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Review: 05-13-11 Review of Mini Dishes and customized mini boxes, using JimCollins Mini Printables. This is a continuation of Mini Dishes in the mini food section.

If you are making miniature dishes of different sizes and wonder just how big a dinner plate should be check out Jim Collin's mini printable site. 

For example: Let's say you're needing to make plates in 1/2 inch scale, that's one half inch in miniature equals one foot in real life.

This is Jim Collin's 1/2in scale printable page. Scroll down and see the pick-nick paper plate print out. Use that as a template. 

He has printables in a number of different scales:

PlayScale (1:6)
1 Inch (1:12)
Inch (1:24)
Inch (1:48)  

Ok, let's take this a step further. Look for his pizza boxes,
 Chinese take out boxes, cake boxes. Copy those pages and in a graphics program you can customize those boxes and put miniature things inside.

For example: I had a bunch of miniature cheese burgers with fries to hand out as gifts. I took a cake box printable and took digital photos of the cheese burger and fries and put it on the cake box. Then I printed them out and used them to house my mini gifts. 

Let me see if I have a picture of an example... Ah, the first African Chop mirror images on mini cake boxes, lined with candy foil...whew.

But you can put any picture on these mini cake and pizza boxes. You can design your own Chinese restaurant logo for your take out boxes.

Also...dig this, you can use the Chinese take out box printable and use it as a template on a clay sheet:


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