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The New Foam on the Mouth

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Return to Polymer Clay Index 10-13-2019 - Where to find the new rambles, rants, and chronicle of my return to polymer clay after a half dozen years of absence.
05-08-2018: Dragon 15 and Philips  DVT. or how to get a novel written without RSI from typing for hours and days on end.
Dragon 15 DVT crop
12-16-17 NaNoWriMo Rambling in the Wee Hours. Future rambles about the process of writing will be in the NaNoWriMo section of the Bonsai Trailer Court.
02/12/08: These Rambles have been updated and edited. They are also the ones I tend to reach for when responding to posts on CITY-0-Clay, so I'm putting them on top here for all of our convenience.





About Canes 









Keep up or not

Got an Idea or Want to Volunteer?

Beginner's Project

08-03-2012 Becoming vegan is a political protest and boycott

This note is in response to a friend on FaceBook, stating that humans are omnivorous and I should strike a balance in my diet.

07-05-12: Beginner's Project: A new CITY-o-Clay member asked "What would be a good beginner's project" and this was my reply.

No it's not a covered egg. This covered egg was one of my earlier efforts. Thought it would be appropriate for a ramble about beginner's projects.

What's up with the "too light" photos?

05-15-2012 Ramble: What's going on with the photos that are too light on this website?

12-18-11: The odd things I find when doing spring cleaning on my website. An optical illusion with Angelina Jolie.
Memorial 2011 - We need to express our loss and grief through our art. Sometimes when there is a death in the family of a ClayMate I've needed to express myself in a ramble. This web section will be set aside for the links and photos for this sad topic.
On the 10th Anniversary of my father’s death: “You know you’re a red neck if

Daddy was born on 9/11 and died April 2001. We were relieved he passed before his birthday.

Mixing Colors, 08-30-2010 - A more lengthy ramble.

This is a post sent to CITY-o-Clay because we had an influx of new members coming from a metalclay group. Polymer clay has color, or more color than metalclay, so we need to address the color topic at length.

07-12-2010-Breakability: A ClayMate asked about the "breakability" of polymer clay and this was my reply to her.

07-12-2010 Smoothing Three main tips on smoothing polymer clay.

10-21-2009 BettyP asked: My question to you is where do I start?

08-10-09: Advice for a new clayer How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

05-31-09: Tenth Anniversary hosting the clay art Yahoo Group.

03-27-09: Stress Kills

Why CITY-o-Clay will reduce your stress and help you live a more healthy and longer life.

01-26-09 post to COC: A bit more about SteamPunk and then some...

02-01-06: Highlights vs The Tute List for an explanation of how the Monthly Highlights are organized differently than the Tutorial List.

April 2006 Rambles

Butterfly Exploration

March 2006 Rambles

Art is personal self expression no matter what your skill set happens to be.

Three Part Process of being creative. Part of it is to chill out.

12-09-06: 'Holiday Stress' Post to the ClayMates

1999 - What you can get from a "sink hole" at the end of a large cane.

This is one of my first large canes and I made all together too much. I made flowers with a bunch of petals, with branches and leaves and when it was reduced it pleased me a great deal. What I found was the end-o-cane made huge "dog bone" and a massive sink hole in the center. I went YIKES.

Who is the Official Vendor for CITY-o-Clay and Why

Sense of Self: What is it? Why is it important to the Artist? How to Repair it?

Sense of Self Part Two: Dr. Ginger Blume

Competition Curbs Creativity

Expression gives the face Life

GOLDEN RATIO of 1.618, is the rule for beauty and Dr. Stephen Marquardt's site on Beauty Analysis

BBB Beats Being Bitchy

Cure for Swap Diss

Troubadours and Sestinas

Mini Meme

Three Day Open House Marathon In Chat: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the First Day of Kwanzaa on the 26th

Nightmare Before Christmas Fans: Coming out of the Cartoon Closet

Think Outside of the Room Box

Sculpting and THE FEAR

Forensics and Sculpting

Walk Like Egyptians

What to do with "Primitive" Canes?

Polymer Clay a Blip on the Miniature Horizon

Art is God Given

Polymer Clay Related Rambles

Make up and other powders used on raw clay

Don't Call Them "Dolls"

What colors do you need to start? 

From the simple to complex

About Canes 

Basics of Cane Design

For all those who are new to polymer clay

Beginners start at the beginning

The beginning is a delicate time

How do I design a project?

Mini Clay FAQ

Backing Into The Mini Scene and Gold MerMaid

To explain the quarter jar

03-18-03- Showing Emotion and How That's Communication

The TLS Experiment, just gotta do it 

Developing the Attitude

Reviews, Themes, 900 lb Gorillas

05-24-04 How Proud I Am of YOU

04-24-04 Be Kind To Each Other and To Yourself: 

You are the most important person at your worktable. 

Part of the Art of Being Joyful: Developing a Give a Shit Attitude

Spread the Joy

The Importance of Loving Yourself First 

Sharing a gift from my Step Father: The right to enjoy yourself.

Do Not Compare Your Work With Anyone Elses

Claying for Dollars or Claying for Healing

Ramble: Chilling: Its value in the art process


Patty Roused A Ramble: The Good Steward or I believe you got the RIGHT to Clay. 

Does It Seem Like It's All Going To Pot? The Point Being...

I don't do Cute. 

Generic Rantings

Cropping pictures for CITY-o-ClayPictures

Starting your own website

The Importance of Play

Had a good talk with Hilda

The Story of 57 Cents, send to me by my sister Sherry Brummett

The Matrix Books and What's the Big Deal? 

April Changes to the Website

From The Early Show Medical Correspondant Dr. Emily Senay: It's Normal to feel Anxious, here's what to do

20 rules of wisdom

Saying Good Bye to Mister Rogers

Boomers Don't Lie About Your Age: perpetuating the stigma of growing old

Spam and Forwards Rant

An update on thoughts of death and grief and lack of closure

It Ain't List TV


06-18-06: Father's Day Book Shuffle
has been kind enough to reprint one of my rambles in their November 2002 issue: So What's the Point After All. There's pictures that are from the newest and the oldest of my mini works. So new claymates take heart, everyone was a beginner at some time or another. 

NoraJean Featured Artist for LadyBead  September Newsletter.

Ramble Index: Reopened 6-11-02

Over the three years that the list has been in existence there's been
30 Rambles that have been voted by list members as worth saving
somewhere. That's how the Ramble Index got started. There were
PhotoPoint references in them and all of those had to be replaced with
on site tutorials, Epson Album links or the pictures of the things in
question, a new wrinkle on about half of the Rambles, those pictures.
Did I have to do some archeology to find those, or what? These Rambles
go back to 1999 and so do the pictures that are referenced.

I've also sorted out the Rambles as to Clay related, Philosophical and
MSATClayArt List related rambles. It should be easier to get around.

This is the first open letter to 

COMPLAINT: Word Verification Ineffective Barrier for Bot Porn Spammers

Site Changes Oct/Nov. 2006

Since PhotoPoint Died  I'm rebuilding older tutorials. The tutorials and experiments from the first three years of teaching online can be found on Biz-Archive/Tute-List.  


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