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09-19-03: Review of Faces and Figures

September 2003

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When we started doing webcam demos regularly one of the first
exercises we did with sculpting was to do full sized faces.

This page introduces Shady Sadie, the full sized mature female face.
Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/DemoPix-019.htm with logs and screen shots of her making

They aren't as difficult as you might think if you make a skull form
to lay the skin clay on.

These are from 2001

By noting the muscle structure in real anatomy we might get a clue on
how we could lay down clay mass.

From the basics found on

to recent experiments focusing on eyes, using TLS as hair or make up,
all this is just a documentation of my own sculpting journey.

Since September is Sculpting month it behooves me to finish up on
these sculptures that are in various states of incompletion. The
thumbnails on the left are the ones that need finishing.

But we can review the full sized face if the ClayMates in Demo are all
WOW about Polly.  Polly Merclay....

It ain't that difficult, start wadding up aluminum foil and dig out
crap clay mixed to a uniform hue and make yourself a skull form and
cover it with skin. This tute is old and I was exploring. If you've
not done this and got a mind to, here's my early experiences. With
each face that is constructed the process became easier.

So that's the prep for today's Demo, big and small... all scales, we
got to do faces. The aluminum foil armature works for all sizes of
bodies, the bodies need faces...


You'll need at least three sheets of skin clay, 4"/12cm wide and
12"/35cm long to lay down a foundation of skin, build up mass for
nose, cheek, chin and brow. Some has to be set aside for eyelids and
if you want ears, we got to plan for them too. Skin color that's basic
can be found at

You can do it. It's been done. Jackie does clay along and I've seen it
with my own eyes. These tips and tricks will have you making any sort
of figure you got a mind to.


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