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September 2003

Pen Pals

09-06-03-DemoLog -5: Review of Sculpting. Aluminum foil armature, using the food processor to mix clay colors, doing the taffy pull, covering the armature with clay and starting the sculpting process for the Jolly Green Giantess.

I didn't get the first part of the demo log because I had to reboot.  There's some gaps in this log because I didn't save often enough. Nancy/TechiMom is going to send me the whole log and this page will be replaced.


You are in "*g.MSATClayArt:1" ( )

meowys_hairball: yeah i have to pry myself away to get stuff done hehe
auntyalias: Toni
kelsnel: lol me too
auntyalias: I can SEE you now
auntyalias: ok, roll call, first name and location
Toni: oh great!!
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
meowys_hairball: Stacey, Virginia
twinmom94002: libbi, san francisco
Toni: Toni - New York State
techi_mom56: nancy~ clatskanie, oregon
kelsnel: Kelley, Parker Colorado
auntyalias: and Nancy copy your chat log for me and email it to me
since you saw all
auntyalias: close out all old cam windows of mine, I'll open cam anew
Toni: To see you do i just click on you?
kelsnel: okay
auntyalias: Help I'm upside down
kelsnel: lol
techi_mom56: okay got it
auntyalias: the space capsule gyrascope she's a broken
twinmom94002: eek!
auntyalias: LOL
techi_mom56: its the software
auntyalias: I had it upside down to show sculpting
auntyalias: and somehow the setting just got stuck, second time that
meowys_hairball: kinda afk, tech support on phone
auntyalias: so I did some unnecessary click and clicked back and then
hit apply
kelsnel: so do you san franciscans get together over there?
auntyalias: so Kelly was asking how do we pose a leg or an arm and not
get things all goofed up, is that correct?
kelsnel: yes please
auntyalias: Libbi and I are just starting to
kelsnel: thats awesome
twinmom94002: NJ and I just recently met
auntyalias: now do you want me to start from the aluminum foil
auntyalias: are you ready? Did you see the tute?
auntyalias: I can get you the link, no problem
kelsnel: well is that how you do it? you move the armature first?
kelsnel: yes I saw the tute on your site and I made the armature posed
the way I want but how do you put the clay over that?
kelsnel: I mean like when a leg is next to a stomach? Do you know what
I mean?
kelsnel: like the one you have who is holding her leg
auntyalias: before I pose
auntyalias: I make all the arms and legs extended
auntyalias: put in creases at the back of the knees and inner elbow
auntyalias: so when we bend the knee or elbow
auntyalias: there's a crease to guide your clay mounds
auntyalias: when they press against each other
auntyalias: they well up, like how muscles bunch up
auntyalias: pose last, after you put clay clothing on them even
auntyalias: especially after you've dress it if you're using clay
auntyalias: let me get you another link for that
kelsnel: okay so i just make a crease with the shaper where I want it
to bend?
auntyalias: on this page is a screen shot
kelsnel: k thanks
auntyalias: of a figure laid out like Jesus on the Cross
auntyalias: and the clay sheet is dusted on the side that meets the
auntyalias: so they don't stick together
kelsnel: ohhhhh okay
auntyalias: you can drape clay sheets like fabric and lay folds and
such all when the inside of the sheet is dusted
auntyalias: makes our life so easy
kelsnel: okay great!
auntyalias: Toni don't have cam?
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to slinky_malinki_2003
(9/6/03 8:34 PM)
auntyalias: just sent the invite
auntyalias: Sometimes when folks get bumped out of chat, their name
stays up on the list to the upper right
Toni: no
auntyalias: Honey, you on Mac or PC?
auntyalias: Toni, I mean
Toni: pc
auntyalias: and you came into chat from the Friend's List?
Toni: no , from the group
auntyalias: not from the list's chat function on the website
auntyalias: ah,
auntyalias: could you open Yahoo Messenger, right click on my name
there and "join user in chat"?
meowys_hairball left the room
meowys_hairball joined the room
meowys_hairball: heh sorry, the tech guy ran a test and it hung me up
auntyalias: welcome back
slinky_malinki_2003 left the room
Toni (slinky_malinki_2003) joined the room
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: now Toni, right click on my name
auntyalias: and go view cam
auntyalias: \(*o*)/
auntyalias: Let's give it up for TONI
auntyalias: ATTA GIRL
meowys_hairball: Yay TONI!
kelsnel: YEAH!!
meowys_hairball: hehe you're so cute NJ
twinmom94002: WOOOOHOOOOO!
Toni: LOL...I did it
auntyalias: I'm clapping
meowys_hairball: slow motion clapping *laughs*
auntyalias: he he he
twinmom94002: hehehe
techi_mom56: cheer
auntyalias: ok, now for those who want to clay along, I'd say get out
your aluminum foil
kelsnel: okay
meowys_hairball: i'm folding fabric while you guys clay hehe
kelsnel: lol
auntyalias: no problem, I'm clearing the deck, got to change cam
angles and get the box of aluminum foil
kelsnel: do any of you have photos up of your work somewhere?
auntyalias: said
meowys_hairball: hi man!
kelsnel: Hello to you
techi_mom56: hi said
auntyalias: He did a Muscle Man pose
meowys_hairball: I have photos up at
kelsnel: okay cool I will go look
meowys_hairball: ooh if i vanish, i'll brb. we gotta switch phone
filters now for dsl again ugh.
kelsnel: k
kelsnel: WOW Stacey you are REALLY good! I love minis!
meowys_hairball left the room
meowys_hairball joined the room
auntyalias: someone took my sissors and I'm having a hard time, hold
kelsnel: k
meowys_hairball: if you want, youc an blame my husband.. he always
taking my scissors too
kelsnel: lol
kelsnel: did you get my message stacey?
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
kelsnel: your stuff is awesome
techi_mom56: mine threatened to take my clay once!!!!
auntyalias: Howdy Jude
meowys_hairball: thank you Kelley!!  *blush*
meowys_hairball: Hi Jude
techi_mom56: so i went and fixed dinner...grin
jude: Howdy!
auntyalias: CherylH is on her way
chelyha55 joined the room
kelsnel: I love minis! and your animals are just adorable!
kelsnel: Hi Jude!
meowys_hairball: thank you! =)
jude: How is everyone tonight?
kelsnel: you are welcome
kelsnel: I am great thanks
kelsnel: and you?
techi_mom56: great..
twinmom94002: hi jude & cheryl!
jude: Doing fine.
chelyha55: Hello all!
kelsnel: good
kelsnel: Hello
meowys_hairball: Great! How are you?
techi_mom56: hi cheryl
chelyha55: hi!
auntyalias: Roll Call
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
meowys_hairball: Stacey, VA
chelyha55: Cheryl in Tehachapi, CA
techi_mom56: nancy clatskanie, oregon
kelsnel: Kelley - Parker Colorado
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
Toni: Toni - New York
auntyalias: old timers
auntyalias: can tell the new comers
auntyalias: what the heck I am doing
auntyalias: so I'm not slowed down in turning around to type
auntyalias: virtual scribes a ready?
chelyha55: what ARE you doing?

(Gap in the lot)

auntyalias: the pop up foil is for wrapping sandwiches
kelsnel: they use them for weaving hair
auntyalias: they pop up like kleenex
chelyha55: hmm that would be convenient
auntyalias: they are just the best
kelsnel: yes
meowys_hairball: ooh.. we're still working our way through this mega
roll of foil that came with the house 2 years ago
auntyalias: and where they fold we cut
auntyalias: for the prep for the armature
kelsnel: okay
chelyha55: LOL Kel!
kelsnel: lol
auntyalias: otherwise what I do is pull off a length and fold the foil
in 4 inch sections
chelyha55: oh no that was meows
chelyha55: sorry
meowys_hairball: what size is the figure.. just random or is this 1:1
chelyha55: that was cute
auntyalias: both, Stacey
auntyalias: it was random
auntyalias: and it fits 1 inch scale
auntyalias: by accident
meowys_hairball: oh awesome.  accidentslike that are good
auntyalias: how big is this guy, hold on
auntyalias: since I didn't twist the torso all the way up, thinking I
was going to do a woman, she'd stand 5 foot 5 inch
kelsnel: oh thats perfect
auntyalias: if you twist the torso just about all the way up you can
make a man 6 foot tall
auntyalias: if you want half scale
auntyalias: what do you do to the foil?
meowys_hairball: oh.. good size
auntyalias: half the length, half the width, right?
kelsnel: yes got it
meowys_hairball: sure
auntyalias: and for 1/4th scale
auntyalias: keep on folding and cutting creases
meowys_hairball: what brand is this foil?
chelyha55: all that scale stuff confuses me
auntyalias: Generic Brand Cheap
meowys_hairball: oh spiffy.. will try to get some tomorrow.
chelyha55: 99 cent store!
auntyalias: one inch in mini is one foot in real life, 1:1 scale
kelsnel: I bet you could get it at costco or sams club too
meowys_hairball: oh sams is 2 hours away hehe
auntyalias: oh these greens are of different colors, let me mix them
auntyalias: let me get a bit of gold to add with it
auntyalias: brb
kelsnel: what is she doing now? has that gone thru the pasta machine?
chelyha55: yes but she has two diff colors
chelyha55: so she will blend them
kelsnel: oh okay cool
chelyha55: Thats what I've been doing, gold and green and red/gold
chelyha55: what is that?
kelsnel: what is that?
chelyha55: looks like popcorn
bonsaikathy joined the room
meowys_hairball: hehe
meowys_hairball: Hi Kathy
kelsnel: yeah
chelyha55: oh I bet it is pearl
kelsnel: Hi Kathy
chelyha55: Hi Kathy!
auntyalias: pearl, translucent and white, part of the sushi rice mix
auntyalias: Howdy Kathy
auntyalias: up late
chelyha55: Haha!
techi_mom56: hi kathy
bonsaikathy: we just got home from the car show which we couldn't go
to until after I got off at 11
bonsaikathy: just stopping by to say hello to everyone
chelyha55: glad you did!
bonsaikathy: I'm heading to bed, just saw everyone on and wanted to
say hello
kelsnel: oh I love car shows was it fun?
bonsaikathy: Cheryl sure good to see you and Nancy here, haven't seen
either of you for awhile
bonsaikathy: this car show and the one next week takes up the whole
town and they cruise all night long
chelyha55: I have more time now.
bonsaikathy: we were watching them cruise
techi_mom56: i posted my tale of woe on the group...chuckle..but yes i
am back
kelsnel: how fun
chelyha55: I'm getting ready for a string of shows
chelyha55: oh I didn't see that Nancy... I'll have to look
kelsnel: is she putting the caly in a food processor??
bonsaikathy: yeah the cars are pretty incredible and there are
literally 100's of them
kelsnel: wow where so you live?
bonsaikathy: Ok everyone, good to see you all, big hugs
kelsnel: do
chelyha55: Oh yes, the food processor is great for conditioning clay
and mixing it
kelsnel: by Kathy
bonsaikathy: Pigeon Forge, TN
chelyha55: nitey nite Kathy
techi_mom56: they have a big one on the s washington coast called the
end of the world...they drive up and down on the beach...i havent been
but its supposed to be great
kelsnel: oh too far for me to go
kelsnel: LOL
meowys_hairball: Yeah I have a small processor too.. was a wedding
gift from inlaws haha
kelsnel: sounds like so much fun
bonsaikathy: it is
kelsnel: so do I need to get one of those food processors? are they
bonsaikathy: just traffic is extremely bad
kelsnel: oh I bet
bonsaikathy: buy one at a yard sale
chelyha55: you can use a small one
bonsaikathy: cost me about 5 bucks
meowys_hairball: it helps to condition.. a small one only about 9
kelsnel: oh good idea!
auntyalias: Ok
techi_mom56: get it at a garage sale or second hand store..
auntyalias: when it balls up
auntyalias: it's warm and ready to do a taffy pull to mix the colors
meowys_hairball: makes cute little balls of color
bonsaikathy: ok nite all this time I'm gone
meowys_hairball: night kathy
kelsnel: that will give me an excuse to go shopping tomorrow woohoo
kelsnel: night Kathy
bonsaikathy left the room
jude: I hve got to go. Thanks NJ! Night all!
auntyalias: see ya Jude
kelsnel: Night Jude
chelyha55: nite Jude!
greatauntjudy left the room
auntyalias: this is the taffy pull
kelsnel: did she put it thru the pasta machine?
chelyha55: not before she starts to sculpt
chelyha55: just pulls it
chelyha55: and softens it up
kelsnel: then how do you know how clay to use? I mean ho do you get
the arms and legs even?
kelsnel: how much clay
auntyalias: cover it
auntyalias: first
kelsnel: okay
auntyalias: don't sweat the little details yet
chelyha55: that's a good question
kelsnel: okay
auntyalias: we're doing broad brush strokes
auntyalias: but you saw those sheets?
auntyalias: about 12 inches long
auntyalias: and 4 wide
auntyalias: because I store them on the pop ups
auntyalias: it takes 2 and a half sheets
auntyalias: there abouts
kelsnel: k
auntyalias: pressed at the widest setting
auntyalias: and you'll have a bulky hunk
kelsnel: okay
auntyalias: but to make things even
auntyalias: use your hands
auntyalias: with your eyes closed
auntyalias: hold both legs
auntyalias: you will feel where they are different
kelsnel: ohhhh okay
chelyha55: No YOU will feel where they are different!
chelyha55: it takes practice
auntyalias: with our eyes closed we can tell the difference in the
size of seed beads
auntyalias: better than if we look, right?
kelsnel: yes true
auntyalias: well then, close your eyes if you feel the legs or arms
are uneven
chelyha55: yeah you're right
auntyalias: your hands will tell you if the upper arm or calf is too
auntyalias: now I was going to make this into a female
kelsnel: okay
auntyalias: so we need additional padding on the hips
auntyalias: butt
auntyalias: breasts
kelsnel: yes
auntyalias: we ideally should have 1.7 ratio between breasts and hips
to waist to be universally attractive
auntyalias: for it signifies a good breeder
kelsnel: really?
auntyalias: it's been studied by anthropologists and biologists
auntyalias: yup
kelsnel: wow
chelyha55: LOL
auntyalias: the hour glass figure is considered attractive even
amongst remote native populations
auntyalias: without TV or other mass media input
auntyalias: "looks like she can bare 10 children"
auntyalias: they would say
auntyalias: and women pick men
kelsnel: that is good to know
chelyha55: I would think that big butts would be considered desirable
auntyalias: who SMELL like they have different antibodies
chelyha55: big hips I mean
auntyalias: so the children will have benefit of both sets of
kelsnel: wow
auntyalias: women stress about being thin
kelsnel: I know I do
auntyalias: most men like hips they can hold on to
kelsnel: lol
auntyalias: a butt they can bash into
chelyha55: I don't
auntyalias: who wants to rock and roll on bones?
kelsnel: yes true
auntyalias: fashion is one thing
techi_mom56: i stressed about being tooo thin...but not
auntyalias: what folks are drawn to from thousands of years of hunting
and gathering is another thing
kelsnel: yes instincts for breeding
auntyalias: in China they bound the feet of women for a thousand
years, but it was a passing fashion
auntyalias: it passed and folks went back to letting the women's feet
auntyalias: ok so let's give this figure the signals that it's a
kelsnel: okay
chelyha55: that wouldn't have worked on my size 9's
techi_mom56: or my 11's
kelsnel: or my 10's LOL
techi_mom56: i am not alone..giggle
chelyha55: the better to balance on, eh?
techi_mom56: right...
auntyalias: ok, now do this at home, bend your elbows, and then bring
them to your sides
meowys_hairball: i reached the bottom of the laundry baset!! 6 hours
today to sort fabric ugh
auntyalias: where do the elbows line up with?
meowys_hairball: waist
kelsnel: your waist
auntyalias: it's a more or less sort of deal
techi_mom56: waist
auntyalias: but when bending the arms on your armature
auntyalias: where are you going to line up them elbows?
kelsnel: ??
meowys_hairball: waist?
auntyalias: Yes, Stacey, you bend your armature arms at the waist
meowys_hairball: aahaha wasn't sure if it was a trick question
kelsnel: lol
auntyalias: now if you can cross your legs, put your foot on your
meowys_hairball: oh yah i know that one.. foot same size
auntyalias: have to bend over for this
techi_mom56: yeah right....
chelyha55: mine line up with the top of my hip bones
kelsnel: its the same size!
chelyha55: so am I a monkey?
auntyalias: your foot size is often the same size as the forearm
auntyalias: Limber Cheryl
auntyalias: LOL
kelsnel: lol cheryl
chelyha55: OMG it is!!!
meowys_hairball: hehe
auntyalias: so if we bend the arm at the waist, we know how long we
not only have to measure out the forearm, but how big the feet are
going to be
kelsnel: this is so cool
auntyalias: trick on the foot, lookie here
auntyalias: the heel sticks out further than the ankle
auntyalias: in the back
auntyalias: in the old Cinderella story
auntyalias: one of her step sisters cut off her heel to try to fit the
glass slipper
auntyalias: so push the foot over your finger, make that heel go over
your finger and start pinching for the ankle
meowys_hairball: ooh now i know why my doll i was working on looked so
silly.. heel was flat
kelsnel: mine too
techi_mom56: laugh you should hear the discussion steve and i are
having about the foot/forearm thing...
auntyalias: oh here's one for men
auntyalias: take their middle finger
auntyalias: and bend it until it touches the palm of their hand
auntyalias: from the tip of the finger to where they touch is possible
penis size
auntyalias: LOLOLOL
auntyalias: LOLOL
kelsnel: lol
meowys_hairball: haha
chelyha55: Hey ladies, I have company over so I am going to scoot
techi_mom56: LAUGH
meowys_hairball: see you later Cheryl
auntyalias: ok Cheryl
auntyalias: see ya
techi_mom56: bye cheryl
kelsnel: okay bye Cheryl
chelyha55: nitey nite all
chelyha55 left the room
auntyalias: I'm going to work my way up the leg and start forming
things like calves and thighs
kelsnel: okay
kelsnel: what you have done so far would take me like 2 days
auntyalias: you make the knee by pinching the sides of the knee, and
pushing the clay up and then pushing the clay down from the thigh
auntyalias: Howdy Sharon
kelsnel: Hi Sharon
kelsnel: oaky
auntyalias: to get the creases for upper thigh
auntyalias: bend the legs
auntyalias: and then unbend them
auntyalias: where the clay mashed up
auntyalias: clear it out
auntyalias: that's your crease
meowys_hairball: for behind the knee?
kelsnel: okay but when you say clear it out do you cut it out?
auntyalias: upper thigh
auntyalias: watch
kelsnel: k
auntyalias: it's bent right?
auntyalias: now I'll unbend it
kelsnel: yes
meowys_hairball: OH! yes i see where you bent it now
kelsnel: yes me too
meowys_hairball: i thought we was still at the knee haha i'm caught up
meowys_hairball: you know, you might just manage to teach me to sculpt
kelsnel: wow I think I have got ti I can't wait to try that
auntyalias: test your bends by bending the figure as you go along
auntyalias: we're still working in broad brush strokes
kelsnel: k
auntyalias: don't worry about finger prints or lumpy bumps
kelsnel: we will fix them later?
auntyalias: yup
shargoose joined the room
shargoose: Geesh
shargoose: COMPUTERS!!!!!
techi_mom56: amen to that!
shargoose: My keyboard went out and had to get batteries
shargoose: Sorry for bouncing in and out
meowys_hairball: i leave finger prints usually.. i like them..
meowys_hairball: hi sharon
shargoose: Hi
techi_mom56: hi sharon
shargoose: We doing a pen pal?
meowys_hairball: she just showing us armature bends today
shargoose: K
meowys_hairball: it has foil inside
shargoose: Yup
kelsnel: HI Sharon - I'm Kelley
shargoose: Good
shargoose: I don't recognize a few of you here!!
kelsnel left the room
kelsnel joined the room
kelsnel: it just bumped me out
techi_mom56: nancy...returned from the computer death (just the hard
auntyalias: Kelley and Sharon welcome back
auntyalias: roll call?
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
kelsnel: thanks
techi_mom56: nancy clatskanie, oregon
shargoose: Sharon in NH
kelsnel: Kelley Parker Colorado
techi_mom56: near the might columbia river
meowys_hairball: stacey, va
auntyalias: ok now I got everyone on cam
auntyalias: the same trick for the knee you do for the elbow
auntyalias: pinch the sides of the elbow with the arm bent
auntyalias: then push up from the under forearm
techi_mom56: sight..the mighty...
auntyalias: and push down from the lower bicep
kelsnel: okay
shargoose: Love the green, NJ
shargoose: Is that the female Hulk?
auntyalias: Jolly Green Giantess
shargoose: LOL
shargoose: I'm having trouble with my female pen pal, NJ
shargoose: Her neck was too thick so I raised her head above the top
of pen
shargoose: I reinforced it with wire through the head and neck down
one die of pen for about 1 inch
shargoose: I think that will hold after baking
auntyalias: why didn't you thin the neck?
shargoose: Cause the pen inside made it look thick
auntyalias: when in doubt
auntyalias: use a feather boa
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: to hide a thick neck
shargoose: That's an idea
shargoose: Or a collar or something
shargoose: I missed the first part where you did the head and neck
auntyalias: or hair
shargoose: Yes, that's it, hair!!
auntyalias: the necks are the pen cover and just the thinnest layers
of clay
shargoose: Why didn't I think of that??
auntyalias: hair hides a multitude of problems
auntyalias: That's why I'm here
shargoose: Thanks
auntyalias: to give your muse a goose
shargoose: I think I'll go work on her now
auntyalias: go girl
auntyalias: do it when the fire is hot
shargoose: The muse has grabbed me and is yanking me to my clay....
shargoose: ve ya
auntyalias: follow your muse then honey
shargoose: Bye
auntyalias: kisses and hugs
shargoose left the room
techi_mom56: wave
kelsnel: mine is frozen is yours?
kelsnel: oh never mind it is okay now
meowys_hairball: no.. it paused for a sec there though
techi_mom56: i am here...working on a tin and doing log saves
auntyalias: so she has a slight smile on her face
techi_mom56: nj i was just thinking how far i have come in a year..
kelsnel: yes I saw you do that - I love her
auntyalias: now if we were to dress her with clay sheets at this point
I'd lay her out with arms extended
auntyalias: and legs straight
auntyalias: then arrange the clay sheets over her
auntyalias: and THEN pose her
kelsnel: so you pushed up the cheeks and the sides of the mouth you
pushed inwards
auntyalias: feel the muscles on your face as you smile
auntyalias: some muscles go outward at the sides of your mouth
auntyalias: and cheeks go upward
kelsnel: yes I see
auntyalias: lips thin
auntyalias: so that's the quick and dirty job
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: she's too sticky to work with for a bit
auntyalias: so I'll take questions at this point
auntyalias: she's resting
kelsnel: I can even see her smiling around the eyes
meowys_hairball: wow how do you keep the clay so warm? mine always
cools down by the time I get to the other end of a project
auntyalias: but I started out with a face without expression
kelsnel: so another place I have a problem is how far does the chin
come out from the neck?
auntyalias: depends on the face I'd reckon
auntyalias: some folks got no chin
kelsnel: lol true
auntyalias: goes from the lower lip to the neck
auntyalias: some folks got more chins than the chinese phone book
kelsnel: lol
auntyalias: what one does have to watch out for with male and female
auntyalias: is men's jaw lines are very strong, strong chin too
auntyalias: heavier brow
kelsnel: yes
auntyalias: women's faces the chins are smaller, the jaw line softer
auntyalias: the brow not so Prefrontal Ridge like men's
auntyalias: now
kelsnel: yes I have been studying the pics on your site
auntyalias: the faces of babies have certain characteristics that make
folks want to love them
auntyalias: when you mix baby features on a woman's face you get the
models they are picking right now
kelsnel: it is just hard to get what I want into the clay
auntyalias: full lips
auntyalias: big eyes
kelsnel: ohhhh
auntyalias: small features clustered on the lower part of the face
auntyalias: because they want us to love these models like babies
auntyalias: but see them as grown women
auntyalias: mixed messages
meowys_hairball: anorexic w/ botox injections
kelsnel: I see like angelina jolie?
auntyalias: ya ya
auntyalias: exactly
kelsnel: okay I see
auntyalias: Jackie made a Pen Pal
auntyalias: and her friend said it looked like a man in drag
meowys_hairball: hehe
auntyalias: what the problem was the jaw line was too strong
auntyalias: the chin too big
kelsnel: LOL that is what people said about my mermen
auntyalias: and it did look like a man in drag
meowys_hairball: your merman has awesome hair
kelsnel: okay I c - so pay close attention to that
auntyalias: now if you want the MerMen to look like fancy men, then ok
auntyalias: if you give a man female features
auntyalias: you get the movie stars they are passing off on us now
kelsnel: oh thanks I got if from the wefts lady on ebay she has great
meowys_hairball: my lady attempts usually look like men w/ mustaches
cause I twitch and chop the lip up ugh
auntyalias: there's a lot of men with female features that are heart
kelsnel: you know now that I think about it you are right
auntyalias: don't be afraid to rework an area
auntyalias: what's that honey?
kelsnel: like mel gibson has pretty eyes and long eyelashes
auntyalias: Johnny Depp
auntyalias: another case in point
kelsnel: that the male stars have female features
meowys_hairball: Yeah he's kind of girly looking
kelsnel: yes
auntyalias: Leonardo Decaprio (sp)
meowys_hairball: Dainty men
kelsnel: oh yes - both would make pretty girls
auntyalias: a girly-man, hear me now and believe me later
kelsnel: lol lol
meowys_hairball: hehe
auntyalias: now this lady is going to be trimmed down before curing
kelsnel: I just can't thank you enough NJ this was wonderful
kelsnel: I learned SO much
auntyalias: she's like a track star or something, tennis player
kelsnel: with a knife?
meowys_hairball: yes this was very very helpful.. plan to try tomorrow
with a figure
auntyalias: just pinch off bits
auntyalias: to get definition on muscles
auntyalias: what people do is be too delicate with their clay
kelsnel: you will have to give another demo on that I am afraid
auntyalias: you see how quickly the body can be covered
kelsnel: yes I think I am too rough
meowys_hairball: oh not me.. i'm only restrained by joint pain ahaha
auntyalias: and how quickly the armature can be made
kelsnel: yes
meowys_hairball: i figure the worst case, i ball it up and go again
auntyalias: exactly
kelsnel: same here
meowys_hairball: i have lots of marble clay wahaha
auntyalias: I've taken clay off of figures that weren't cured yet and
recycled the clay
techi_mom56: dont we all..laugh
auntyalias: blend to one hue and practice mud people
meowys_hairball: the foil gives me trouble, i think our foil must be
thicker than what most use.. it's real hard to work with
meowys_hairball: i use the muddy colors to make cats
auntyalias: Golems
kelsnel: yes and I get half moons and bubbles when I use foil
auntyalias: when you cover the foil make sure it's compressed as much
as possible
meowys_hairball: i've used one of thoxe wooden hammers you supposed to
beat steaks with? to smush foil down.
kelsnel: okay I will
auntyalias: and when you add clay, make sure it's conditioned and warm
to work with
kelsnel: okay
auntyalias: and you can feel if you have a big air bubble when you
roll the body between your hands
kelsnel: I will get one of those processors tomorrow
auntyalias: I found one on her tummy and took the knife to it
meowys_hairball: yeah that processor help a lot..
kelsnel: okay
auntyalias: whirl it until it balls up, the clay, then do the taffy
meowys_hairball: gas.. just cut it out!
auntyalias: the quickest way to condition clay and to mix colors
auntyalias: you saw how quick that went
kelsnel: like for how long should I do the taffy pull?
auntyalias: no time at all
meowys_hairball: it's why i like minis so much, only little pinches of
clay .. easy to warm hehe
kelsnel: yes it was amazing
auntyalias: until the colors are blended or the one color clay pulls
like taffy
kelsnel: okay
auntyalias: and you don't need a pasta press, this was done by hand
until the face was done in rough draft
kelsnel: yes I saw that
meowys_hairball: do you paint your eyes, or make clay eyes.. harden..
then press them in?
auntyalias: I poke eye sockets
auntyalias: drop a ball of pearl clay for the whites
auntyalias: and then poke a hole
auntyalias: and add a cone of eyeball cane
meowys_hairball: ooh
meowys_hairball: yeah i forgot about your eye cane
auntyalias: there's a tute on eyeball cane
auntyalias: shall I get the link?
kelsnel: yes please
meowys_hairball: i tried painting eyes.. and oh my.. it's.. unique.
auntyalias: here's everything on faces
kelsnel: thanks
auntyalias: and here's looking at you, Kid
meowys_hairball: yeah.. i need to make an eye cane.. too shakey to
paint nice mini eyes
auntyalias: here's the demo on eyes
auntyalias: I limit myself to just clay for the most part
auntyalias: I assume everyone is broke, as broke as the 10
auntyalias: so I don't use other stuff like paint or Pearl Ex
auntyalias: I use old eye shadow
auntyalias: and chalk dust
auntyalias: discount Floor polish
auntyalias: keep it cheap
meowys_hairball: i have pearlex, don't use it much though haha
auntyalias: make it easy
kelsnel: oh thats a great idea - I know those pearl ex powders are
meowys_hairball: i'm hoping to wig/dress in fabric on my pen
meowys_hairball: ooh i got mine waaay cheap last year at michael's.. a
misprint coupon and i got them so cheap.. i thought for sure they'd
say no
auntyalias: if you need hair for your figures, use Hair Extensions
from the beauty supply shop
auntyalias: it's much cheaper than doll hair and comes in longer
lengths and colors for humans
meowys_hairball: i have viscois (sp?) plus, hopefully it's not just
sick.. but i cut my husband's hair and keep it awhaha
meowys_hairball: oh that'd be cool.. i'm almost out of red viscois
meowys_hairball: michael's quit carrying it =(
auntyalias: let me show you a picture
meowys_hairball: can you curl the extentions using water and wrapping
on a stick, or will it melt in the oven when I heat-dry it?
auntyalias: I've done multiple curing with hair extensions, check this
auntyalias: then we can have hair on our figures we can shampoo, set
and style
kelsnel: wow cowboy kai is way cool
auntyalias: I buy them braided
auntyalias: and curled
auntyalias: Cowboy Kai is my best articulated figure
auntyalias: two sets of clothing, Cowboy and Indian
auntyalias: a hobby horse
auntyalias: boots and moccasins
auntyalias: and a bull whip
meowys_hairball: wow.. that's awesome. i don't know if ewe have beauty
supply here.. might be one up north like a sallys or something?
auntyalias: when you buy the hair already braided get the MICRO brades
auntyalias: then you don't have loose strands
meowys_hairball: does it unbraid okay?
auntyalias: you keep them braided when you bury the ends in the raw
meowys_hairball: oh okay
auntyalias: well check out the other pictures, it's unbraided there
kelsnel: there is a lady that sells them on ebay and they are only
like 5.00 for big ones
meowys_hairball: this is awesome. i'll pass this along too
meowys_hairball: what are these again? hair extentions?
auntyalias: I get two dozen strands, Micro "S" braids, a yard long,
for less than two dollars
auntyalias: one package lasts a life time
kelsnel: wow
meowys_hairball: cool
meowys_hairball: i can always use more doll hair!
auntyalias: hold up I got something else to show you
kelsnel: so you put the braids in before you bake the clay then?
kelsnel: k
auntyalias: mini and full size use of straight hair extensions
kelsnel: thanks
meowys_hairball: ooh
auntyalias: check out the one with the cigarette
meowys_hairball: i'm so glad you brought this up.. i really don't like
that fake hair crap that craft stores sell.. it looks so far from
auntyalias: Shady Sadie
auntyalias: here she is
auntyalias: now the bigger the hair, the closer to God
auntyalias: y'all remember that
auntyalias: LOL
meowys_hairball: hehe
meowys_hairball: NICE hair!
kelsnel: lol looks like my hair
kelsnel: for real
auntyalias: Cosmic
auntyalias: she never did get cured, actually
auntyalias: she got fussed with and then put away raw
auntyalias: should cure her with the cracks and all and say it was
kelsnel: yes good idea
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: ya, that's the ticket
meowys_hairball: hehe
kelsnel: well I better get claying before my hubby starts hollering
meowys_hairball: yeah, need to head off myself. Thanks so much NJ!
This was a huge help tonight!
kelsnel: It has been so wonderful I can't wait for the next one NJ
thanks so much
auntyalias: okie dokie
meowys_hairball left the room
auntyalias: next time we'll natter about this plate of faces
kelsnel: goodnight ladies
auntyalias: nighty night, did you have a good first Demo?
kelsnel: sounds good!
kelsnel: A GREAT one
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: good
kelsnel: thanks again so so much
auntyalias: post to the list and share it with them
auntyalias: please
kelsnel: okay will do
auntyalias: thanks honey
kelsnel: goodnight
auntyalias: sweet dreams
kelsnel left the room
auntyalias: Nancy you're on Pacific Time
techi_mom56: right..
techi_mom56: been saving the logs...
auntyalias: just saved what I had
techi_mom56: i have managed to stay online the whole time...
auntyalias: wow
auntyalias: it's so weird to have a plate of faces
auntyalias: I forget, since they are part of Demo
auntyalias: and folks come through who are uninitiated and they go
techi_mom56: chuckle..
techi_mom56: i have sheets stuff..wrapped in saran wrap for future tonite..putting chrystanimum cane on aol tin..
auntyalias: she's a pen pal holder
techi_mom56: yeah...i saw the "army" of project..
techi_mom56: let me know where to send the log to...steve is mumbling
about bedtime...
auntyalias: just to my
auntyalias: go on off to bed I'll close up shop
techi_mom56: okay good to back...will get the cam going
tomorrow..what days do you work now?
auntyalias: Leave out Sunday afternoon, come back Wednesday evening
auntyalias: but I got a computer there
auntyalias: Karin sent it to me
auntyalias: we had all the other stuff, just paid for shipping
auntyalias: I can edit my websites from Ruth's
techi_mom56: terrific..that is so nice of her...i am soo happy for
you..u hated being out of touch...
auntyalias: so I'll be posting from work and stuff
auntyalias: I'll bet
auntyalias: I'd have been living at the closest internet cafe with a
roll of quarters
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: like I did when I was on Tour
techi_mom56: giggle
auntyalias: well nighty night
auntyalias: good to have you back
techi_mom56: huggs...
auntyalias: xoxo

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.


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