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Powders - Glittering and Twilight 007: Timica Silver Sparkle

Timica luster pigments provide color, luminescence and shimmering effects to a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care products. Timica white pigments vary in luster from silky and smooth to sparkly, depending upon particle size distribution. Timica "metallic" and earth colors lend deep, warm tones to products and can be used alone, blended together or added as accents to other colors. They also add metallic sheen and highlights to eye shadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, nail enamels, shampoos, soaps and a host of other personal care and cosmetic formulations. For example, Engelhard Timica Brilliant Gold, Golden Bronze and Copper grades are particularly effective in suntan-related makeup and auxiliary products. And all Timica luster pigments are free-flowing powders that can be used alone or blended with other effect-enhancing pigments to increase visual impact.


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