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Cropping pictures for CITY-o-ClayPictures

People, this applies to this list and to the pix list and anywhere
else you store pictures.

I was able to trim the shared photos that are stored at
CITY-o-ClayPictures from nearly 30 MB to 6.29, not by removing one
picture. I did it by deleting the FULL SIZED picture that was also
eating up space.

We don't need to see these pictures in high resolution. That's like
taking a regular sized photo and blowing it up to the size of a movie
poster.  The high resolution pictures need to be reduced in size
before storing them anywhere.

For instance, most digital cameras take pictures in some sort of high
resolution. When you take that jpg and bring it into a graphics
program like PhotoShop you are changing the size of the picture and

These are two different things. My lowest resolution with my camera
is 150 pixels per inch. If we looked at the size of the picture by
inch it is only 3 inches by 4 inches. Seems ok at first. It weighs in
at 900K.

To view a picture on a computer monitor all it needs is 72 pixels per
inch. If I change the ppi, pixel per inch, from 150 to 72, adjust the
size to 5 inches wide, which is the size of the larger pictures you
see in my tutorials, the picture weighs in at 507K. That's still
larger than what we need for sharing pictures.

Ok, let's say you don't own a Graphics program. You got the digital
camera and there's no adjustment. There's a trick I'm going to share
with you right here. This applies to Yahoo Groups picture sharing

Load the high resolution picture into the album. When you look at the
picture it has a link for FULL SIZED. Click that, then see how BIG
the picture is....Yikes, now click the link for DELETE FULL SIZE
ONLY. If you do that the picture weighs in at 197K.

Now from 900K, like my lowest resolution gives me to 197K, you can
see how doing some image adjustment inside your photo album will
allow us to show more pictures than what we were doing before.

In our albums there are thumbnails, small pictures that are linked to
Screen Sized pictures, that's big enough to see a lot of details. We
can't afford to store uncropped full sized pictures. There's just not
enough space.

So when you go check out your pictures stored on CITY-o-ClayPictures
there will be the thumbnail and the screen view. I've gone through
ALL the albums and reduced the size or wrote to the ClayMate to move
some of the pictures to Epson in cases of folks who have a lot of
pictures there.

I know this is boring stuff but look at the time of this post. (4am) I'm
burning the midnight oil to crop pictures and it was time to share a
trick on easy cropping within the album. We'll have more room and
I'll get more sleep. LOL



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