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Autumn Leaf Group: Here you'll find the step by step on two leaf canes. Seven other samples of leaves made along these same lines can be found on the Autumn Leaves Page.

These went into the making of the Autumn Leaf Jar using techniques from Flowers and LEXX

Leaf Index: Just Leaves on the Com site.

Autumn Leaf Group Autumn Leaf Group Pages:

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Each group page has 5 pictures. What you'll see on these pages.
1, When you're doing blends it's not necessary to totally mix the colors at this point. I left the orange as yellow, red and white like that on purpose so you can see it doesn't need premixing.
2, See how the orange ended up getting mixed as the orange and green got blended. Don't make extra work for yourself unless you're doing it just for fun. 
3, This particular cane was fan folded. By that I mean, you zig zag the ribbon of blend so one color is on one side of the cane and the other color is on the other side. I did a green surround. Here it is stacked and sliced into sections. 

Doing the chevron flip is an easy effect. You stack the sections of blended cane and then reduce to a square. Slice diagonally across the square and flip one side over. Instant Chevron. 

4, This cane made into leaves. Other leaves are being attached to the beginning of the Autumn Leaf Jar. 
5, More pictures of the Autumn Leaf Jar and the start of another cane using the bulls eye with a sandwich surround sheet. 
6, Making a leaf cane without the chevron flip. Wedges of clay blended bulls eyes as wedges, stacked, surrounded and reduced. 
7, Completion of the non chevron leaf cane, it's finished look and continuing on the Autumn Leaf Jar. 
8, Adding face the Kai face mold on the jar. Using a cane that was really disappointing for a leaf but made some interesting facial tribal markings on Kai.