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Powders: Ultradescence

Engelhard Ultradescence™ iridescent pigments:

Engelhard Ultradescence iridescent pigments stem from a unique technology platform. Consisting of pure titanium dioxide* in a platy form, these pigments exhibit very unique intense interference colours and a high degree of lustre.
They can be used in any type of colour cosmetic or personal care application. Their small particle size (average six microns) makes them especially well suited for foundations and other face and skin products.

Ultradescence iridescent pigments manipulate light to create a luminous, warm glow on the face and skin, or to impart valuable colour correcting properties.
These pigments can enhance all types of colour cosmetic and personal care products with glowing , iridescent colour.

Ultradescence Violet (8-6) 001
Ultradescence Green (9-2) 002
Ultradescence Gold (9-6) 003
Ultradescence Blue (10-2) 004
Ultradescence Red (10-6) 005

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