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Polymer Clay a Blip on the Miniature Horizon


As a miniaturist I've explored new trails with "another
medium" for an activity that's been going on since the
Pyramids were built. Miniatures have a long history
and they hold different meaning to different cultures.

From fertility statues to knock offs of popular
culture icons. Knock offs of fertility statues for
that matter.

Polymer clay was not the start of the event horizon
for Miniaturists. It is a blip on the event horizon.
It is one tool we can use, so are recycled creamers
you get from mid priced restaurants.

Now there are things you can do with polymer clay that
couldn't be done before in any medium for miniaturists
and the most remarkable is how translucent polymer
clay, liquid and solid can create effects that were
impossible or expensive before.

When miniaturists "get it" that they can make a jar of
pickled mushroom slices with cured mushrooms and raw
translucent clay, they'll just go nuts. Vegs Group
The pitcher is the juice, the juice is the pitcher
it's a weird zen thing.

or TLS for glaze and frosting

if that link breaks hit this Tiny Url

Translucent clay mixed to a melted cheddar cheese hue,
when smeared over a baked bread colored clay gets the
best buns

Using TLS with a bit of color for face make up and
NoraJean.Com Sculpt/TLSMakeUp/Index
and for the sleeping lady penpal
on the bed of flowers, she got hair with TLS and clay

Scale and wood grain has always been a problem for
miniaturists, but not if they make their wood with
polymer clay.


I'm so excited with what can be done with polymer clay
that couldn't be done before for miniatures and figure sculpting

Polymer clay solved our mini issues of getting a good abalone shell

or sea shells

Miniaturists are bound by the colors that real things
are, their relative size to the scale of the scene.
Replicating things in nature is important for the
miniaturist and polymer clay has solved so many
problems. We can create animals, vegetables, minerals,
wood, feathers, fish scale, look at anything in the
wide world and ask yourself... how much translucent do
I need to get that hue? LOL

That being said mixing colors to match real life is a
skill that is needed to design canes that can
replicate real life. From wood grain to ice cubes,
sculpting realistic faces instead of "doll faces" and
putting color on their face without buying any more
paint, all these things are available to the
miniaturist who adds polymer clay to the Mini Scenes
And Things Tool Box.

Just some thoughts,

Nora Jean Stone (formerly "Gatine")



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