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Think Outside of the Room Box


This list was part of MiniScenesAndThings. Just because we've changed the name to CITY-o-Clay doesn't mean we're going to stop doing mini scenes.

We're not limited to just polymer clay when we are building a scene. That's one of the reasons I was intent on organizing my supplies and tools. We need wood, paper mache boxes, contact paper, paint, mini hardware like hinges, handles and electrical components. Fur, cloth, trim, glue, you name it you can use it in a mini scene.

Check out Kai3's new digs, his picture is on the home page for this

Going forward in this new solar year for me I am determined to get
my tools and supplies organized so I can grab a box and do the
Christopher Lowell 7 layers of design on it. Start from the walls,
then the trim, then the larger furniture items, going down to the
accessories. We can do Christopher one better, we can add people to
our scene.

Now I want everyone to take everything they know about Doll Houses
and Room Boxes and toss it out the window.

These mini scenes do not have to look like they were furnished by
Ethan Allen.

Go to the book store, check out some magazines like Decor and see
what's going on with high end interior design. Or go check out the
Museum and look at paintings to see what was going on with interior
design back in the day... just pick which day you want to visit in
the "Way Back Machine".

If we want to do a mini scene of a futuristic environment we can go
high tech stream line or we can go post apocalyptic Mad Max build
with salvaged items. "I've come to salvage for me buddy."

What I want from us here on this list is for us to tap what is
inside of our mind's eye and not copy and repeat that which has been
done just forever and ever.

Margie in Dunedin, Florida, made a lovely Music Store room box for
her son. Complete with instruments and a cash register with money.
Pearl Jordan did the Man Figure that looked like Margie's son. Now
that is original and has significant emotional meaning for Margie.
When I saw it I could see the love she put into it for she loves her
son just to bits and bit.

Margie if you see this post give us a link so the ClayMates can see
the Music Store Room Box and your Egyptian Room too. Your
southwestern attic too... LOL I've always been a fan of Margie's
work for it is all so original and personal.

If you think Room box or Doll house and you see some life style that
doesn't blow your skirt up or knock your socks off then you're
looking into someone else's mini window. You don't have to make your
interiors like everyone else's.

In fact I don't want you to make your mini scenes like anyone else's.
I want each of us to reach down inside of ourselves and find our
dreams and then make them manifest. If your dream scene is on
another planet with flora and fauna like none we've ever seen before
then go for it.

If you want to do a mini scene from the perspective of a mouse
looking out of the hole in the wall, all skewed from a lowered point
of view, then go for it.

If you want to do a mini scene that has moving parts, and it's been
done, go for it.

There are things we cannot do with polymer clay easily. Clothing
that can be changed, bedding that can be swapped out and changed
according to mood, mini shoes and boots, all these things are better
done with cloth fabric, real fur and leather.

So think outside the usual room box. Ask yourself, what is your
secret desire in your heart of hearts? I mean what sort of furniture
would Centaurs have? BIG LONG SOFAS... LOL

How would you create a living quarters of a vessel in outer space?
How would you figure in the zero G environment.? Will everything
have a leash like pens and clip boards? Would there be netting with
velcro for beds? Does one need a bra in zero G... I think not.

So from the ancient past of huts made with the bones of Mastodons to
going where no miniaturist has gone before in the "way out yonder"
the universe is yours to build, in a walnut shell.

And you'll need more than just polymer clay to pull it off.

So ClayMates that's the direction I'm heading for this next year.
Taking advantage of all media to put together mini scenes. That's
why I got to get my supplies and tool organized. I want to toss
these mini scenes together like a sandwich, blip, bop, boink, and

Anyone read William Gibson's "Mona Lisa Overdrive"?  Where the many armed machine took floating refuse on the abandoned space mansion and made boxes that were so evocative and haunting that buyers needed to know who made that? I've read the Cyberpunk trilogy about 4 times, I think, and that
many armed machine grabbing stuff out of the air and tossing them in
a box just resonated for me. I want to be able to do that...LOL.

Now that would be an interesting scene, a many armed artist,
grabbing stuff out of the air as it floats by and building a room
box that's abstract but evocative.

Ya, that's the ticket...

So, I can relate to the need to sort and reorganize, but don't toss
out the stuff you can use to make room boxes. We're going in that
direction, for it is time.

We have a goodly amount of tutorials on clay, there's other
tutorials out there on the net dealing with techniques I don't do
and I won't do since there's tutorials out there already. The
tutorials I want to make going forward will be dealing with the
techniques we can use mixing polymer clay into the mini scene with
mixed media. Like putting clay on window sills to be able to get
sculpted effects. Easier to do that than to carve real wood and hope
to keep detail.

My coffee cup is empty so I'll send this out. LOL My coffee cup is
like my egg timer, when it is empty it is time to send the post.




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