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Review: Juicy Mini Foods


Biz-Archive/food/ Diner-IceNjuice

Miniaturists would be well served to check out no color translucent
clay. It can stand in for glassware filled with iced drinks and you're
making these on a left over ceramic tile, in the kitchen oven, for a
half an hour.

I didn't give the temperature all the way correctly in that last post
it is


Or there abouts, check the manufacturer's instruction but that's close

No Color Translucent Polymer clay makes juice, tea, coffee, cola,
glasses of lemonade and koolade.

Translucent polymer clay is the water in your mini food. You saw the
oranges. I have an old watermelon tute, that's when I discovered that
translucent clay = water
Biz-Archive/food/Watermelon Group

and grapes, kiwi, salmon roe... all got water in them, so we make them
with translucent polymer clay with a touch of color, here's the
goofing around with translucent round up...


This goofy clay, that's cheap, don't need a kiln, can be cooked in a
cooling oven after you took dinner out to serve the family. Tools that
come from the stuff rolling around the bottom of your kitchen junk
drawer. And do you know what you finish it with?

Acrylic floor polish, like Future, but I use a warehouse discount
industrial brand and it's cheap as dirt and lasts for ever.

Here is a lesson in finishing with floor polish with the disaster
called SPROING...
it's a "don't do this at home, kids." and what the citrus looks like
with and without that floor polish finish.

Most of these tutes are from when I was a beginner in both polymer
clay and miniatures. Just wait until you see what you can do with faux
wood, malachite, jade, ivory.


What you miniaturists can do with just a booger's worth of polymer
clay will just astound you. It isn't to replace the materials you use,
but to enhance all the other materials by doing what those materials
cannot do...

Frosting on your cake doesn't have to be Non Clay. Glaze on your
donuts, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. It can all be done with the
liquid clay. Here's the pastries done with TLS, the TLSastries.

Why use polymer clay for stuff you could paint or use caulk to make.
The benefit is that polymer clay after it is heat set can have raw
clay put on it and heat set again. Then you can carve it, dilute the
colors to be a wash that's the tint on a doll's cheek...

but that's another area where polymer clay can help the miniaturist...
making your own figures for those room boxes now set with food and

Or maybe cheese burger and fries?
Biz-Archive/food/Cheeseburger Group

Come on miniaturists, this medium is cheap and over 1,400 list members will tell ya, it can be learned.



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