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September 2003

Pen Pals

09-06-03: DemoLog Pen Pals-4

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frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Honey
frogger70301: Sorry bout that. Had to go run to the store for mom!
auntyalias: Naw, I just figured if everyone was busy I'd go do house
frogger70301: Wow, are you gonna send them for the newbie box swap?
auntyalias: I've set up the cam to show when I'm typing so when the
clay things aren't moving folks don't figure that the cam froze
auntyalias: No I didn't have that as my intent, never committed to
auntyalias: just doing the experiment right now
auntyalias: don't even have pix or web pages on these yet, my brain is
on fire
frogger70301: heehee!
auntyalias: he he he
auntyalias: James LOVES them
frogger70301: that's how I am too right now!
auntyalias: and all of Said's black young men friends LOVE the leopard
lady pen
frogger70301: cept mine is with airbrushing!
auntyalias: she got the booty thing going on
auntyalias: are you going to do air brush on the doll house?
frogger70301: yeah, the guys where hubby works would go crazy over her
auntyalias: I love my chubby dander
auntyalias: dancer
auntyalias: lol
frogger70301: yeah, hopefully I can get good enough to do the tansus!
frogger70301: she came out great
auntyalias: I still got to work on everyone's face and that's what I
was going to do today
auntyalias: you doing airbrush?
frogger70301: trying to learn about the diff paints so I can pick the
right one, then decide on colors!
auntyalias: well I'm going to sculpt these faces, got to get them in
some state good looking enough to take pictures of them
auntyalias: you going to be in and out?
frogger70301: cool. I'm gonna be watching while I'm learning, cool?
auntyalias: cool
frogger70301: thnx.
auntyalias: I got to monkey around with the cam angle
frogger70301: I see that.
frogger70301: brb-gotta get me some chocolate!
frogger70301: k, back
auntyalias: oh now you made me have a munchie urge
auntyalias: I got pastries
frogger70301: sorry
auntyalias: lol
frogger70301: can I ask you something not about sculpting?
auntyalias: sure honey
auntyalias: what's up?
frogger70301: what's the easiest way to make a bowl?
auntyalias: cutting a round shape with a kemper tool
auntyalias: then slightly gather the edge
auntyalias: that's the easiest
auntyalias: also if you're doing a stack of bowls
frogger70301: hmmm, now you know...I never thought of that!
auntyalias: you have uniform size
auntyalias: wanna see?
frogger70301: if you feel like it.
frogger70301: oh, cool. Now I'm gonna try one!
auntyalias: keep on going and you have a pinch pot
tricia_608 joined the room
frogger70301: Hiya, Tricia!
tricia_608: Hello Mitch and NJ...
tricia_608: What are we working on today..?
auntyalias: Hey Patricia
auntyalias: I was showing Mitch how to make a bowl and took out this
gold green
auntyalias: and then I thought it might be nice for a Woodland Elf
sort of Pen Pal
auntyalias: I got a lot of leaf cane laying around
auntyalias: and maybe I can dress him or something
auntyalias: so there's a pen inside of him
tricia_608: aha. Did you finish the lady pen from last night?
auntyalias: I've been working on her face a bit
auntyalias: She reminds me of those Robert Crumb gals
tricia_608: wow..she looks great.
auntyalias: chunky, sturdy, sexy
auntyalias: she's getting there, but I've been doing a bit of this and
that with all of them, round robin
auntyalias: so the clay doesn't get all sticky from handling it too
auntyalias: also in doing fine tuning on the face I leave it on the
auntyalias: and only hold the figure where I can smooth off the finger
prints easily
auntyalias: with her, it's around her waist
auntyalias: none of them are cured yet
auntyalias: I put brown and gold leaves on the Diver
tricia_608: How do you place them when you cure them? also on a
skewer? I usually end up with a shiny spot somewhere on my pieces.
auntyalias: where his thigh meets his hip needs work for it ain't
creasing right, yet
auntyalias: cure them on skewers
auntyalias: take a can, like a can of soup
auntyalias: fill with crumpled aluminum foil
auntyalias: jam the skewers into that and put them on the skewers
auntyalias: making sure they don't touch each other
auntyalias: got to take one of the shelves out of the oven
auntyalias: to get the height you need
tricia_608: got it.
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
tricia_608: hello jude
jude: Howdy!
jude: How is everyone today?
tricia_608: doing good
auntyalias: Howdy Jude, was in the ab zone
auntyalias: doing abs on this green fellow
jude: ok
jude: I can't stay very long, just taking a bread.
jude: er...break
jude: I must be hungry.
auntyalias: I've been working on differnt Pen Pals, none of which are
auntyalias: Oh here's some bread
jude: YUM!
auntyalias: with Pecans, Raisins and Dried Cranberries, whole wheat
and sour dough to boot
jude: Sounds delicious!
jude: We get bread here that is sour dough/garlic. It's great.
auntyalias: no commercial yeast, that's why it's sour dough
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
auntyalias: Howdy Roni
Roni: Hi NJ
auntyalias: Jude nudged me for a bread break
Roni: you go right ahead
frogger70301: oh, wow! Hiya Jude and Roni!
Roni: got carried away with my cabinet that I stained and missed the
jude: Howdy!
Roni: hi Jude
tricia_608: Gosh I haven't had lunch and it's almost 5 here.. you guys
are making me so hungry
Roni: hi Mitch? did I get that right
frogger70301: sure did, hon.
Roni: woohoo, hi tricia, better eat so you don't pass out
auntyalias: ya, food break
tricia_608: I think I'm going to head out for a while..
auntyalias: go get something to eat, we're watching out for each
other's blood sugar level
tricia_608: I'll see you all later.. bye
auntyalias: see ya honey
frogger70301: NJ, I got nine bowls made! Although they aren't as good
as yours...
tricia_608 left the room
auntyalias: it'll happen, it does take practice
Roni: what kind of bowls Mitch?
auntyalias: but those circle cutters make good starts for bowls
frogger70301: tiny ones!
auntyalias: ok, how about this
frogger70301: although I think they might be a little too big...
auntyalias: do you have something that's the size and shape of the
finished tiny bowls?
auntyalias: cut out the circles
auntyalias: put foil on a sponge
auntyalias: lay the circle on the sponge
auntyalias: and press with the thing that is the size and shape of the
finished bowl
auntyalias: the sponge gives as you press
frogger70301: that way I'd only need to cure one good one, tright?
auntyalias: and when you take up the pressing thing
auntyalias: you got a bowl peeling off of the foil
auntyalias: you only have to cure the inside of the bowl
auntyalias: on a stem
auntyalias: so you have a handle on the round thing that will make the
inside of the bowl
auntyalias: I think we have a picture of this press the bowl trick
Roni: I don't do mini's but after looking at those pizza tables you
guys use, I had an idea, when you buy a bottle of water it always has
a little protective plastic cap, could the people that do mini's use
those for something
frogger70301: sure could!
Roni: If so, I'll start saving them
frogger70301: There was an idea going around a list a couple weeks ago
for those little garbage cans that have the foot pedals...
Roni: I'm supposed to pairing down on my stuff, getting ready for a
move, but they don't take much space
frogger70301: oh, I got clothes waiting to be dried! brb
jude: Break's over! I've got to go. See you all later! Bye!
Roni: bye Jude
greatauntjudy left the room
frogger70301: back.
Roni: brb going to finish sanding door I started
auntyalias: I thought for sure I had pictures of doing dishes
auntyalias: ok Roni, we're just farting about here
auntyalias: I know I took pictures of that whole sponge process, let
me look elsewhere
auntyalias: can't find them, they must be burnt on a CD somewhere
auntyalias: This guy is surprised he is nekkid
Roni: back
auntyalias: How's the door?
Roni: not bad, out of eight that I did only screwed up one, had to
sand the stain off so I can do it again lol
auntyalias: that's not bad
auntyalias: it's not one's favorite chore as it is
Roni: no, but found out I like it better than caulking, that's a real
auntyalias: lol
Roni: do you have a stick up his butt so he stands up for you?
auntyalias: I have the stick up the pen cover
auntyalias: that the clay surrounds
auntyalias: so after it's all said and done we put the ball point pen
innards in these
auntyalias: and we write with them
auntyalias: that's why they are Pen Pals
ljcswartz joined the room
Roni: okay, got it, didn't realize he was a pen pal
auntyalias: Hey Jackie
Roni: hi jackie
ljcswartz: hi
ljcswartz: have I missed much?
auntyalias: not really, I've been working on the faces and started a
green/gold guy
ljcswartz: We are going to go to the beach so i was getting things
auntyalias: when you heading out for the beach?
ljcswartz: This is the one and only trip this year.... bad weather and
crowds when the weather was good
ljcswartz: tomorrow AM
auntyalias: ah, tomorrow
auntyalias: so you're going to hang out for a bit now?
ljcswartz: so here I am
Roni: are you close to the beach Jackie?
ljcswartz: it is three hours away
ljcswartz: we camp
auntyalias: you going to open your cam, Jackie?
ljcswartz: ??
ljcswartz: I suppose
Roni: don't forget you sunscreen
ljcswartz: my lady from yesterday looks kind of like a drag queen ...
neighbor's thoughts
ljcswartz: I had to get it finished and cured
auntyalias: need to make her more hourglass?
ljcswartz: true
auntyalias: give her more hips and butt?
ljcswartz: and her jaw is too square
auntyalias: that'll do it too
ljcswartz: I will show you
auntyalias: good
ljcswartz: have to clear the deck first
auntyalias: I'll get some juice and be back in a tick
ljcswartz: oopps my cam may not work??
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: still munching on that baked lamb
ljcswartz: we were working on a friend's cam.... DH has it on
auntyalias: haven't had lamb in a while, Sally gave it to me on my
auntyalias: got ya
auntyalias: Ya I can see about that chin, just pinch it and push
auntyalias: like that
auntyalias: pinch it and push upward
auntyalias: and take your clay shaper and smooth out to the neck
ljcswartz: but I was in a rush to be done and have one I could carry
around.... so I will have to file
ljcswartz: it is cured
auntyalias: ah
auntyalias: so you cured it already
auntyalias: gosh
boobearns joined the room
auntyalias: you were really on a roll, she does look good though
auntyalias: Howdy Doro
ljcswartz: the guy is still raw... I will take more time with him
Roni: hi Doro
boobearns: Hi,
frogger70301: Hiya, Doro.
Roni: Jackie, can I see where the pen is?
ljcswartz: not bad for a beginner I guess
auntyalias: All of mine are raw, doing them in a round robin sort of
boobearns: I have two cams open...both impressive!
frogger70301: I'm gonna head out and go play before hubby gets home.
auntyalias: You're not a beginner, it's just your first Pen Pal
frogger70301: might catch you later!
auntyalias: Ok Mitch, see ya
auntyalias: nice skirt on her Jackie
Roni: thanks Jackie, I think she looks great
auntyalias: love that flirty drape of the skirt
frogger70301 left the room
ljcswartz: the skirt was supposed to be flowing but I pushed on it too
auntyalias: I think it looks very natural
boobearns: she still looks great!
auntyalias: really, huh, Doro?
ljcswartz: I want to work on realistic hands too
ljcswartz: thanks
boobearns: it's 1000 times better than I could do
auntyalias: I found that getting the hands started before adding the
arms to the body saved me head ache
auntyalias: I love my little dancer here, she's so Robert Crumb
ljcswartz: I did that but redid them so much I just quit
ljcswartz: she is great
auntyalias: she's getting there
auntyalias: all of them need some fiddling
ljcswartz: I like the bid of turning going on
ljcswartz: bit
boobearns: just wondering, how do the legs work with holding onto the
auntyalias: so I work on one and put it aside and then work on
another, keeping them on the skewer helps keep my finger prints off of
most of it
auntyalias: Well Doro, I fit the instep of one food on my finger where
the pen rests, then work the leg around my hand, with the butt leaning
on my forefinger
boobearns: ingenious!!
Roni: I'm going to go and try and put the finish on that last door so
I'll be done with, will check in later bye
meows3xx left the room
auntyalias: This guy is surprised he is nekkid
auntyalias: I'm trying to sculpt a surprised look
boobearns: I need to find time to go to your site and look around NJ
boobearns: NJ, he reminds me of Data right now
auntyalias: all the old tutes are on the biz site, the old tute page
will send you there
ljcswartz: maybe a week or two is what you need for surfing the site
auntyalias: the new things on the Com site is under New Projects
boobearns: I know, so much to see there!!
auntyalias: and I don't have any of these up yet
auntyalias: it does build up incrementally. But I get lost sometimes
auntyalias: looking for stuff I thought I built pages for and can't
auntyalias: and I can't get the search engine for the biz site to work
boobearns: I like to go and look around with Kaitlyn, she loves to see
all the things NJ can do
auntyalias: when I put it in I always get those network password
prompts going on
ljcswartz: computers are great when they work and frustrating when
they don't
auntyalias: Next time I'm up in Halifax I'll hang out and play with
your children, I'm getting routines together that are geared to
auntyalias: No Kidding Jackie
boobearns: I'll keep you to that!
boobearns: speaking of children...when is it that you babysit?
auntyalias: Libby said that her daughter hasn't put down her Barbie
with the Leopard Spot coat
auntyalias: it was cut short because of the Earthquake
boobearns: earthquake?
auntyalias: no sooner than Libby and Andy leave out that they came
right back
auntyalias: ya we had a shaker when I was with the kids
boobearns: Oh...hope they weren't too scared
ljcswartz: or you?
auntyalias: I had asked her for a plan in case there was an Earthquake
and Libby didn't think about that
auntyalias: They weren't scared because I put them into action
auntyalias: get your socks
auntyalias: find your shoes
auntyalias: get your coats
auntyalias: there's the cell phone
auntyalias: there's the emergency numbers
auntyalias: this is what we're going to do and your parents know it,
if the house shakes again
boobearns: calm, cool, collected NJ there to take control
auntyalias: and that was to go to Kesar Stadium, where first aid
stations will be set up that was near by
auntyalias: when you live in earthquake country, it's like being in
Tornado alley
ljcswartz: youv'e done this before I suppose
auntyalias: there's things you do and when you take action you don't
get time to be afraid
auntyalias: you are doing stuff instead
auntyalias: then when we were prepared for after shocks
auntyalias: we had ice cream
auntyalias: and no baths before jammies
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: so Libby and Andy were a little perplexed when they saw
the children's shoes in a plastic bag hanging on the inside of the
door, on the knob
auntyalias: and their coats and socks at the top of the stair railing
auntyalias: LOL
ljcswartz: I suppose I should get to dinner and more trip prep
auntyalias: the children know when I say "Come Come Children" and clap
my hands they got to drop what they are doing and come running
ljcswartz: thanks for having a look and the comments
auntyalias: Have a good time at the beach tomorrow
auntyalias: my pleasure Jackie, I love to see your work
ljcswartz: thanks. we will be back Tue
auntyalias: I'll be back Weds night
ljcswartz: bye
ljcswartz: super
auntyalias: see ya honey
ljcswartz left the room
auntyalias: Folks have been popping in and out all day
auntyalias: I just keep on sculpting on these faces cuz I want to cure
them and take pictures today, to make webpages tomorrow before I go to
auntyalias: I keep on thinking of how to do a horse with a pen inside
auntyalias: like it was jumping a fence or something
auntyalias: or rearing up
auntyalias: I don't know
auntyalias: still thinking on it
auntyalias: my cam froze
auntyalias: oh it's ok now it seems
boobearns: My SIL was here for a bit.
boobearns: I think a horse pen would have to be rearing
boobearns: I'm going to go too. I had 3 teeth hauled this afternoon,
and the pain med is making to dopey
auntyalias: me too
auntyalias: ok honey I'll post to the list that folks should ping me
if they are up for Demo
auntyalias: you take care of yourself
auntyalias: and I'll see you soon
boobearns: I will, you take care of yourself too
auntyalias: xoxo
boobearns: hugs

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