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September 2003

Pen Pals

09-05-03: DemoLog-3

You are in "*g.MSATClayArt:1" ( )

frogger70301: oh, looky that! She's holdong her knee!
auntyalias: It's a guy and here comes Denise I think
frogger70301: oh, ok.
auntyalias: I was thinking of divers, those who dive competitively
auntyalias: ya know?
frogger70301: I'm prolly gonna be back and forth. Playing with my new
dahs512 joined the room
frogger70301: Hiya, Denise.
auntyalias: what new toy Mitch
auntyalias: Hey Denise
dahs512: Hey dudes
dahs512: hee hee
frogger70301: nothing airbrush!
auntyalias: open your cam, you guys
auntyalias: show us air brush then
auntyalias: LOL
frogger70301: nothing fancy....
dahs512: I wanna see airbrush
auntyalias: me too
auntyalias: cough up Mitch
auntyalias: Denise check out this guy I just did
frogger70301: let me clear a little room...
dahs512: what is he holding?!?
auntyalias: his leg
dahs512: lol
frogger70301: oh, I just realized there is something I would LOVE to
show off!
dahs512: I thought you might be compensating for my merman
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: Then we got this golden guy
auntyalias: who's modest
auntyalias: he's holding his fig leaf
dahs512: I'm gonna have to do a pen pal or two
auntyalias: I tell ya, they are addictive
auntyalias: Did you see the Leopard Lady?
dahs512: I didn't sign up for the swap because i am needing time for
the wreath
dahs512: just a glimpse the other day
bettyintennessee joined the room
bettyintennessee: Hi, NJ, Denise, Mitch
auntyalias: Betty you got three cams to watch
dahs512: you been drawing Mitch
dahs512: ?
dahs512: hey Betty
frogger70301: nope, hubby had it done for me!
bettyintennessee: k..Great! coming just a sec
dahs512: wow, how cool
frogger70301: hiya, Betty!
auntyalias: Mitch, you did that drawing?
auntyalias: Boy the Image Transfers you could do
auntyalias: man o man
bettyintennessee: Oh, Great Drawing, Mitch!
frogger70301: he stole a pic I had from when we put our wedding
announcement in the paper and had the guy at work draw it for me!
dahs512: nifty
bettyintennessee: Kewl
auntyalias: so you going to frame it?
auntyalias: what ya gonna do?
frogger70301: I picked up a cheap frame and mat for now, but later on
I'll get it done professionally.
frogger70301: I couldn't believe it!
bettyintennessee: I am going to have to come back in 20 min..will you
still be here? I promised my daughter something
dahs512: yep
dahs512: cool Mitch
auntyalias: ya
bettyintennessee: K...I'll be back!
auntyalias: go on, we'll be here
bettyintennessee: Thanks..see ya in a bit
bettyintennessee left the room
auntyalias: Lost your cam Mitch
frogger70301: oh, pooh. My cam messed up!
auntyalias: turn it off and then on, maybe?
frogger70301: I think my virus scanner messed it up for a sec.
dahs512: see the colors in my shirt? I wanna make fish /dragon texture
makume ganne for my tail
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: pretty
dahs512: but i"m gonna add copper to the red and pearl to the white
and know what I mean
dahs512: I've gotton more in for the wreath
dahs512: wanna see?
frogger70301: sure!
auntyalias: ya
frogger70301: how cute!
auntyalias: oh hey
auntyalias: who made that?
dahs512: Maddy
auntyalias: wow
auntyalias: gosh, those are going on the Wreath?
auntyalias: these gals are raising the bar
dahs512: yep
auntyalias: yikes
auntyalias: makes me want to send the Skeleton Doll Maker
dahs512: he's cool!
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I got a munch, gonna get a cookie right quick
auntyalias: oooh cute
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: wow
auntyalias: who made that?
auntyalias: ok
dahs512: Rie
auntyalias: too cute
frogger70301: oh, how cool!
dahs512: these are by Pascale
dahs512: All the way from Luxemburg
auntyalias: ain't that amazing?
dahs512: creepy
auntyalias: lol
dahs512: you know my pirate goes too?
auntyalias: really?
auntyalias: It's going to be an amazing wreath
dahs512: that's why i made him
frogger70301: you did a terriffic job on him, that's for sure!
auntyalias: I'll send you my DOD skeletons
auntyalias: and you can just tie strings around them
dahs512: yep
dahs512: wires
dahs512: thAT IS GREAT NJ
dahs512: oops hit the caps
auntyalias: They are already made
auntyalias: and they are really "me"
auntyalias: if you know what I mean
dahs512: I'm gonna put a reserve on the wreath
dahs512: yes I do
auntyalias: what's that?
dahs512: a hidden amount that the bids have to reach, before it sells
dahs512: It will still be well under what it is worth
auntyalias: as soon as you get a url, I'll post it to my site
auntyalias: while the auction is on
dahs512: O.K
dahs512: great
auntyalias: I'll put it on both sites, maybe on the tute page
auntyalias: they get hits all the time
dahs512: I found out today that I have 5 megs to use on roadrunner
dahs512: Hubby always told me we didn't
dahs512: so I can start on the picture
dahs512: or at least the retoric
auntyalias: If you want to store the pictures for the auction on my
auntyalias: I have hundreds of megs
auntyalias: on both sites
auntyalias: free
dahs512: I found out I can o it
dahs512: I just need to figure it out
dahs512: I'll send you the pic too in case I need it there
auntyalias: ok
dahs512: I will need to fiddle with it a lot first, and that is why I
need my own access
dahs512: on my space, not yours
dahs512: It is gonna be a great wreath
dahs512: I just hope it sells
dahs512: If it doesn't, what should I do then?
auntyalias: isn't it going to be featured on polyzine or something?
auntyalias: could you post the auction url there too?
dahs512: yes on the 1 of October
dahs512: yes
auntyalias: ok
dahs512: you must have faith, right?
auntyalias: it'll sell or it doesn't, which ever happens we should do
a big spread on my site
auntyalias: to show off what our list members have done
auntyalias: so take a boatload of pictures
dahs512: yep
auntyalias: more than you think you need
dahs512: I am already getting scans
frogger70301: Denise, we have exactly the same watch!
dahs512: I want to do a big picture like all the pc doll makers do
dahs512: lol
dahs512: someone left this at the shop
dahs512: It keeps on ticking
dahs512: what is that NJ?
auntyalias: left over trim
dahs512: I think I will put gold between each layer
auntyalias: from the purple and pearl experiment
dahs512: ok
dahs512: purdy
auntyalias: bbq
frogger70301: mmmm!
dahs512: mmmm
bettyintennessee joined the room
frogger70301: wb, betty!
dahs512: hey Betty
bettyintennessee: Hi, Mitch, Denise..Thanks
bettyintennessee: Hi, NJ!
bettyintennessee: What are you working on, Denise?
dahs512: Makume gane dragon/merman texture
auntyalias: Hey Betty, Said brought BBQ
auntyalias: and I'm still chewing
frogger70301: brb
auntyalias: k
bettyintennessee: Great! Sounds good, NJ! Enjoy
frogger70301: back.
doglove22000 ( joined the room
frogger70301: Hiya, rickie.
auntyalias: Hey Rickie
bettyintennessee: Hi, Rickie
doglove22000: Howdy Y'All
frogger70301: brb, again.
dahs512: Hi Rickie
doglove22000: What is NJ doing presently
auntyalias: making a skirt for my dancing lady
doglove22000: Excuisite - however one spells it
ljcswartz joined the room
dahs512: Hi Jackie
bettyintennessee: Hi, Jackie
ljcswartz: you have been busy
doglove22000: Hi Jackie
ljcswartz: hi all
frogger70301: ok, I'm back for hopefully onger than a min!
frogger70301: Hiya, Jackie.
ljcswartz: I like the flippy skirt
auntyalias: Hey Jackie, I'm dressing these people with trim from other
auntyalias: this is the edge of a sheet from the purple and pearl
flower demo
dahs512: Mitch, Don't give up any of those kidlet minutes, They don't
stay that way long
ljcswartz: that is for sure
ljcswartz: the legs look great
frogger70301: Just had to get her supper set up. Got to do it the easy
way tonight-BK!
dahs512: lol
bettyintennessee: 'Bet that goes over great, too..It does with mine
frogger70301: yeah, since daddy ain't home tonite, she had to settle
for her next fave thing!
bettyintennessee: brb
auntyalias: k
frogger70301: that looks cool!
dahs512: thanks, just playing
auntyalias: careful with that blade, ya, that's better
auntyalias: whew
auntyalias: made me act like a Mom there for a bit
dahs512: me?
auntyalias: ya
dahs512: it's dull
frogger70301: that would be a good way to make some of the exotic wood
dahs512: burls
frogger70301: yeah, thas what I was trying to think of!
frogger70301: metallic clays, right?
tricia_608 joined the room
frogger70301: gettin fuzzy Denise. Might just be my puter, though.
dahs512: thin layers of gold in between each layer
frogger70301: got better. Never mind.
doglove22000: Hello Tricia
tricia_608: Hi everyone..glad i could get back
frogger70301: Hiya, Tricia!
auntyalias: Hey Patricia
auntyalias: I'm doing a dancing girl pen
auntyalias: put leaf cane on her head
auntyalias: in lieu of hair
auntyalias: scrap sheet from a petal demo for a skirt
tricia_608: Hi NJ.. I see you have the other leg on..
dahs512: she is dancing
auntyalias: and I did this one when the family was here
dahs512: they watched?
auntyalias: naw, they are used to me
auntyalias: I'm always fiddling with stuff, Erica was more interested
in what was drying on my bamboo structure
frogger70301: wow! Could prolly look at that for hours and never see
the same thing twice, huh?
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I finished a bunch of stuff that was years and years old
auntyalias: made before I started putting a finish on anything
frogger70301: Denise, I just realized that looks like the oil on water
thing NJ's been talking about!
auntyalias: me?
auntyalias: Gosh, Mitch, you are right
auntyalias: it does look like oil slick on water
auntyalias: golly
dahs512: needs black for that
bettyintennessee left the room
dahs512: this is all i used
bettyintennessee joined the room
frogger70301: wb, Betty. Yahoo being mean?
bettyintennessee: Yes...
bettyintennessee: As usual LOL
auntyalias: Looks amazing Denise
bettyintennessee: My sister called..I'm back
dahs512: just fiddling
dahs512: not commiting yet
dahs512: it can always be just a sheet...heheh
frogger70301: that piece at the bottom of the cam looks like it has a
face on it...
doglove22000: What did you use to make the blue
dahs512: fimo
bettyintennessee: Kewl, NJ
dahs512: the one time you don't have to worry about mixing brands
doglove22000: which blue????
dahs512: this one
dahs512: I don't have the label
bettyintennessee: It looks pretty, Denise
dahs512: I layered a lot of colrs that were close to my shirt colors
doglove22000: NJ she is beautiful and Denise, your shirt is Wonderful
auntyalias: than Rickie
dahs512: you doing the mouth? NJ
auntyalias: I'm doing the face
auntyalias: starting out with eye sockets
auntyalias: then the nose, work the cheeks and chin
doglove22000: I need to make dinner - but will keep looking as often
as I can...............
auntyalias: For those who are new to the way I do face sculpting
Denise said it best
auntyalias: I tease the face out of the clay
auntyalias: instead of adding clay for a nose, or adding clay for lips
auntyalias: ok Rickie
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
bettyintennessee: Hi, Jude
dahs512: Hey Jude
jude: Howdy!
frogger70301: iya, Jude.
jude: How is everyone tonight?
dahs512: good!
bettyintennessee: me too
jude: Great!
frogger70301: fine. You?
bettyintennessee: You doin okay, Jude?
jude: Fair to middlin!
tricia_608: hey jude
dahs512: I'm gonna run this through the pm with a texture sheet
bettyintennessee: 'Sounds familiar
jude: Nice crowd!
jude: Oh, NJ! Looks great!
jude: Sexy pose, huh?
auntyalias: had to get the door
auntyalias: and then got sidetracked with BBQ
auntyalias: yum
jude: She's almost nekkid! GASP!
tricia_608: hehe
dahs512: woohoo
jude: She is not flesh colored. Something new?
jude: Is it me?
bettyintennessee: An Artist made a nekid statue for Music Row going up
jude: Reminds me of Betty Grable or Rita Hayworth.
tricia_608: I Love her NJ.. I'm kicking myself for coming in late..
bettyintennessee: Me too, Patricia...I missed the middle of the demo
jude: brb, need a snackie to go with the show...
tricia_608: I was claying along with you from earlier.. now my girl
looks more like E.T
bettyintennessee: Saw the first this afternoon and had to leave, too
bettyintennessee: I turned 50 hasn't been easy! lol
auntyalias: Oh Happy Birthday
bettyintennessee: Thanks, NJ
auntyalias: and it only got better for me after 50
auntyalias: I started this list
tricia_608: Hey!!! Happy Birthday Betty.
bettyintennessee: Thanks, Patricia
auntyalias: and it's been great fun since then
auntyalias: 50 is a cool age
bettyintennessee: I know it will for me too, NJ. I feel it.
doglove22000: Happy B'day!!!!!!!!!!!!
bettyintennessee: It hasn't been easy todayfor other reasons. LOL
bettyintennessee: Thanks, Rickie
bettyintennessee: My screen disappeared for a sec..I thought I left ya
bettyintennessee: She's looking great, NJ
jude: okie, back.
jude: Happy Birthday, Betty!
bettyintennessee: Thank you, Jude!
dahs512: Happy B'Day Betty
bettyintennessee: Thanks, Denise!
frogger70301: I think I'm gonn ahave to go. Widget won't let me be.
doglove22000: I turned 50 i April and life does get easier and more
bettyintennessee: bye, Mitch
doglove22000: Bye Mitch
frogger70301:  Bye for now. oh, and happy B-Day Betty!
jude: Night Mitch.
bettyintennessee: Thanks, Mitch!
frogger70301 left the room
bettyintennessee: Even my numerology report, I found about a year ago,
said it would get easier after 50! LOL
bettyintennessee: I looked it up after an Oprah
bettyintennessee left the room
bettyintennessee joined the room
jude: Betty, doing the Yahoo bounce?
bettyintennessee: Must have been something I said? Error report that
bettyintennessee: Yahoo hates me! ;(
jude: Don't feel like the Lone Ranger.
doglove22000: I got bounced a lot - but now have a router and a modem
and havenot been bunced yet
jude: Nice wispy waist there.
bettyintennessee: Oh, She's gettin prettier
tricia_608: Hey you guys, I have a question. I covered and baked a tin
 tonight..I just shut the lid on it and the side cracked.. Is there
any way to repair it, or is it trash???
shargoose joined the room
jude: You could probably put either more clay or some TLS to repair
it, I would think.
dahs512: what brand of clay are you using
tricia_608: Btw.. i think Jude was right. NJ - your lady is turning
out to be pretty sexy..
shargoose: Woo Hoo, NJ
bettyintennessee: Hi, Sharon
tricia_608: Denise, I was using a mix of sculpey 3 and premo
shargoose: Is that a pen??
dahs512: Hi Sharon
dahs512: NJ she is looking GOOG
dahs512: GOOD lol
doglove22000: Denise - what are you going to make with this clay?????
jude: She's looking goog, too! LOL
doglove22000: Hello Sharon
dahs512: I was experimenting with merman scales
dahs512: But i might cover an egg
shargoose: I just prepared my last egg from Squawk and will be
covering it in a special way
shargoose: Since she died this will be her "Memorial Egg"
shargoose: Betty, do you live in TN?
bettyintennessee: yes, in Nashville
shargoose: Thinking of looking there to retire in a few
shargoose: Up by KY Lake
bettyintennessee: That would be good...We have all 4 seasons
shargoose: Hubby wants to go there or to The middle part of OR
shargoose: Me, I'm from the midwest and the people in TN are so
bettyintennessee: I hear our weather and OR is alot alike
shargoose: I'm sick of NH!!!!!
shargoose: Not in OR where we would be
bettyintennessee: Thanks, Sharon. I hear alot think so
tricia_608: Goodnight everyone. Thanks for the demo NJ.
bettyintennessee: Nite, Patricia
shargoose: It's on the other side of the mountains, high desert
auntyalias: Nighty Nighty Patricia
doglove22000: depends on where in OR - some is dry some wet
shargoose: Night Tricia
tricia_608 left the room
bettyintennessee: Oh. We do have humidity though
shargoose: Bend OR is Dry
bettyintennessee: I hate humidity! lol
bettyintennessee: It was beautiful today though
shargoose: I hate humidity, but AC will see me through I think!!
doglove22000: I love friendly people the most
bettyintennessee: I love my AC! You're right
shargoose: I want friendly people and a place we can afford
shargoose: Can't afford those 200,00. homes!!
dahs512: Come to Texas
shargoose: Been in TX
dahs512: lol
dahs512: hot as @#$%
bettyintennessee: There are 3 bedroom apts close that are 699 or I
think 499 for 1 and 599 for 2
shargoose: Nice people there but hubby wants TN or OR
doglove22000: I pay 950 for a 1 bdrm apt!!!!!!!
shargoose: No apartments or condos for this gal
shargoose: Gotta have an acre or two for my critter rescue and a
shargoose: Don't travel and home is where my seat is!!
bettyintennessee: My house is worth about 140, I think on 1 acre lot
auntyalias: Rickie I pay $10 more than you for my one bedroom
auntyalias: with rent control for 17 years
shargoose: We saw a nice one for 120, and it had and acre and was near
our friends in Paris, TN
doglove22000: NJ - her hair is great (GREAT)
auntyalias: I'm giving the dancing gal a rest
shargoose: Up here a one bedroom runs 850 to 1000.
auntyalias: but her hair is still in rough draft still but I love the
leaves as a base for her hair
shargoose: I love that pen pal NJ
bettyintennessee: I couldn't stand that..Glad I live here! lol
shargoose: Is her head above the pen or still part of the pen
bettyintennessee: Inside, Sharon!
shargoose: Thanks
bettyintennessee: Kewl, huh!?
auntyalias: above
auntyalias: a bit
shargoose: Like the guy she made yesterday then
shargoose: I just gotta try this
doglove22000: I still have not made dinner!!!! I cannot leave this
bettyintennessee: oops, Sorry. I think I misunderstood
doglove22000: Denise's webcam went black!
shargoose: Gonna have to go.
auntyalias: Close it and open it again
auntyalias: See ya Sharon
dahs512: yahoo
doglove22000: Sweet Dreams
shargoose: Hubby's Aunt had a car accident yesterday in critical
jude: Oh, dear.
doglove22000: Oh, dear -
shargoose: so going to try to get up early and go 200 miles to visit
his cousin, her daughter tomarrow
doglove22000: I send my prayers
shargoose: Yes please say prayers for Myrt.
shargoose: That she has a relief from pain
bettyintennessee: Okay, Sharon
auntyalias: Will do Sharon
shargoose: She is in so much pain now
bettyintennessee: I'm sorry to hear that
shargoose: She may not make it, she's 86 but a true Christian
bettyintennessee: She has my prayers
shargoose: I just hate to see her suffer though
dahs512: I'm so sorry Sharon
ljcswartz: so sorry for your family
doglove22000: I am so sorry, also
shargoose: Thanks for the prayers, she would thank you too
doglove22000: God is With You
shargoose: Denise hope you egg comes out OK
shargoose: I love doing those
dahs512: thanks
shargoose: NJ, I've got my Bics on the table just waiting to do one of
auntyalias: they are too fun
shargoose: Big hugs to all, thanks for the prayers and you all have
fun claying!!
jude: Night Sharon.
bettyintennessee: Nite Sharon (((((((hugs))))))
shargoose: Nite
doglove22000: Sweet Dreams
shargoose left the room
bettyintennessee: They all look so good, NJ
auntyalias: Thanks Betty
doglove22000: NJ - Lawrence says Hello (my husband)
auntyalias: Howdy Lawrence
auntyalias: Denise are you making a Pen Pal?
dahs512: putting the mermans legs together
auntyalias: ah
auntyalias: I'm going to get some juice
auntyalias: brb
bettyintennessee: k
bettyintennessee left the room
bettyintennessee joined the room
auntyalias: back
bettyintennessee: back, too
bettyintennessee: Yahoo'd tonight again
auntyalias: yahoo'd, lol
dahs512: brb
bettyintennessee: What colors did you use on this one, NJ?
bettyintennessee: That is looking good on him, Denise
auntyalias: He is burnt umber straight out of the pack
bettyintennessee: Thanks, NJ..It looks metallic on the webcam to me
bonsaikathy joined the room
bettyintennessee: Hi, Kathy
jude: Howdy Kathy.
auntyalias: Ya I know it looks like it has gold in it, but it's just
dahs512: Hi Kathy
doglove22000: I am off to "do dinner" for real - it has been good to
be with everyone and thank you for the tutorials
bettyintennessee: Reminded me of a Bronze, but darker
bettyintennessee: Nite, Rickie
auntyalias: Nighty Night Rickie
dahs512: nitey nite left the room
auntyalias: if you want to do bronze try gold and black, mixed, just
use little bits
auntyalias: to test the mix
auntyalias: Howdy Kathy
auntyalias: want to see my Pen Pals?
bettyintennessee: Thanks, NJ, I'll try that when I need bronze, then
bonsaikathy: I think they are wonderful
bonsaikathy: you'll get addicted to color mixing once you get started
bettyintennessee: I bet so!
auntyalias: Thanks Kathy
bonsaikathy: you're entirely welcome
auntyalias: Covering pens has never been so much fun
bonsaikathy: how was your date
jude: Denise, how about goggles?
dahs512: lol
bonsaikathy: haha, I'll bet
auntyalias: We got to the movies with 5 minutes to spare
auntyalias: with public transit even
auntyalias: walked home
auntyalias: it was really nice
bonsaikathy: good for you
dahs512: I still have to do eyes first
auntyalias: walking and talking, like the old days
auntyalias: then when I went to babysit Libby's children
auntyalias: we had the Earthquake
auntyalias: and Libby and Andy came home early
bonsaikathy: Gary and I like walking in town
bonsaikathy: it's great
auntyalias: so we chatted and did clay and I told her to take the
babysitting money and buy clayshapers
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I did sew a leopard spot coat for Barbie
auntyalias: we got to line the lapels but it came out nice, no pix,
I'll ask Libby to do that for me
bonsaikathy: yeah would love to see
bettyintennessee: Glass eyes, Denise?
jude: Oh, dear...Close Encounters, Denise? Hehehehe
bettyintennessee: lol, Jude
dahs512: no pc
auntyalias: jeepers creepers, where'd you get them peepers?
bettyintennessee: They look good
auntyalias: lol
bettyintennessee: Your eye cane does look good
dahs512: I love the details
bonsaikathy: did everyone stop, I don't see any motion on either cam
jude: A Yahoo pause.
bettyintennessee: I'm getting motion
bettyintennessee: on NJs...
bettyintennessee: Now Denise is back
bonsaikathy: closed and opened and now they're working
bettyintennessee: good
bonsaikathy: looks like it
bettyintennessee: Nice Face, NJ!
bettyintennessee: Nice Butt, Denise!
bettyintennessee: lol
bettyintennessee left the room
dahs512: lol
bettyintennessee joined the room
bonsaikathy: I'm going to test trillian and see if I can see the cams,
auntyalias: Timer
bonsaikathy left the room
auntyalias: I got a boneless leg of lamb in the oven
bettyintennessee: k
auntyalias: actually cooking food
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: brb
jude: Yum!
bettyintennessee: LOL, NJ
auntyalias: Sally brought it for my birthday
twinmom94002 joined the room
auntyalias: it's been frozen and I figured it's time to cook it
twinmom94002: hiya gang
auntyalias: Libbi, hey honey, got the kids to bed?
bettyintennessee: Hi, Libbi
auntyalias: I did another pen pal, she's a chunky gal
twinmom94002: boys are in bed (btw, max saw you on cam as you were
leaving and said "hi Nora!")
twinmom94002: oh! she's a hottie!
twinmom94002: emi is lying in my bed watching Princess Mononoke
auntyalias: Did Max see the baby?
twinmom94002: yes! what a precious!
auntyalias: I can't get over that she's so white
auntyalias: LOL
twinmom94002: lol!
auntyalias: little white grand baby
auntyalias: who'd a thunk
bettyintennessee: lol
twinmom94002: your sons are both very good looking
twinmom94002: and erica looks lovely
auntyalias: I caught pictures of the boys together and of Erica and
the baby
auntyalias: Great MerMan Denise
twinmom94002: kewl!
dahs512: I don't know how to pose him
twinmom94002: very nice Denise!
twinmom94002: gotta hollerin' have fun gang...thanks for
demo today, NoraJean...I'll email ya later about some stuff.
twinmom94002: hugs to you all!
bettyintennessee: He's lookin good
bettyintennessee: Nite, Libbi
twinmom94002 left the room
bettyintennessee: That pose is better, Denise
auntyalias: might have to lean him against a bit of lava rock
auntyalias: like they have in aquarium stores
auntyalias: Googly guy
bonsaikathy joined the room
auntyalias: looking goog
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: lol
bettyintennessee: lol
auntyalias: I'm still laughing
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: I want to get him posed to cure him before I do the rest
bettyintennessee: We finally saw Finding Nemo last weekend, speaking
of aquariums
auntyalias: Oh did you like the movie?
bonsaikathy: couldn't get logged back in hubby's doing a download and
it messed up my connection
bettyintennessee: I loved it! It was great
auntyalias: sorry about that Kathy, did his download come out ok?
bettyintennessee: Now I see what all the talk's been about
dahs512: Nemo os good
dahs512: is
bonsaikathy: he's still doing it, can't fuss at him, he's fixing a
friends computer for me
auntyalias: Nemo os goog
bettyintennessee: It will be on DVD before Christmas. Gotta get it
dahs512: lol
bettyintennessee: He looks good, Denise
auntyalias: It is clayese
auntyalias: Clayese os goog
bonsaikathy: great pose
auntyalias: he is modest
dahs512: So, NJ, How do I make a merman anatomically
correct...flap?...hee hee
auntyalias: a button fly
dahs512: lol
bonsaikathy: lol, Denise, that's what I was thinking when you said
that on the group yesterday
dahs512: NJ, is he "figleaf man?
auntyalias: yup
dahs512: I need suggestions on his shoulder blades
dahs512: i dumped
auntyalias: press his upper arms inward and upward
dahs512: hang on , I am on the Yahoo roller Coaster
auntyalias: Anyone watch Globe Trekker?
auntyalias: It's a program on PBS
bonsaikathy: not me
auntyalias: I'm in love with the program, makes me want to travel
bettyintennessee: I don't think we get it
bonsaikathy: I haven't see pbs since we moved to TN
auntyalias: I've only seen it on PBS
bettyintennessee: Nashville has gone to private funded pbs..missing
bonsaikathy: used to be on there all the time, in fact Gary used to
work for pbs in NC
dahs512 left the room
bonsaikathy: I'll bet it's good
bettyintennessee: It looks like it..I'm going to have to check
bettyintennessee: but, I don't think we do
dahs512 joined the room
dahs512: whew
bettyintennessee: wb, Denise
bettyintennessee: We don't even have search on the pbs website anymore
dahs512: anybody have a good pic of a male back
dahs512: ?
auntyalias: let me look
bettyintennessee: I'll check too, brb
bettyintennessee left the room
dahs512: thanks, I'm looking at them
bettyintennessee joined the room
bettyintennessee: Didn't realize I was yahoo'd again! I was looking at
backs on the google site, and tried shoulder carried away
auntyalias: lol
bettyintennessee: He does have a nice back
auntyalias: click on the thumbnails for the man's back
bonsaikathy: did we lose Denise again
auntyalias: yes
dahs512 left the room
dahs512 joined the room
bettyintennessee: wb, Denise
dahs512: thanks
bonsaikathy: well folks, I believe I'm going to get to bed, I'm beat
auntyalias: click the thumbnails
bonsaikathy: hugs to all of you
auntyalias: Ok Kathy, sweet dreams
bettyintennessee: Nite, Kathy
dahs512: nite Kathy
bonsaikathy: Nite
bonsaikathy left the room
auntyalias: Well I'm going to call it a day myself
auntyalias: I'll be back doing Pen Pals tomorrow
dahs512: ok
bettyintennessee: Nite NJ..I'm ready too
auntyalias: got it Denise
dahs512: I gott a work tomorrow, but i will see you when i can
auntyalias: I'll add it to the site under this sculpting effort
ljcswartz: I have been here working on mine
dahs512: cool
auntyalias: when you getting home tomorrow Denise?
ljcswartz: thanks for all the inspiration
dahs512: later gaters
auntyalias: Jackie, you're the best, claying along
dahs512: after 6
auntyalias: show me tomorrow
ljcswartz: I love to
bettyintennessee: Nite, ya'll..thanks
ljcswartz: maybe
ljcswartz: hehe
auntyalias: Oh I'll be on, that's 4pm my time
auntyalias: xoxox
ljcswartz: ok
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: So See ya'all tomorrow
dahs512: see younthen

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