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 04-23-05 Strawberry plant

Strawberry - 002: Leaf and Flower Petal study and clay tutes.
I'm on this strawberry plant hunt for images,

Strawberries are white clay snakes for seeds, surround with red. For more making canes with spots check our "05-15-04 StarGazer Lily Demo  ."


The Strawberry Plant has repetitions of three leaves, end of stalk, so we need a leaf cane and some strawberry leaves are spiky on the edge, so the Holly Leaf Tute might help.

Making the Holly Leaf

If we want to get the chevron flip of the strawberry leaf these albums are what you need to learn the DCF "Dreaded Chevron Flip" as it's been named by Razma of the COCModSquad.


The 10 Leaf Canes made 03-10-04.


Earlier leaf experiments

Plumeria inspired mini flowers

Here's the wild strawberry flowers

So would the Plumeria cane with a bit of yellow center stippled with a tooth brush work? Bend the petal like a spoon shape and not the backward bending crescent shape.

Plumeria inspired mini flowers

look at the close up of the strawberry flower, it's really a bunch
of thin things with balls at the end. If we're doing a one inch
scale miniature we're not going to need to make
stamens exact. A ball
of yellow stippled with a tooth brush, add white petals and add
three leaves. Repeat and sprinkle with some of these strawberries

Here's a good link for the strawberry flower close up.

See that center?  Squint, that's how things are seen in miniature.
If the center blurs when you squint I say you can get away with

If you want to aim for stamens, check these flowers, little clay
snakes for stamens...


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