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Review of Mini Food in a Jar

September 2003

Review Index

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich with milk and orange slices in a peanut butter jar. Mexico rustic food setting in a salsa jar. Enchilada Dinner with Iced Lemonade on a pizza protector, no jar.

09-18-03: What do we do with all the things we've learned? Mixing Colors for Color Cards, raising cane in The Diner, pressing sheets into action on pizza proctors, using Molds like the Sleeping leopard spot kitty.. what's it all for?

For making Mini Scenes on the cheap. Recycle your jars with wide lids and put scenes inside. Salvage pizza protectors if you're lucky enough to get delivered pizza with them. Make a form with cardboard if you're not. The rest is you, the clay and the effort you bring to bare.  But it's sooooo much work, you sigh. But Wait... there's a trick to it.

Trick to pulling yourself from beginner through intermediate to advanced mini food making is to make what you love. I love PB&Js, I love Mexico, I love Mexican food. So doing what I loved I dragged myself through the muscle memory and technique wrangling of making the clay submit to a vision. A vision I could literally taste as I mixed colors.

It all started out with the Sushi. So bare that in mind when you review these old tutes. I never got around to putting mini Asian food in a jar, hadn't stumbled over that trick back when these were made.


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