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What's up with the "too light" photos?


After I changed web hosts and uploaded my backed up copy of my website to the new location I realized that some of the corrections to the pictures had not been backed up. The pages were but the photos were not.

Ok, here's the long story: when my old monitor was dying I thought my photos on my site looked too dark. It did not occur to me to check them on another computer monitor. So in a fit of I-don't-know-what I went and "lightened" a boatload of pictures. Was I surprised when I got a new monitor that I had unnecessarily lightened the photos. YIKES! So I went back and adjusted darkness and contrast on the photos for days. I backed up my website and figured I was done.

Not so easy as I thought. In doing the whole sale "publish" to my external HDD only the pages that were changed were backed up and the photos that I corrected were not.

I didn't know that until I got the new webhost. I go poking about my site and find that the photos I know I corrected were back to the too light stage again. I looked like a confused dog. Arf? What happened? After some experimentation I figured it out. Oh, ok... hmmm.

I'm not feeling stupid about it because that's how you learn a thing, but I am spending a lot of time doing darkness and contrast corrections to the pictures, and one folder at a time, copying the corrected sections to my external HDD. That insures that the corrected pictures are backed up. Good thing I don't mind tedious work that lasts for days. I've been listening to audio books while I'm doing this so I'm learning some more things in the process, e.g. Steven Hawkins "A brief history of Time.". 

Here is an example of a unnecessarily lightened

and then corrected photo.

I know it's not all that much of a difference but it's the principle of the thing.

I also found a half dozen "Gallery" albums of very early work, or very old work, how ever you want to perceive it. The very first MerDude, who never got cured but I have tons of pictures of his process. When I get the photos corrected I'm going to be resurrecting these old albums to continue the chronicle of my polymer clay journey. Venus goes retrograde today for 46 days so it's good to revisit old loves. My old loves just happen to be made of polymer clay.  If you see photos that are "too light" know they will be corrected in due course. A gig of website is a lot of ground to cover for a one grandma band. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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