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Powders: Helicone
H. W. Sands Corp. is a Worldwide Leader in the design and manufacture of IR Dyes, Laser Dyes, Ink Jet Dyes, Thermal Dyes, Chemicals and Inks for the Imaging Industry with a primary focus on the Security, Transaction Card, Electrophotographic, Display and Pre-sensitized Printing Plate markets.

Established in 1983, our corporate R&D focus is on the Research, Development and Commercialization of high-value, custom and commercial dyes, chemicals and corollary products which support our customerís product differentiation, thereby increasing their brand value and overall profitability.

Helicone Sapphire (8-7) 001
Helicone Maple (9-3) 002
Helicone Jade (9-7) 003

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