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Thanksgiving Left Overs and Preparing for the Holidays

11-29-03: DemoLog-1, from Noon to 1:30  
icare4bunnies joined the room
icare4bunnies: what are you going to do
Fearless Leader: What do you want to see? LOL
icare4bunnies: hmmmm, a jig?
icare4bunnies: LOL
icare4bunnies: woowoo
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Danced you a jig
icare4bunnies: very good, I'm impressed
icare4bunnies: I haven't been able to do polymer clay in a long time
icare4bunnies: now that my room is sort of straightened, but my
arthritis in my hands is horrendous
Fearless Leader: I was going to do peanut butter and jelly foldies for
dangly earrings, I'll get you the link, my joints are achey too lately
icare4bunnies: ok
icare4bunnies: I would like to do citrus stuff
Fearless Leader:
icare4bunnies: or maybe fruits
icare4bunnies: that's great
icare4bunnies: I could handle some canes
icare4bunnies: I made an orage slice cane, not bad. I like your lemon
icare4bunnies: might try grapfruit, pink or red
Fearless Leader: door
icare4bunnies: I have my mother in law visiting, so she gets to use
the TV I usually have in my craft area
Fearless Leader: back
icare4bunnies: I like to have the TV going while I work
Fearless Leader: sorry, James is going to the store I want to write
him a list, and I have the TV going too,
Fearless Leader: brb
icare4bunnies: that's ok
Fearless Leader: back
Fearless Leader: now how are you on the peeling of the oranges?
icare4bunnies: real or polymer clay?
Fearless Leader: after you make a cane and make an orange and then
peel it?
Fearless Leader: in clay
icare4bunnies: never done that
Fearless Leader: let me show you that then
icare4bunnies: good
icare4bunnies: thanks
icare4bunnies: ah, a naval orange
icare4bunnies: messenger quit for a sec
Fearless Leader: you ok now?
icare4bunnies: yep
Fearless Leader: now I'll use the exacto knife to peel the orange
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
Katie: Hi you two.
icare4bunnies: hey
Fearless Leader: Howdy Katie
icare4bunnies: nj is peeling an orange
Fearless Leader: peeling mini oranges right now
icare4bunnies: welcome
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: jinx
Fearless Leader:
icare4bunnies: lol
Katie: Mmmmm
dahs512 joined the room
icare4bunnies: tiny orange
icare4bunnies: cool
dahs512: godd morning...errr afternon . Slept really late
Katie: Hi
icare4bunnies: morning
Katie: afternoon
icare4bunnies: care for an orange?
dahs512: NJ is getting fruity on us
icare4bunnies: oh yeah, afternoon
Katie: Oh, I thought it really was morning where you are. I was just
letting ya know it's afternoon here in NY
dahs512: 2 here..heheh
icare4bunnies: makin texture now
Katie: Why the brush? What is that doing?
icare4bunnies: texture
icare4bunnies: oranges are bumpy
Katie: Oh, dear....I should have read what you wrote first.
Katie: OK
dahs512: brushing the peeled part of the orange to create that rough
Fearless Leader: yes
icare4bunnies: nother orange?
icare4bunnies: this is making me hungry
Katie: LOL, I haven't been hungry since Thanksgiving.
icare4bunnies: you must have eaten a lot
Katie: Yes....two meals.
icare4bunnies: you guys missed it, nj did a jig for me earlier
dahs512: lol
Katie: jig?
Katie: dance?
icare4bunnies: dance
Katie: LOL
icare4bunnies: I think I have oranges in my fridge....
dahs512: pizza table
Katie: Looks so real. The orange
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Katie: Hi Jude
Fearless Leader: Howdy Jude
dahs512: Hi Jude
Fearless Leader: reviewed peeling mini oranges
Fearless Leader: oops Lost Jude
Fearless Leader: she'll be back
icare4bunnies: brb
dahs512: she'll be back
dahs512: lol
Fearless Leader: Howdy Denise, Jael and Katie, what's your pleasure
icare4bunnies: got my jig already
icare4bunnies: I'm set
greatauntjudy left the room
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
dahs512: It's been so long, I don't know
Fearless Leader: LOL, Jeal got a dance from me for being the first one
here and asking for a Jig
Fearless Leader: Welcome back Jude
Katie: wb Jude
jude: Howdy! Never really got it. Yahoo is being difficult.
jude: How is everyone?
jude: All stuffed?
Katie: Great. Definitely stuffed.
jude: Same here.
dahs512: I have been playing with kailaidascope type caning
icare4bunnies: I'm going to be in and out, have to do a little house
work too, but we have a boil order
dahs512: I wonder if you have any fire canes
jude: Sounds interesting! Kalaidascope, huh? Hmmm...
icare4bunnies: I love kaleidoscope canes
dahs512: just triangles, then patterns of triangles
Fearless Leader: No fire canes made, Denise, what's on your mind?
jude: r...kaleidoscope? Yes, looks better.
dahs512: distorting canes
Fearless Leader: maybe you can open your cam and show us your canes?
jude: You gonna do holiday things, NJ?
dahs512: I'm in my robe, but ok
Fearless Leader: sure I got cookie dough already mixed, white with a
touch of gold
liteladi (liteladi) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Hey Penny
Katie: Hi there
greatauntjudy left the room
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Katie: That is really pretty. Love the colors
Fearless Leader: back but getting organized. I'm going to do quick
mini holiday cookies if that's ok with everyone
Katie: Fine with me
dahs512: works for me
Fearless Leader: great colors Denise
Fearless Leader: I'll get set up for the mini cookies, going to use
kemper cut out tools
icare4bunnies: I like the right side specially
icare4bunnies: flutter by
Fearless Leader: Burnt Umber iwth TLS is instant chocolate frosting
Fearless Leader: oh hey
Fearless Leader: do you know those plastic things on the sides of dish
racks that hold silver ware?
icare4bunnies: chat is going slow
Fearless Leader: they make great tool holders
Katie: yes
Katie: cool
Katie: My husband sent for a set of tools for me for Christmas from
Karen. Can't wait to play with them.
Katie: Poor Jude
icare4bunnies: I want a bead roller
icare4bunnies: the kind you can make cone beads with
icare4bunnies: beautiful frosting nj
Fearless Leader: red with TLS is for the frosting as well
greatauntjudy left the room
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: just simple cut outs with frosting added gives you
instant mini holiday cookies
icare4bunnies: I make my own round beads, but they are not very
icare4bunnies: oh, your own roller
jude: My YM keeps freezing up. Sigh...
icare4bunnies: mine is slow
jude: If it happens again, I can take a suble hint.
icare4bunnies: nahhhh
jude: Will check back later.
icare4bunnies: what's that denise?
dahs512: parts of canes I manipulated
icare4bunnies: Ic
icare4bunnies: I see
Fearless Leader: sorry a new claymate was making effort to get into
Katie: NJ...did you get those cutters from Karen?
Fearless Leader: yes, these are Karen's home made cutters
dahs512: tell us about the cutters NJ
Fearless Leader: let me change my status line and I'll be back to talk
about these
Fearless Leader: These are suits of cards here, Hearts, Clubs, Spade
and Diamond
Fearless Leader: I was thinking of doing these in red and black
Fearless Leader: and TLS a mini printable playing card on them
Fearless Leader: use them for dangling things on a necklace
Fearless Leader: Yow Denise
Fearless Leader: colors for days
dahs512: yes it does
Fearless Leader: Karen made these and sent a mess of them for me to
try out
dahs512: is that alley goop
Fearless Leader: now for mini cookies you will need to use the kemper
tools of the small size
dahs512: is the blue flexible
Fearless Leader: I'm not sure Denise, looks like both alley goop and
some other stuff like calk
Fearless Leader: could be clay with glue even
dahs512: ok
Fearless Leader: So I'm going to use White with a touch of gold for
the cookie dough
Fearless Leader: and then decorate the cookies with the frosting I
icare4bunnies: how will you hang them
Fearless Leader: The little ones will be cookies on a platter
Fearless Leader: the 6 pointed star, that size can have a hold poked
in them
icare4bunnies: wow denise
dahs512: I finally broke my clay "block"
Fearless Leader: \(*o*)/ YEAH Denise!!
icare4bunnies: you will get the hang of it
icare4bunnies: it takes practice
dahs512: now I can clay again, the house is almost totally sorted
dahs512: yes votive
dahs512: thanks
dahs512: caning is like paint by numbers
icare4bunnies: I found that the best way for me to learn was to watch
dahs512: to start with
Fearless Leader: exactly Denise
icare4bunnies: who did you order from? you should write the person
Fearless Leader: I forgot to mix blue and TLS for the 6 Pointed Stars
Fearless Leader: let me do that for I wanted the edges to be Blue
icare4bunnies: contact ebay
dahs512: blue icing
icare4bunnies: let them know
techi_mom56 joined the room
icare4bunnies: give them bad feed back, maybe that will get their
Katie: Hi Nancy
icare4bunnies: that's too bad. I could send you a cane
icare4bunnies: I have a lots
icare4bunnies: what kind of cane?
techi_mom56: hi katie..hi everyone!
icare4bunnies: hi
dahs512: NJ is making blue icing by adding TLS
icare4bunnies: you can do it
icare4bunnies: ah, those are so easy
techi_mom56: yes...they are alot of fun...good use for scraps
dahs512: that is the first type of cane i made and it was fun and easy
icare4bunnies: anyone have the url for the tutorial?
dahs512: looking for it
dahs512: took me awhile
techi_mom56: brb...gotta grab a bite to eat...does my cam look better
icare4bunnies: looks good
liteladi (liteladi) joined the room
dahs512: when i started caning I used and their
archives, also and NJ's site before I even knew it
was her, or knew her.
icare4bunnies: lite, what's your real name
Fearless Leader: Let's do a roll call
Fearless Leader: First Name and Location
icare4bunnies: lost her though
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
icare4bunnies: Jael, Champaign IL
liteladi (liteladi) joined the room
liteladi: ack
techi_mom56: nancy nw the rain
icare4bunnies: roll call
Katie: Katie, New York
icare4bunnies: should we start over for liteladi?
icare4bunnies: Jael, Champaign IL
liteladi: Penny --Lansing MIchigan
Fearless Leader: Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
icare4bunnies: Jael, Champaign IL
techi_mom56: nancy nw the rain
Fearless Leader: Just got Nancy's cam up
dahs512: Denise in Cedar Creek Texas
dahs512: mum cane
icare4bunnies: Penny, you are not so far away compared to some others
icare4bunnies: denise, that's how I learned
icare4bunnies: I love her pictures too
dahs512: I'm originally from Lapeer Michigan
liteladi: yeah i know we are fairly close as the crow flies
Fearless Leader: So I know these mini cookies are really easy
Fearless Leader: what I'm thinking is if I make a boatload of them
Katie: I have a friend who lives in Lapeer
Fearless Leader: hang them from jump rings
icare4bunnies: lol, sorry nj
Fearless Leader: and then put them on a necklace
dahs512: I bet a pile of them look great NJ
Fearless Leader: No worries, Jael
techi_mom56: cool idea!!!
liteladi: that would be cute NJ
techi_mom56: or a garland type thing
Fearless Leader: and in between them would be candy cane beads
Fearless Leader: twisted red and white
icare4bunnies: do you have trouble with durability?
Fearless Leader: done as tube beads
liteladi: I saw a bracelet made from small leaves from clay hung on a
cable chain i think it was
icare4bunnies: I mean the flat beads
Fearless Leader: I've had some odd things pass as beads but they seem
to hold up ok, let me show you the ribbon beads, very thin ribbon
wound loosely around the skewer... brb
liteladi: candy cane beads would be cute
liteladi: nancy did you make the snow flake cane??
dahs512: wow!
liteladi: i have looked at those tuts for the mum cane
techi_mom56: yes i did
Fearless Leader: nice gift for Kwanzaa
Fearless Leader: those ribbon beads are from 1999, maybe 2000
Fearless Leader: and have held up nicely
dahs512: TI was thinking of African month
liteladi: looking good NJ
techi_mom56: the chrysathamum cane looks hard but its not...and the
tutotial makes it clear...
dahs512: I
icare4bunnies: I have had problems with holes in the tops of flat
techi_mom56: wow...nice beads NJ
dahs512: really nice NJ
Fearless Leader: this is old
Fearless Leader: and been worn and seems to want to survive
icare4bunnies: is there anything you don't understand about the
tutorial penny?
icare4bunnies: very nice nj
Fearless Leader: I've been working on the African Couple as well,
doing TLS for make up
icare4bunnies: nancy has a mum cane on her webcam
liteladi: i guess i get confused is all LOL. but that happens to me
liteladi: see i was thinking the mum cane would make wonderful beads.
icare4bunnies: it does
techi_mom56: 2 of them..
icare4bunnies: right
icare4bunnies: looks like 3
dahs512: I know them
dahs512: She is going to give him some "sugar"
techi_mom56: the 3rd is a small cane of the large light one..
icare4bunnies: kind of blurry, the little one
icare4bunnies: some of my messages are not going through
icare4bunnies: nj, looks a bit big for a necklace LOL
dahs512: gotta type when the chat window is the one you are in
icare4bunnies: I only have one
icare4bunnies: on the website
icare4bunnies: and I did type and send
icare4bunnies: it never appeared
liteladi: thats lovely that cane
icare4bunnies: you can do that penny
dahs512: Nancy, we have twins
dahs512: lol
liteladi: shes got a good hold on that one.
icare4bunnies: lol
Fearless Leader: One trick on this sculpture
Fearless Leader: add dark clay between the fingers to accentuate the
icare4bunnies: looks good
techi_mom56: the cane?
dahs512: mum
liteladi: yeah the cane
liteladi: LOL
icare4bunnies: the cane is a twin
dahs512: good trick NJ
icare4bunnies: goes well
Fearless Leader: he can be a necklace holder
dahs512: heheh
Fearless Leader: gives her something to be looking at
Fearless Leader: gives him something to be holding his arms up for
dahs512: yep
liteladi: is sshe trying to wrestle him for the beads?
liteladi: i dont have a lot of scrap clay for the mum cane yet
techi_mom56: yeah i did it and then had fun and did the "blue denim"
icare4bunnies: you don't need much scrap clay, and you don't have to
use scrap
icare4bunnies: I don't
liteladi: maybe i can get some clay after i get my bonus from work
after i pay down the credit cards we have had to use while hubby has
been out of work
Fearless Leader: I'm not complaining, but I don't have any advertizing
at the bottom of this chat window
Fearless Leader: how is it for everyone else?
dahs512: yes i do
techi_mom56: i have ads..
icare4bunnies: just transparent, solid, and pearl
Fearless Leader: I must have lucked out like a bandit
liteladi: i have some watch ads at the bottom of mine
icare4bunnies: I don't
icare4bunnies: I'm on the website though
Fearless Leader: one trick for that.... take the cam windows, go
WebCam, Always On Top, and then cover the ads with them
dahs512: yep
liteladi: oh you know the lump that they found in my right breast.
well it turns out i have two small ones that showed up in the
ultrasound. They are being read as cysts
Fearless Leader: that's what I do when I get those blinking ads that
precipitate seizures
Fearless Leader: Penny, that's great
icare4bunnies: yay
Fearless Leader: big hugs and whew and whew
techi_mom56: yup... for current projects for 3 years of tutorials

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.

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