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September 2003

Pen Pals

09-05-03: DemoLog for Pen Pals -2

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doglove22000 ( joined the room
Davester (biodredd) joined the room
auntyalias: Yo Rickie
auntyalias: Hey Dave
Davester: Hey NJ.
auntyalias: Dave, I thought you were packing for the move
doglove22000: Yo To Tou All
Davester: This is my last visit online for two weeks.
Davester: I am packing.
Davester: Loading the truck tomorrow.
auntyalias: I see. Two weeks off line, are you sure you're going to be
able to stand that? Rickie been offline for a long time and now has
auntyalias: open my cam Dave
auntyalias: I'm doing Pen Pals. Human forms covering pen covers
doglove22000: I am sooooooo happy to be back
auntyalias: I'm soooo happy to have you back honey
Davester: Ugh, having to be offline for two weeks is going to be hell
on earth.
auntyalias: See Dave, these are pen covers
Davester: I'm assuming from the name of the chat, that these are pen
Davester: Oohhh, almost like the Oscar.
Davester: Noithing like typing in the wrong window.
Davester: Todd is trying to fogure out what I am talking about.
auntyalias: He was started in Demo yesterday, so he's still rough
doglove22000: I will be "here and there" for most of this time so
please excuse me if I cannot give you 100% attention - as you so
wonderfully deserve
auntyalias: their booty sits on the finger and you grip their feet
Davester: They are really nice.
doglove22000: She is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
doglove22000: I need her to help me spell correctly
auntyalias: I made her so when you hold the pen she looks up at you
auntyalias: like she's saying, "Are you sure you want to sign that?"
Davester: Very nice.
bettyintennessee joined the room
auntyalias: thanks Dave
auntyalias: Howdy Betty
bettyintennessee: Hi, NJ!
auntyalias: These are the Pen Pals
doglove22000: Hello Betty
bettyintennessee: Hidee
auntyalias: Rickie and Betty did you see the screen shots Sharon got
yesterday of the making of the man here?
bettyintennessee: IHi, Rickie
auntyalias: I'll get the link if you didn't
doglove22000: No
auntyalias: let me get the link
bettyintennessee: thanks NJ
doglove22000: Thankyou
auntyalias: check that out and we'll do another one from the beginning
bettyintennessee: k
bettyintennessee: Oh, I like these
tricia_608 joined the room
tricia_608: Hello everyone.
auntyalias: Tricia, you're new to Chat? I'm NoraJean
auntyalias: welcome and where do you hale from?
bettyintennessee: I hope I can stay..I have to go the store shortly..I
turned the big 5 0 today, and going with my daughter to pick up nacho
stuff for dinner
bettyintennessee: Hi, Tricia
meowys_hairball joined the room
auntyalias: I'm in the shake and bake state of California, San
Francisco and we had an earthquake yesterday
ljcswartz joined the room
ljcswartz: hi all
auntyalias: Roni and Jackie
meowys_hairball: Hi
tricia_608: Hi NJ, I'm not new, I've been here 3/4 times.. but I had
another User ID - moodygirl.
tricia_608: Real name - Patricia Hutteman, from Charlotte NC
ljcswartz: Jackie MD
bettyintennessee: Hi, hairball, Jackie
auntyalias: Ah, ok, let's do a roll call so we can all come to know
each other's name
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
bettyintennessee: Betty, Nashville
meowys_hairball: Stacey (meowy) Virginia
tricia_608: Patricia, Charlotte NC
auntyalias: Stacey, sorry honey, you and Roni are both Meowy and I get
the two of you mixed up in my head.
doglove22000: Rickie Near San Francisco - Walnut creek Doglove22000
meowys_hairball: Oh hehe
meowys_hairball: Yah the ID meowy was taken on yahoo, so I'm just a
auntyalias: we're two short on the cam list, who doesn't have the cam
window open yet?
bettyintennessee: lol
bettyintennessee: Hi, Stacey
twinmom94002 joined the room
auntyalias: here's the link for the screen shots from yesterday,
making the naked man pen cover
ljcswartz: hi Libbi
auntyalias: Howdy Libby
meowys_hairball: It won't open for me, says the user msatclayart has
no webcam.. I followed the list at the threerubies site but it won't
bettyintennessee: Hi, Libby
twinmom94002: Hi all!
auntyalias: Stacey, right click on AuntyAlias
auntyalias: that's the ID I'm using right now
Davester: I have to run.. muchos packing to finish. I'll be back in
roughly two weeks.. If it works out sooner,then it will be a great
bettyintennessee: Are you in the website or through messenger?
ljcswartz: is it libbi or Libby??
tricia_608: Oops. I don't have the window open...
meowys_hairball: ooh okay gotta add you then
twinmom94002: libbi, jackie, but NJ gets special dispensation
bettyintennessee: bye Dave
ljcswartz: ty
auntyalias: Libbi, I'll get it right one of these days
twinmom94002: hehehe
Davester: Take care, and see ya all soon.
auntyalias: It's sunny out here, good for the boys and the zoo
meowys_hairball: It works!
auntyalias: See you Dave
ljcswartz: I have notes in my messenger list
auntyalias: in two weeks
meowys_hairball: afk just a sec, I need to put some clay in the oven
Davester: xoxoxoxox
biodredd left the room
twinmom94002: heh...the zoo is waiting til tomorrow...mommy is
tooooooo tired and a tad hung over
auntyalias: ok, did everyone get to see the screen shots from
auntyalias: two martinis, you're an easy date, Libbi
auntyalias: LOL
twinmom94002: hehehe yep a cheap date...that's moi
ljcswartz: a small glass of wine will do me in
doglove22000: Me, too!
bettyintennessee: me too
auntyalias: Hey, putting on alcohol based perfume has me dancing with
a lamp shade on my head, so I avoid drinking
bettyintennessee: Well maybe two
auntyalias: I'm crazy enough
bettyintennessee: lol
bettyintennessee: Wine is about all I can handle
meowys_hairball: hehe
twinmom94002: that was my once a year "binge" I think
bettyintennessee: brb
auntyalias: Ok, so what I'm going to be doing is making another Pen
auntyalias: so we can practice our sculpting and cover pens at the
same time
auntyalias: yesterday when I was removing the innards from the pen
auntyalias: the metal nib flew off
auntyalias: and I put the pen shaft in my clay lunch box
auntyalias: and all the ink spilled out
auntyalias: we'll try not to do that today
ljcswartz: I will mix more clay to start off so I have padding
auntyalias: I'm going to be mixing some clay also
auntyalias: just some burnt umber and a mix of pearl, white and
translucent, which is my standard sushi rice, but it'll work
auntyalias: one could use raw sienna and white
auntyalias: or any mix really
auntyalias: just mix about two fists worth, so you don't end up
running out of clay
auntyalias: I'll be changing the cam angle so grab your clay and start
doglove22000: Could I see the whole pen, please
meowys_hairball: Oh nice tile tray there!
auntyalias: a pen without clay on it?
doglove22000: No, the finished one!
bettyintennessee: back
tricia_608: Wow..that pen is fantastic!
doglove22000: Thank You - Spectacular
meowys_hairball: if I get disconnected I be back.. verizon sent us our
new modem to help fix hangups
bettyintennessee: Me, too..I'm on comcast, but get disconnected alot
bettyintennessee: Yahoo'd
bettyintennessee left the room
bettyintennessee joined the room
bettyintennessee: There I went..sorry
auntyalias: wb Betty
bettyintennessee: thanks, NJ
auntyalias: now for those who have not seen the screen shots from
yesterday, check it out to know what we're going to be doing
frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: Mitch
auntyalias: Hey honey
bettyintennessee: Hi, Mitch
ljcswartz: hi Mitch
frogger70301: Hiya, all!
frogger70301: Might only be able to stay a few!
twinmom94002: hiya mitch
auntyalias: oh, what's up Mitch?
auntyalias: got thunderstorms?
frogger70301: wood or mixing skin?
frogger70301: Nope, gotta go get hubby's check!
auntyalias: mixing skin for another Pen Pal
frogger70301: ah, cool!
meowys_hairball: i'll have to try a cat pen like this
frogger70301: oh, that would be cute1
meowys_hairball: my people sculpting skills are rather sucky hehe
bettyintennessee: I'd like to make a copy of my cat
frogger70301: mine too... hopefully one of these days...
auntyalias: that's why we are practicing Stacey
auntyalias: that's the point of this month's theme, so we all get a
chance to practice our sculpting technique
meowys_hairball: yah.. have bunch of little faces on a tile, my noses
are getting better at least
doglove22000: Hello to everyone I did not, yet, say hello to.
ljcswartz: hi
tricia_608: Hi
ljcswartz: again
bettyintennessee: Hi, Libbi
bettyintennessee: RIght?
auntyalias: shall we do another roll call?
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
bettyintennessee: Betty, Nashville
frogger70301: Mitch, Louisiana!
tricia_608: Patricia, Charlotte
ljcswartz: Jackie MD
doglove22000: doglove22000 is me, Rickie Beth, near San Francisco
bettyintennessee: Sorry, RIckie, and Libbi
doglove22000: It's just fine - I am happy to have you know me
bettyintennessee: me too
meowys_hairball: Stacey (meowy) Virginia, sorry.. i lost my chat
window for a sec hehe
doglove22000: NJ has powerful hands
twinmom94002: sorry...back...Libbi, San Francisco....hi again, all
meowys_hairball: I'm amazed at how fast you can mix clay.. it takes me
a long time
tricia_608: watching NJ condition - makes me think I'm too 'soft' with
my clay...Gotta learn to really work it!
auntyalias: don't be shy with your clay
auntyalias: wrestle it to the ground and make it cry "uncle!"
auntyalias: I'm going to go wash the ink off my hands and then we'll
tricia_608: Hehe.. got it!
frogger70301: I just have to say....That vase in the back is
auntyalias: that was part of the flower review
auntyalias: and there's nothing holding the clay on to the glass
auntyalias: just slapped it on and it never fell off
meowys_hairball: oh hehe.. i thought it was a jar of scrap clay.. it's
ljcswartz: I like the face in there
frogger70301: wow!
ljcswartz: sorry I missed that event
auntyalias: it's a Kai face mold
auntyalias: with chop tossed into it
bettyintennessee: Beautiful, NJ
auntyalias: thanks gang
bettyintennessee: yw
auntyalias: there's the link for this jar
auntyalias: December 2002
auntyalias: and we got screen shots and stuff
frogger70301: Well, i'm gonna head out. Getting close to time for me
to leave.
frogger70301: Sorry I couldn't stay longer.
bettyintennessee: bye, Mitch
twinmom94002: bye mitch
ljcswartz: bye
frogger70301:  Bye, all!
frogger70301 left the room
auntyalias: See ya Mitch
tricia_608: bye
auntyalias: so shall this be male or female?
doglove22000: Female is my vote
meowys_hairball: yeah
bettyintennessee: Fine with me..I was just debating! lol
ljcswartz: either is ok
twinmom94002: ditto
tricia_608: female
auntyalias: So we have two votes for female
auntyalias: three
ljcswartz: anyone else claying along??
meowys_hairball: oh no my clay is in the bedroom.. my desks in here
are all for sewing hehehe
ljcswartz: I moved my clay to the computer soon after getting to the
doglove22000: I can only watch inteermittenly - I still need to get
ready for today's outing to the bank!!!!!
bettyintennessee: I have to do that, too
doglove22000: Watching NJ is such a treat!!!!
bettyintennessee: I agree with that
auntyalias: so roughly form the head, torso and one leg
auntyalias: then separate out the other leg and the arms
auntyalias: set them aside
auntyalias: now I'll move the cam angle and I'll be slicing down the
center of head, torso, leg, and bury the pen cover so the opening of
the pen is at the foot
ljcswartz: I am checking for the pen opening this time
auntyalias: LOL
twinmom94002: heh...reminds me of "Alien Autopsy"
meowys_hairball: haha
bettyintennessee: lol
auntyalias: LOL
tricia_608: Mine will really be an alien.. it's cobalt blue!
ljcswartz: so Patricia, you are claying along too
bettyintennessee: Is that Premo? Beige? Or what combinations?
tricia_608: yes
ljcswartz: super
ljcswartz: have a cam??
tricia_608: I'm just using scrap..
bettyintennessee left the room
tricia_608: sorry I don't have a cam
bettyintennessee joined the room
twinmom94002: i believe she mixed pearl/white/trans/burnt umber (?)
bettyintennessee: Thanks..I can't say much without getting knock
off..Especially a question! lol
twinmom94002: Hi there!
bettyintennessee: hello!
tricia_608: hello
auntyalias: I love it when we blow minds
bettyintennessee: lol
auntyalias: the young people are so tripped out when I show them what
we are doing
auntyalias: pat yourselves on the back
twinmom94002: ok...looks like I don't have to play yente after all,
huh NJ? *grin*
auntyalias: for we are Techno BUff
meowys_hairball: hehe
auntyalias: nope, Said is "interested" in this gal
auntyalias: he says her parents are "normal"
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: like we're not
twinmom94002: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
meowys_hairball: hehe
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: God save me from being normal
ljcswartz: hehe
twinmom94002: no doubt! here here!
auntyalias: ok, about this foot
auntyalias: the instep of this foot will go on your finger, where the
pen rests
auntyalias: so pick up your pen at this point and see if the instep
lands at that knuckle of your middle finger correctly
auntyalias: as we sculpt going upward on this body
auntyalias: we will continually pick up the pen and see how it fits
your hand
auntyalias: the booty lands on the outside of your forefinger
auntyalias: see
bettyintennessee: I have to run..Need to get to the bank and to the
teller before 4. Thanks, NJ
tricia_608: Bye Betty
bettyintennessee: bye, All
bettyintennessee left the room
auntyalias: so there's the calf, and the knee is made by pinching the
sides, pushing up ward on the knee cap and then pushing down from the
top of the knee here it meets the thigh
auntyalias: so we have a nice leg surrounding the pen cover, see the
top and be frightened
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: don't trip about how the top will look at this point, if
we have extra clay we pull it off the top of the head
auntyalias: how I sculpt is to pull the clay, drag the extra upward
auntyalias: any questions at this point?
tricia_608: Nope just trying to keep a 2 & 5 year old busy in
and out of here..
auntyalias: ok, what I'm going to check at this point is the booty
auntyalias: will the booty land on the thumb side of my forefinger
auntyalias: now I see that the calf needs to be trimmed down
auntyalias: the knee needs to be lowered
auntyalias: or the figure will have a really short thigh to have the
booty land on my finger like I want it to
ljcswartz: \mine too but I really liked that knee I had
auntyalias: don't be afraid to make a new knee
auntyalias: the more you do it the easier it'll become
tedi382001 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Amy
auntyalias: how ya doing honey?
tedi382001: good thanks
auntyalias: here are the screen shots from yesterday
auntyalias: we're doing Pen Pals
auntyalias: covering pens with a human form, to day we're doing a
female and just got one leg done so far
tedi382001: yes I saw the one from yesterday
tedi382001: what kind of pen are you using?
tedi382001: ok thanks, bics round stic
auntyalias: now for women we need to shape that hourglass, so give
some extra clay for hips, butt and then pinch in the waist
chelyha55 joined the room
ljcswartz: hi Cheryl
chelyha55: Hi
ljcswartz: Nj is creating a butt
chelyha55: I am having trouble with the chat
chelyha55: can you see my post?
auntyalias: Hey Cheryl
auntyalias: I can see you
auntyalias: what sort of trouble are you having, Honey?
chelyha55: hold on...
chelyha55: ok I think it's ok now
auntyalias: those screen shots will get you caught up
auntyalias: but today we're doing a female form
chelyha55: ever since I downloaded the stuff to do postage online I
have had trouble with Java
auntyalias: ergo the booty call here
chelyha55: I just popped in to say hi
chelyha55: got plenty of time now...
auntyalias: I found that I made the leg too long, I'd have had a ton
of clay above the pen, so I'm moving the calf, thigh and butt downward
auntyalias: nice thing about doing things live is you can see the back
and forth of the process, trying this and that and if it doesn't work
out, do something else
meowys_hairball: sorry, went afk and kinda forgot I was watching the
doglove22000: I will have to leave in about 10 to 15 minutes - and I
want to say that "I DO NOT WAnT TO LEAVE" - And Thank You NJ for
sharing your talents and bye to All.
auntyalias: see ya Rickie
auntyalias: since we're going to add the other leg, give some clay to
the hip that has no leg at this time
ljcswartz: I'm going to turn on my can so I can compare .. it looks
different from that perspective
ljcswartz: you don;t have to look
auntyalias: I'll check out your work Jackie
ljcswartz: hehe you looked
auntyalias: but I'll need more light on your side I think
chelyha55 left the room
ljcswartz: big butt
auntyalias: looks great
auntyalias: big butts are popular where I come from
ljcswartz: thanks
auntyalias: the infamous Booty Call
auntyalias: LOL
ljcswartz: hehe
tedi382001: gotta run thanks nj
tedi382001 left the room left the room
auntyalias: My Son and Erica and the baby came by
ljcswartz: hi baby
tricia_608: Oooh.. Hi Baby!
twinmom94002: oh...i'm so glad i got back! Hi baby!
ljcswartz: hi Erica too
ljcswartz: and son of NJ -- hi
twinmom94002: hi NJ's family
meowys_hairball: hehe hi NJ's family
tricia_608: Hi proud mom and dad!
meowys_hairball: That is a really good webcam, can't get over the high
quality photo
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: break time
ljcswartz: good idea
twinmom94002: kewl
tricia_608: okay...see you all later.


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