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August 2003 Demo Log on

Leaves with highlights on one side before Chevron Flip

Leaf Cane with highlight on one side

 09-22-03 DemoLogs and screen shots

polymerfairy joined the room
boobearns: wb NJ and Bonny
frogger70301: I would but I can't even find mine!
frogger70301: hiya, NJ and Bonny!
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: Hey I see Denise online
auntyalias: let me ping her
docfentix78: frogger, are you Kathy?
frogger70301: No, Mitch
auntyalias: Roll Call, first name and location
docfentix78: oh. Name
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
boobearns: Dorothy, Nova Scotia
docfentix78: s similar. sorry.
frogger70301: Mitch, southeast Louisiana!
polymerfairy: thanks s but I may have to do it again things aing
polymerfairy: brb
dahs512 joined the room
polymerfairy left the room
docfentix78: Ethan, Van Nuys, CA.
auntyalias: Doing roll call Denise
dahs512: Denise in Texas
auntyalias: Ethan, the only rooster in a hen house
auntyalias: got grit boy
auntyalias: LOL
boobearns: he's a brave one, eh?
docfentix78: hee hee!
auntyalias: Ok, Ethan, you a clayer?
docfentix78: don't worry, I can't do you any harm from where I'm
auntyalias: I don't recognize your Yahoo ID from the MSATClayArt list?
docfentix78: yes.
auntyalias: coolness, got a website, your profile had nada
docfentix78: I am on the list. I joined a couple of years ago.
auntyalias: Yow
auntyalias: do you know to open the cam?
auntyalias: if you're on a PC, right click on auntyalias
auntyalias: pick "view webcam"
docfentix78: yes
auntyalias: I wait until everyone got the cam open so I'm waiting for
auntyalias: While Ethan is getting the cam open I'll explain what's
docfentix78: that option is blocked out for me.
auntyalias: Well that's a pill
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to docfentix78 (8/22/03
12:28 PM)
dahs512: what is a pill?
auntyalias: I just sent you an invite
frogger70301: are you here from the web?
auntyalias: that Docfentix can't get the cam open
dahs512: I can't see them type
auntyalias: good question Mitch, Ethan got to come into chat through
the Friend's list
auntyalias: Denise I had to reboot to see everyone
docfentix78: tried another way.
boobearns: what's on the screen is 2 colors of clay, green and another
shade of green...NJ was going to show me how to do a chevron cane
auntyalias: three colors actually
auntyalias: first Green with gold
boobearns: OOPS 3 shades of green
auntyalias: Then that added with more blue and some black in the
boobearns: green with blue to make it darker
auntyalias: the that green gold with blue at the top, I did a
blue/black mix with the green gold while I was rebooting
boobearns: see....that's why I was confused
auntyalias: Doc, dude, if you come to chat through the Yahoo Friend's
list, you'll be able to open the cam
auntyalias: it's going to get hella dull if you can't see what's going
on I reckon
auntyalias: I got a new experiment
auntyalias: blend highlight and shadow
auntyalias: but instead of doing the jelly roll blend with the
highlight in the middle of the leaf segment
auntyalias: I'm thinking
auntyalias: what if we did the highlight on one side, shade on the
auntyalias: and then do the chevron flip?
boobearns: sounds us oh leader
auntyalias: I have leaves on the brain here
lilypond41 joined the room
dahs512: can't "leaf" it alone
boobearns: LOL
auntyalias: I wish I could come up with a good comeback line there
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: I'll use the darkest one for separation sheet
auntyalias: shall I do the blend by hand, showing the quick way to
blend without a pasta press?
boobearns: always good to refresh ourselves on how to do it that way
auntyalias: we don't need no stinking pasta press
boobearns: teacher...leave that...leave that press alone
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: Pink Floyd...
auntyalias: ok, for those who have not seen the hand blend, and Ethan
ain't going to see nuttin unless he opens the cam
auntyalias: you take triangle shapes of clay
auntyalias: and instead of pressing it a thousand times
auntyalias: you roll it like a rug
auntyalias: mash it down
auntyalias: and then twist the crap out of it
auntyalias: compress
auntyalias: mash, twist and repeat
auntyalias: inbetween twisting and compressing PULL out a ribbon to
see how the blend is going
auntyalias: Who's saving logs or taking screen shots?
boobearns: I don't know how to do either
auntyalias: for I'm fixing to begin, and Ethan if you need help,
hollar out, the ladies will help you get the cam open.
frogger70301: I might habe to go in a few minutes.
dahs512: I'm claying, but i can do logs
lilypond41: I can stay for a while - how do you do screen shots?
frogger70301: I might have to go get Ivy off the bus if mom doesn't
make it home.
dahs512: I'll catch a few shots too, just holler when we want one
polymerfairy joined the room
auntyalias: Yo Bonny
auntyalias: going to do a blend by hadn
auntyalias: hand
auntyalias: and not use the pasta press
auntyalias: to prepare light on one end and dark on the other plug to
start a leaf cane
auntyalias: ok?
auntyalias: my Precious
auntyalias: you feeling better honey?
auntyalias: group hug for Bonny
docfentix78: everything is A-OK with me now.
auntyalias: huggles hugg hug
polymerfairy: that the shock is starting towear off
polymerfairy: aaaaah thank you
boobearns: darn darn darn darn darn!!!! my sister just drove in the
driveway...I gotta go
dahs512: Here is a short bit about how to do shots
auntyalias: Ok Doc, just can't see you listed is all
dahs512: WebCam/ScreenShots.htm
auntyalias: Doro I'll raise cane with you anytime you show up
boobearns: Okey Dokey have fun everyone!
boobearns left the room
auntyalias: ok, now for the hand blend
auntyalias: Karate Chop to mash
auntyalias: Ha Yahhh
auntyalias: now twist it like the neck of an enemy
polymerfairy: lol get my daughter to help you
auntyalias: Ya that's right, do you know my son teaches Kung Fu
auntyalias: we're all about that
auntyalias: now compress the twisted log and get a plug
auntyalias: from this we PULL out a ribbon
polymerfairy: she started at 3 1/2 ..her idea...she's now 12 and a
full black belt..they tried to make here a junior but she was too good
auntyalias: if we were doing eyeball irises we'd stop here
auntyalias: this is a loose blend
auntyalias: and it has its uses
auntyalias: but we're going to roll the ribbon up again
auntyalias: roll it out to a snake again
auntyalias: mash it down and twist it again, compress to a plug and
pull out another ribbon
auntyalias: this counts for over a dozen passes just folded in half
auntyalias: ok?
auntyalias: takes longer to type than to do
polymerfairy: just the right kind of theropy I need right now lol
auntyalias: I'm just going to do that once more and stop blending
auntyalias: in fact
auntyalias: I'm just going to roll this up, twist it and then form the
segment for the leaf
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: now see how the highlight is on one end and the shadow on
the other?
polymerfairy: yes
auntyalias: not the highlight in the center as with the jelly roll
dahs512: yes
auntyalias: I have no idea if this is going to come out as it is in my
head, but this is our leaf segment before the chevron flip
auntyalias: we still need separation between the segment
auntyalias: and after the diagonal cut for the chevron flip we need a
center vein
auntyalias: with that said... I'll show ya
dahs512: are you focused NJ, as in the camera?
docfentix78: 30 minutes are up, frogger
dahs512: making a thick ribbon
auntyalias: that's as good as I can get, are you pixelated?
dahs512: yes
dahs512: watery
auntyalias: wanna reboot, I could use something to drink
dahs512: i'll try it
frogger70301: thanks.
dahs512: let me get the log
auntyalias: shall we take five before I go further?
auntyalias: ok,
auntyalias: thanks
auntyalias: I'll take questions if there are any
dahs512: what are you calling this one
auntyalias: I have no idea
polymerfairy: back sorry hubby was calling
auntyalias: one sided highlight?
auntyalias: ok Bonny
dahs512: ok
lilypond41: Is this how you make a cane?
auntyalias: this is one way honey
auntyalias: shall I get you the links to leaves?
auntyalias: no problem to do so
lilypond41: I think I read them, I've just not tried any of this yet!
polymerfairy: I did a chevron with golden yellow to dark olive green
came out great
docfentix78: what brand of clay is that?
auntyalias: AutumnLeaves-Grp.htm
dahs512 left the room
auntyalias: Premo, all list members get discounts for pounds of Premo
from Karen at ClayAlley
docfentix78: thank you
auntyalias: any questions on the easy breezy blend with no pasta
docfentix78: how much is a pound of premo?
auntyalias: around $9.50 or so
docfentix78: good deal!
auntyalias: and her service is sterling
polymerfairy: that reminds me I still have to place an order
docfentix78: That is a great technique to know! thank you!
auntyalias: I got to do inventory, I ended up with a pile of blue and
red clay and had to do a purple run of items to use it up
auntyalias: I'm all about getting the prep of the canes to be easier,
less steps, less dependence on machines
polymerfairy: I need white bad...almost out
auntyalias: I alway use pearl instead of white, but I'm kitchy
docfentix78: I use mostly pearl, but I put a tad of white in it to
brighten it.
polymerfairy: I tried pearl on my daisies...should have mixed some
with with it..they came out yuck
polymerfairy: or is that yick
dahs512 joined the room
auntyalias: Roll call?
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
dahs512: Denise in Texas
docfentix78: Ethan Van Nuys
lilypond41: Cindy , WV
frogger70301: Mitch, LA
auntyalias: and that ain't Los Angeles
auntyalias: it's the South
auntyalias: LOL
polymerfairy: Hi Mitch...blond moment here lol
auntyalias: ok, I just tapered the edge of the blended ribbon because
leaves don't have block edges
frogger70301: heehee, NJ. Hiyas Bonny.
auntyalias: so I'm laying it on a darker green for separation between
the segments of the leaf, this amount will give us a bunch of canes so
I'm not going to be using it all up for one
auntyalias: now the light edge is on one side
auntyalias: in this case the upper side
auntyalias: the dark side of the blend is at the bottom
auntyalias: to do a chevron flip
auntyalias: you slice diagonally going through all the segments
auntyalias: from one corner to the other
auntyalias: we need a center vein, but I'll show you the flip first
auntyalias: turn one side around
auntyalias: that's the flip
auntyalias: but we need the center vein before we reassemble
auntyalias: and we need a surround sheet
polymerfairy: glad I could watch ou do one...I got the same effect but
did it differently
frogger70301: heehee
frogger70301: I'm not feeling too good so I'm gonna go lay down for a
little while.
frogger70301: I'll try to make another round later.
auntyalias: did you eat?
dahs512: by Mitch
auntyalias: don't get low blood sugar
polymerfairy: feel better Mitch  tc
auntyalias: ciao Mitch
frogger70301: yeah, I did. heehee
auntyalias: good
lilypond41: hope you feel better
frogger70301 left the room
polymerfairy: pretty
auntyalias: when working with gold, silver, or pearl
auntyalias: slice in one stroke, one direction
auntyalias: or you get SAW marks with the moved mica
polymerfairy: brb hubby alarm again...he's tearing down a wall and
found a door in the middle of the wall
dahs512: my big fish is deatroying one of my filters, the punk
dahs512: destroying
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: so that's one sided highlight cheveron flip leaf pressed
auntyalias: whew
docfentix78: thank you!
auntyalias: I like how the highlight is on one side of the leaf, but
not exactly one half
docfentix78: thank you!
auntyalias: oh we're not finished yet
dahs512: I got some shots, just of the cane, not the blend
auntyalias: we're just starting
auntyalias: now what if we cut along the edges of that leaf
auntyalias: and then connected the edges, we'd get a bowl sort of
shape, yes?
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: well that's a pendant and this still needs flowers
auntyalias: so let's cut the salvage off of it and connect the edges
3/4ths of the way around
auntyalias: the other fourth of the way will be the roll where the
cord needs to be threaded through
polymerfairy: back again
auntyalias: so there's the pendant without the flower
auntyalias: what color flower should we put on there?
dahs512: that'll work
auntyalias: I'm having problems with the lighting and color
polymerfairy: hubby has me making him cured clay logs for him ..he's
turning them on his wood lathe
dahs512: I understand
dahs512: Since I started using flooresant lamp I have trouble
dahs512: Was he the one asking on pcc?
polymerfairy: no...he just started doing it yesterday
dahs512: someone else was asking
polymerfairy: did a neat base for a lamp....can't wire it tho
dahs512: why not?
polymerfairy: no hole
dahs512: Drll it
lilypond41: I have to go. Thanks!
auntyalias: see you Cindy
dahs512: later then
polymerfairy: bye Cindy tc
lilypond41 left the room
docfentix78: I need to go too. thanks for the great lesson!
dahs512: by Ethan
docfentix78: bye!
polymerfairy: bye  tc
docfentix78 left the room
dahs512: I need to go get keegan in about 5 minutes
polymerfairy: we're dropping like flies here...I'm getting
sleepy...was a rough night last night...bad dreams
auntyalias: we can break for an hour
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: I'll post to the list that the Demo will resume
auntyalias: make it two hours
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: so I can get the dishes done
polymerfairy: ok...I may go swimming instead of a nap
dahs512: better yet for me
auntyalias: so 3:30 Pacific
auntyalias: 6:30 Eastern
polymerfairy: ok great...I can get dinner too
auntyalias: coolness ok we'll take up on this pendant then
auntyalias: xoxo
polymerfairy: see everyone then  and thx NJ for everything
auntyalias: my pleasure, rest up, a nap and a swim after
polymerfairy: will do TTFN
auntyalias: xoxo

You are in "*g.MSATClayArt:1" ( )

twinmom94002 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Libby
auntyalias: Mitch is on her way
twinmom94002: hi there NJ!
twinmom94002: cool
frogger70301 joined the room
twinmom94002: hiya
frogger70301: oh, that stupid Enter Chat thing gets on my nerves!
frogger70301: Hiya, ?Lisa?
twinmom94002: too...i always just kinda stare at it dumbly
twinmom94002: Libbi...San Francisco
frogger70301: oh, sorry. At least I was close, huh?
twinmom94002: problem
auntyalias: Oh you spell it with an I at the end, Libbi
auntyalias: I've been spelling it wrong all this time
auntyalias: sorry
twinmom94002: yes....but it's ok...everyone spells it with a 'y'
auntyalias: well we should spell it right anyway
twinmom94002: thanks nj
auntyalias: the sun is landing on the table let me close the curtains
twinmom94002: do you have the huge picture windows in your living
room, nj?
auntyalias: facing west
twinmom94002: yep...that's how our apt. was
auntyalias: when we don't have fog it's right in my eyes
frogger70301: oh, NJ. i'm just about ready to start wiring! Wish me
auntyalias: Good Luck, Mitch, I'll keep my fingers, toes and eyes
auntyalias: about these greens
auntyalias: not that the color is right yet
auntyalias: this first one is equal amounts of blue and yellow
auntyalias: this is with a bit of pearl added
auntyalias: can't tell the difference, it's subtle
auntyalias: then with gold
auntyalias: love that green and gold mix
auntyalias: then green, gold and more pearl
frogger70301: it's so yummy!
frogger70301: oh, those look great!
auntyalias: what I wanted to point out here
auntyalias: is when mixing blue and yellow for green
auntyalias: don't just leave it there
auntyalias: add gold and pearl and get different hues
auntyalias: now I'll take the blue/yellow mix green
auntyalias: and cut it into three pieces
auntyalias: I'll add pearl to one piece
auntyalias: gold to another and leave one bit just green
auntyalias: ok?
twinmom94002: gold and blue make a beautiful oliv-y green
auntyalias: using gold for yellow, copper for red, and silver for blue
you can do the same mixes as primary colors
auntyalias: they react similarly
frogger70301: so you're basically mixing 1 to 1?
auntyalias: ya, one to one, eyeballing it
frogger70301: We really need tp get together and get NJ a motor for
that thing! heehee
twinmom94002: doubt!
auntyalias: no room for a motor here
auntyalias: folks get goosed with the handle getting to the sofa
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I have to remember to remove the handle with folks come to
sit in the leopard nook
auntyalias: I think I'll take blue and add it to the basic green
frogger70301: if you had a motor, you wouldn't need the handle!
auntyalias: make it darker
auntyalias: we need contrast
auntyalias: then I wouldn't get any exercise
auntyalias: LOL
twinmom94002: hehehe
frogger70301: I'm just tryin to give ya a hard time... cause I lus ya
so much!
twinmom94002: brb (i'll be in and out, as usual)
auntyalias: going to blend the gold/green and pearl/green sheets
frogger70301: k, hon.
auntyalias: and then use the darker green for separation sheets
auntyalias: since you know all this I'll move fast
auntyalias: so there's the blend
auntyalias: one sided highlight
frogger70301: looks good.
twinmom94002: i like looking
auntyalias: so I'm going to taper the edges and then lay it on the
darker green sheet for the separations between our segments
auntyalias: now I'll slice off segments and stack
auntyalias: and now to cut it diagonally, give it a center vein, and
frogger70301: oh, that is pretty.
auntyalias: now the effect is subtle
auntyalias: but when you do a mess of these leaves
auntyalias: and cluster them so the highlight is on the same side of
each leaf
auntyalias: you get a nice effect of sun falling on the leaves from
one direction
frogger70301: brb
twinmom94002: looks like there's a lot of depth to the leaves
frogger70301: back
auntyalias: It's difficult to show
auntyalias: but the front leaf shows it the best
auntyalias: now with leaves of different sizes, formed like this, in a
auntyalias: it'll look real nice I think
frogger70301: I think I need to go sit outside so I can watch the
widget. She don't wanna come back in.
auntyalias: ok honey
auntyalias: I understand
twinmom94002: i was afk for a while...did you do the fold & flip on
that cane?
frogger70301: ttyl.
frogger70301 left the room
twinmom94002: see ya later
auntyalias: ya, I did the chevron flip
twinmom94002: that's a great "easy breezy" technique
twinmom94002: do you wanna go do other stuff for a while, NJ? I'm
semi-busy with the kids, so wouldn't want you to hang around for my
auntyalias: Denise got screen shots up of the earlier demo
auntyalias: Ya I think I'll come back later then
twinmom94002: kewl! very fast!
twinmom94002: 'k...i'll look for you later, then
auntyalias: xoxo
twinmom94002: hugs from a few blocks away

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.


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