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Review: Polymer Clay and how to make honey or marmalade and pots


I'm going to cc this to the MSATClayArt list....

In a message dated 03-Oct-03 01.23.08 Eastern Daylight Time,
marianne in the Netherlands writes:

> I, I would love to make some jam, honey or marmelade for my hug of
> bears, but  I have not got any idea what to try. I filled a little
> jar with glass paint but it takes forever to dry its seems. It has
> been drying for 3 days now. LOL And I am not sure if it will look


Marmelade is easy with polymer clay. Use no color translucent and mix
with a touch of orange for the jelly, take orange cane and chop up a
bit for the orange rind.

The trick to getting jars is to use the block of no color translucent
clay, mix color into it, shape in like a jar and cure it in the oven
for a half an hour at 260. Once it is cured and cooled, add some metal
color polymer clay for lids.

Same with Juice, Cola and other liquid items, the pitcher is the
juice, the juice is the pitcher.

here's Ice for your drinks

Now for jelly, there's this liquid polymer clay, Translucent Liquid
Sculpey. Mix some color, like purple for grape jelly, mix the orange
marmelade in for spreading on bread. Here's the peanut butter and
jelly section for making jams and jellys.

Honey can be Translucent Liquid Sculpey with a touch of brown in it,
let it pour out of a honey jar and I think that Bonsai Kathy did one
this way with her Winny the Poo series

Metal pans... silver polymer clay
use kemper tools to cut out circles, use your exacto knife to cut
rectangles, put your pots together and cure.

For miniaturists who are new to polymer clay here is a FAQ I wrote
just for you....


You can learn all this at CITY-0-Clay, a sister list of The CITY List family

Hope that helps some,

NoraJean Gatine
Owner of CITY-0-Clay


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