias: everyone can do what everyone else is doing
Symplymad: you need a
auntyalias: only on our List do we do something that's new
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: ya, zero times zero is zero
auntyalias: LOL
Symplymad: LOL
Symplymad: we luv ya
ljcswartz: I'm redoing the right leg
Symplymad: i'm going to walmart to get some pens.
Symplymad: right now. I'll be back in a few minutes
auntyalias: LOL, ok Maddy
polymerfairy: lol hb
Symplymad: okies...see you in a bit.
auntyalias: I'm going to take a potty break
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: too much coffee
polymerfairy: ok
polymerfairy: coffee sounds good brb
auntyalias: I'm going to take some clay from the chest and back to
beef up his arms
ljcswartz: is he going to get clothes??
auntyalias: I'm thinking of giving him one leaf
auntyalias: for his "kabootle" area
auntyalias: the classic fig leaf
auntyalias: LOL
ljcswartz: haha
ljcswartz: ok
ljcswartz: mine will probably need clothes since I lack padding
ljcswartz: his chest is very thin
ljcswartz: big feet though
auntyalias: take clay from his feet and add pecs
ljcswartz: hehe
ljcswartz: I wil try
polymerfairy: back again
auntyalias: I'm pretty happy with him, bit I got to let him rest
auntyalias: the clay is getting tacky
polymerfairy: he needs a nap
auntyalias: Ya, he's worn out
polymerfairy: lol
ljcswartz: same here
lilypond41: Do you need to sand these when you are done?
auntyalias: depends on how much smoothing we do before they cure
auntyalias: hold them up on skewers when they are raw
lilypond41: Like the leaf NJ
auntyalias: it's like he's putting on his fig leaf
Symplymad: I'm back, got my The pens are looking good.
auntyalias: wow that was fast Maddy
Symplymad: just right down the road. His chest looks very chesty.
ljcswartz: is there a proper fig leaf shape?
auntyalias: I just cut the first leaf cane I found
auntyalias: but I did give him a "bulge"
ljcswartz: oh--I will have a look at my stuff
auntyalias: and then laid down the leaf
ljcswartz: hehe
ljcswartz: l organized my area and can't find a thing
auntyalias: that always happens to me
auntyalias: clean up and can't find a thing
ljcswartz: found it
auntyalias: remember the adam's apple on men's necks
auntyalias: it makes all the difference in the world
polymerfairy left the room
polymerfairy joined the room
auntyalias: Getting that guy modest, Jackie, LOL
ljcswartz: hehe got carried away
ljcswartz: off balance anyway
auntyalias: it is your first effort
auntyalias: don't beat your self up
ljcswartz: for sure
auntyalias: you'll do better each time
auntyalias: Sharon just got the pix up, let me send an invite to the
ljcswartz: they say to make 10
ljcswartz: and get better each time
auntyalias: We can call these Pen Pals
auntyalias: what do you think?
polymerfairy: lol I love it
ljcswartz: sure
lilypond41: Sounds great!
auntyalias: I'm going to go check these pictures
auntyalias: brb
twinmom94002 joined the room
twinmom94002: hey y'all
twinmom94002: made a friend for leapard woman!
twinmom94002: hm...must be breaktime
ljcswartz: lilypond41: Sounds great! auntyalias:
auntyalias: I'm going to go check these pictures auntyalias: brb
twinmom94002 joined the room
ljcswartz: Libbii this is were NJ is
auntyalias: Hey Libby, was checking the screen shots Sharon got
auntyalias: they are perfect
auntyalias: shows the beginning stages very well
twinmom94002: kewl...
twinmom94002: thanks to Sharon!
twinmom94002: see y'all later! Have fun!
twinmom94002 left the room
polymerfairy: I'm getting as bad....trying to find one of my tools
..looked EVERYWHERE....except in the mug where I keep the tools I use
the most LOL
ljcswartz: that what started my effort to organize... plus there was
so much wasted space with the clutter
polymerfairy: that's what I've been trying to do...too much junk on
the table
polymerfairy: brb dryer just went off
ljcswartz: I just missed the eye
ljcswartz: clay added?
ljcswartz: just pushed
auntyalias: push cheek upward to make an eyelid
ljcswartz: ok
lilypond41: Must go! Dinnertime here!!
ljcswartz: you eat
ljcswartz: this is the way to diet
Symplymad: can i see your face?
ljcswartz: ?me?
lilypond41: I'm always on a diet, but hubby likes food!!!
ljcswartz: or NJ
Symplymad: yup....your pens face. NJ's is showing
lilypond41 left the room
auntyalias: that ink nib I lost
auntyalias: well all the ink spooged out
auntyalias: into my clay lunch box
auntyalias: and a tip here
Symplymad: wow, that looks good.
Symplymad: hey, he's got quite a chest too. whoo hoo
auntyalias: Comet cleanser takes ink off of your hands
ljcswartz: ty-- my third face sort of
auntyalias: brb, cleaning up the spilled ink mess
ljcswartz: these two don't have much of a face
Symplymad: OMG too cute!
ljcswartz: ok
Symplymad: did you make the cup too?
ljcswartz: i will get #1
ljcswartz: just a sec
Symplymad: okies
Symplymad: Oh wow, her face looks so kind. she's not baked yet?
ljcswartz: not baked--- a work in progress
Symplymad: looking good. i really like the that the
tiger cane?
ljcswartz: I clayed along with NJ on that one too
ljcswartz: it is a basket weave
Symplymad: great job. I'll have to try and clay along sometime too.
ljcswartz: I have to do whatever it is or I forget
Symplymad: LOL
auntyalias: this ink is all over, ICK
Symplymad: what a mess.
ljcswartz: yuuu
dahs512 joined the room
Symplymad: Gals, it's been great, thanks for having me, but I'd better
get going. We've got some company now.
Symplymad: talk to you soon. I'll work on my pen tomorrow.
ljcswartz: hi Denise
dahs512: Hi Jackie
ljcswartz: bye Maddy
dahs512: I'm just stopping in for a bit
ljcswartz: only a bit?
Symplymad: tell NJ thanks when she gets back. b-bye
ljcswartz: ok
symplymad left the room
dahs512: I'm on my way out to dinner with the hubby for his birthday
dahs512: NJ doing a new one?
ljcswartz: happy birthday to the DH then
ljcswartz: right
ljcswartz: from scratch
dahs512: I see abs heheh
ljcswartz: a man this time
dahs512: I like the jungle outfit
ljcswartz: she has an ink spill to work on
auntyalias: Denise I got ink all over everything
dahs512: how'd that happen?
auntyalias: the nib jumped off of the pen and the ink spilled all over
my lunch box
dahs512: oh, bummer
ljcswartz: I think I will do a dinner break
ljcswartz: I hate to miss anything but I will be back later
ljcswartz: and I will check the logs
dahs512: I'll check back later if I'm not out too late. We have to
pick up his car too. $$$$
ljcswartz: I will leave this on though
dahs512: Ah, youe are doing one too
dahs512: Jackie
dahs512: cool
ljcswartz: the only way to learn
dahs512: yep
ljcswartz: I don't sculpt
ljcswartz: but I like it
dahs512: you do now
ljcswartz: thanks
ljcswartz: off to grill
dahs512: later gaters, I'd love to stay , but hubby is waiting
dahs512 left the room
auntyalias: so Jackie
auntyalias: it's just you and me
auntyalias: I got that ink off with Comet cleanser
auntyalias: it really worked well
auntyalias: so I did learn something from this
auntyalias: Oh you're on dinner break. I'd best head off because I got
to go baby sit Libby's children
auntyalias: I'll do another demo tomorrow
auntyalias: xoxo

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