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Had a good talk with Hilda

MSATClayArt Philosophical RahRah


For those who are new I have a neighbor named Hilda, she and her
husband have been married longer than most of us have been alive. He's
95 "and a HALF" he hollars, she's 93. They get about with walkers and
she's the one who takes care of him. Anyway, from time to time over
the last 18 years she and Gerald have needed us to help out.

Us being my apartment, Jolie from Uganda's tribe, the McDermot's clan
down the hall. Any time of the day or night if Hilda or Gerald need us
we'll come running. We all have our various energies to take care of
any emergency. I don't drive but I'll clean up blood and put a worried
spouse to bed if one goes to the hospital. Which happened recently.
Hilda had a fall and the whole floor rallied around her rescue and
recovery. I got flowers from her family when they caught up with
current events. Muslims, Jews and Christians working together, I find
our cooperation a signal of hope.

So that as a overview I was telling Hilda that she and Gerald are our
grandparent, are our parents who are maybe dead already or far away.
"I wish I could help my grandmother, so I'll help Hilda." I say in a
neighbor's voice. She just cracks up saying I missed my calling as a
stand up comic.

Ya, my academic advisor said the same thing when I was studying
English Lit. LOL

Anyway. I told her by calling us for help when she needs it she allows
us to earn a blessing. Those folks who are proud and don't want help
because it'll get in the way of some illusion of autonomy, they are
selfish, keeping those blessings from blossoming, by not allowing folks to
help them.

It also proves to me that when there's love there's no embarrassment
of needing help, giving help.

There's this weird equation in some folk's head, that if someone gives
too much to them they feel uncomfortable, for the balance of power is
uneven. Accept too much wampum, don't feel that it could possibly be
repaid, feel embarrassed to be beholding, and then move away from the
relationship, even if it means that you don't get as much help

That's if there's an issue of power and not of love.

Love gives without counting, the right hand not knowing what the left
hand has given away. Love bears burdens that could never be bought, or
would at least be hella expensive to pay for. CherylD taking care of
her parents comes to mind, she's in pain herself and she's caring for
those who are more fragile. Selfless love to my thinking gets big
bonus blessings.

Is it a sin to be happy to give? Naw, I don't think that the
satisfaction that teachers, healers, people in the service profession
feel could be a bad thing. Sister Teresa wouldn't think so, I reckon.

So what does this have to do with this list and what We do here, me
and the CoModerators? You allow us to gather blessings and feel the
satisfaction that comes from helping folks. Simple and true.

No money in the world could get you what you get here for free. Know
it is done out of love. The Team here thanks you for asking for help,
for showing your stuff, for hanging out with us. God Willing, you'll
get bit by the giving bug and realize ... hey it's nice to help out
the incoming new claymates. Time for you to cook the mini welcome
wagon casserole. We don't pay back, we pay forward. If you feel like
you've been helped, help someone new. If you feel like you've learned
something, share what you know with those who don't know a thing. If
you were encouraged... you know the drill, time to encourage someone
new. That's how the energy of the list continues and becomes a

We have the opportunity to do some good in the world, to ourselves and
to others. What a Mitzva, Hilda would say. Oh hey, check out her
website for me, she plays classical harpsichord and tames the soul of
the savage beasts that roam the hallways. Folks standing stock still
with their garbage bags in their hands listening to her play Bach like
time don't mean nothing to the artist.

If you find her as fascinating as I do, buy one of her CDs. She's still
hustling her music. Amazing. I couldn't have wished for a better
replacement grandmother (mine are passed away on both sides) than if I
had ordered her from a Sears Roebuck catalogue.

Just wanted to share,



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