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Becoming vegan is a political protest and boycott


This note is in response to a friend on FaceBook, stating that humans are omnivorous and I should strike a balance in my diet. Now I like my young friend so it is incumbent upon me to share what I know and it's too long for a comment area on a thread about my blood tests.

I want to explain my motivations for making the life style changes I have beyond the need to turn around a pre-diabetic diagnosis. In my studies I've learned a few frightening things and I'll share them with you and those who commented in that thread.

Humans may be omnivorous but they did not evolve eating meat that has been fed GMO corn and soy, growth hormones, and antibiotics, which caused an upswing in cancer since the early 90s when it was introduced into our food system. Most of the developed countries around the world will not import our beef, chicken, corn, and soy because it is considered dangerous. Our GMO corn is listed as an insecticide by the EPA because it has been genetically modified to exude insecticide as it grows!

The introduction of GMO corn and soy into processed foods, and milk products from cows fed with GMO corn and soy and growth hormones, coincides with the upswing in food allergies with children, causing some children to have to be hospitalized for eating "Leggo my Eggo waffles and blue yogurt". Kraft, Kellogg, Coca Cola, Wal-Mart in other countries sell food products without GMO ingredients because they are not allowed to sell to others what they sell to us, which means that those other coutries protect their citizens and Americans are just screwed by multinational corporations and agri-business.

Big agri-business is subsidized by the government and organic farmers are taxed and have to jump through expensive hoops to get certified as organic, which is why organic food is so expensive. The FDA is filled with people involved in big agri-business, which gives a shit about our health. The AMA is driven by Pharma-con, a pill for every ill. It is more profitable for Pharma-con to treat a preventable disease than to have doctors ask patients "What are you eating?"

We have to understand that the "American Diet" has too much tainted animal products, GMO engineered corn and soy (introduced into the food stream with NO human trials) sugar, processed foods, and empty calories and is causing 70% of the health care's budget to deal with preventable diseases.

Until I can find animal products free from antibiotics, GMO feed, I best go vegan and take my multi-vitamins. I'm as angry with agri-business being more concerned with increased profits at the expense of the American's health as some folks are angry with Wall Street for causing the recession. Occupy Your Body, is what's on my placard. My giving up animal products is developing into a political protest and boycott of big agri-business because they listen to the kaChing of the cash register.

All this doesn't even address the fact that raising cattle at the rate that the world is now, as developing countries try to copy the American diet, is contributing to the green house effect because of the cattle's emission of methane. To sustain the growing population of the world going vegan is not a choice but a necessity. One outraged hippy granny isn't going to change the world but she can inform her family and friends, then they in turn can inform others and it ripples out into society. We're being screwed by the FDA, AMA, by agri-business, and Pharma-con, and we have the power to foil them by what is on our fork. "Fork You Big Business" will be my rallying cry!


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