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Troubadours and Sestinas


Joseph Campbell said the most important thing that
happened to the western world was the Troubadors and
Courtly Love. A love that is individual to individual,
regardless of religion, marital status, class or clan
loyalty. That sense of romantic love was spread with
the songs of the Troubadours and my all time favorite
one is Daniel Arnaut.

"Arnaut DANIEL,
Arnaut also spelled ARNAUD (b. Ribérac?; fl.
1180-1200), celebrated Provencal poet, troubadour, and
master of the trobar clus, a poetic style composed of
complex metrics, intricate rhymes, and words chosen
more for their sound than for their meaning.
A nobleman by birth, Arnaut was a highly regarded
travelling troubadour.

"He is credited with inventing the sestina, a lyrical
form of six six-line stanzas, unrhymed, with an
elaborate scheme of word repetition."

"His skill with language was admired by Petrarch and
in the 20th century by Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot. His
greatest influence, however, was on Dante, who
imitated him and gave him a prominent place in
Purgatory as a model for the vernacular poet. Arnaut's
speech in Provençal is the only passage in the Divine
Comedy not in Italian."

Contemporary poets are writing sestinas and here's a
collection of very current creations.

Most relevant is the sestina
"Playing with Dolls" by David Trinidad (8/10/04)

So what does this all mean? The men on this list can
get over any weird feelings about sculpting figures or
making miniatures. Haiku writers can explore the
wonderful world of sestinas. Historical buffs can
learn about the father of the sestina, maybe review
some Dante.

For me, I'm planning a sculpture of Daniel Arnaut, and
writing a sestina for/about him, cuz I love him that

"And I pray my song does not displease you
   since, if you would like the music and lyrics,
   little cares Arnaut whether the unpleasant ones
like it too. "

Sculpt what you love ClayMates. Pick a topic that
means something to you so as you work on mixing clay
colors, building armatures, sculpting wee hands and
feet it's a labor of love.
Since that ramble was written I have sold Kai and Xev
face molds, but not to strangers, just to ClayMates I
know. They are like my children, ya know?

because I sculpt what I love and so should you,




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