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Powders: Storage Box Start:

I cut strips of cardboard and measured how wide the container was and cut rectangles out of the cardboard going to the center of each strip. Then I inserted the cut cardboard strips together. I got this idea from how merchants pack wine bottles in boxes.  Here is the post I sent to CITY-o-Clay about how Cardboard Is Not Safe In My House...

Well ya know I was looking all over for a storage container to hold the 101
samples of the glittery powder my girlfriend sent to me.

I couldn't find anything suitable. So I recycled a couple of Priority Mail boxes
and cut them apart and made a storage unit that fit my needs. Actually this page
shows one tray only but I did make two and they both can stack in one box. I'm
going to make a lid for the box. I want to put labels on each square somehow so
I put things back where I got them and I can store these samples according to
manufacturer. I also need to cut out some of the cardboard along the top of the
lengths so I can get my fingers in and pick out these sample containers without
a hassle. Right now it's a bit of a hassle. But it's a start.

I had to cut the cardboard lengths twice. The first time I didn't cut deep
enough and there were gaps along the bottom of each section. There's wee bits of
cut out cardboard all over the place and Buddy is having a field day with the
cardboard trim.

I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself actually. This trick might work for
storing minis, beads, small things like findings.  After a bit of wrestling I
found that I only have to cut the two sides of the cut out bit and then twist it
off with needle nose pliers.  Saved my finger tips and a lot of time that way,
especially with the second cuts which were 1/8th of an inch long.  I didn't
fancy chewing those bits off.

I'm excited about this goofy storage box, but then again, I'm an easy date. LOL


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