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Pen Pals Group 2 Orchid Drape PenPal: 04-12-04:

The point of this section is you can improvise. Go back and change things, add raw clay to cured clay. Nothing's perfect the first time out. 

Orchid Cane Index

Orchid Cane Demo 04-10-04 How this orchid cane, clay fabric and mini necklace were made. 

Pen Pals Group 1

Review of Sculpting Figures and Faces. 

Index: 1 - 8 pictures  -  I had some crappy yellow recycled clay and I thought I'd use it for a body of a PenPal.  Then while we were in demo I took TLS and clay color (Peanut Butter mix actually) and put a swirly curly hair do on this "For Demo Use" PenPal. Then I wrapped Orchid Cane pressed sheets on her and she started looking good. Added some flowers as a mini lei and she really started to take shape... UnCured at this point. 

Index: 2 - 6 pictures - Then I realized I got to get rid of all evidence of the crappy yellow before the first curing. So the second album shows that. One problem was her arms were behind her back. So I had to patch in over where those arms were. I find some good stuff mixed with some crappy stuff. So before the first cure I have to cut out the crap. Do the first cure and start filling in with raw clay. She's a One Armed Bandit here. 

Index: 3 - 7 pictures - Then the third index is giving her new shoulders and arms after the first curing, and using a length of Orchid Cane Press I gave her a shawl. The last picture is of her wrists for I'm doing her hands after the sec ond cure.

Index: 4 - 5 pictures - 06-25-04: The fourth index gives her some hands, mini bead necklace, a base for the pen nib to go into graced with a nearly full sized orchid.  She's as done as she's going to be, just some fine tuning and a splash of a finish of some sort.

Mini Necklace made of Orchid Cane reduced small and chopped as Natasha beads, mixed with leaves. How to make mini beads is exactly the same as making beads for full sized people. Just do it smaller.  Updated 07-12-2010


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