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Powders: Refleks

Reflecks pearlescent and iridescent pigments deliver an entire spectrum of optical effects – depth, sparkle and multicolor viewing – bringing extraordinary visual impact and a futuristic look to cosmetic and personal care products. Thanks to a significant advance in pigment technology, Engelhard's Reflecks pigments achieve new levels of chroma, color purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity. Specifically, Reflecks pigments offer formulators the ability to create a brilliant, star-like glitter effect based on their smooth surfaces and large particle size. They also produce a true "aurora borealis," or multicolor effect, when two or more Reflecks shades are blended (as opposed to normal interference pigments, which tend to cancel each other out when opposing colors are mixed).

Refleks Guilded Gold (6-6) 001
Refleks Really Rouge (7-2) 002
Refleks Purly Purple (7-6) 003
Refleks Rich Red (8-2) 004
Refleks Clearly Copper (6-3) 005
Refleks Truly Turquoise (6-7) 006
Refleks Blazing Bronze (7-3) 007
Refleks Glimmers of Green (7-7) 008
Refleks Twinkles of Turquoise (8-3) 009
Refleks Points of Pearl (6-4) 010
Refleks Visions of Violet (6-8) 011
Refleks Beams of Blue (7-4) 012
Refleks Gleams of Gold (7-8) 013
Refleks Rays of Red (8-4) 014
"Engelhard's dynamic Reflecks MultiDimensions pigments create extraordinary effects that will be well received by our customers seeking exciting new product possibilities," said Nancy McGuire, global marketing manager for cosmetics and personal care at Engelhard. "In addition to the exciting color experience, this new effect technology adds highly desirable qualities of visual dimensionality and dramatic sparkle to our customers' product lines."

Reflecks MultiDimensions pigments are Engelhard's latest addition to the Reflecks™ family of pigments and are available in four colors: Reflecks MultiDimensions Changing Cherry; Reflecks MultiDimensions Varying Violet; Reflecks MultiDimensions Shifting Sapphire; and Reflecks MultiDimensions Transforming Teal.
Shifting Sapphire (6-5) 015
Transforming Teal (7-1) 016
Varying Violet (7-5) 017
Changing Cherry (8-1) 018

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