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Competition Curbs Creativity


I know this is something I've mentioned before because it is part of
my philosophy of this list.

Competition Curbs Creativity. It's been studied and proven. In one
study with educators they took two groups of young girls. They were
given geometric colored paper cut outs and were told to make
something with them on a large piece of paper.

One group was told that there were three prizes for the best three.
One group was told that there were three gifts to be raffled off to

The group that felt that it was a competition produced very safe
designs, dull but safe.

The group that felt that everyone had an even chance of getting the
gifts in the raffle were more daring, their designs were more

Based on this study of Competition Curbs Creativity I don't
have "Challenges". I remember once a new ClayMate "challenged"
someone in Demo and got this reply...

"I build hospitals for crippled children. I have all the challenges
I need in my life. Clay is for fun."

Way to go Paulo. It was the truth after all.

There are no winners or losers on this list. There is no
competition. There are no "Challenges". Those things are done
elsewhere but not here.

Everyone's work is wonderful for it is an expression of a Divine
Gift given to us by our Creator. Everyone is a winner in my book who
gives effort to learning how to do a thing. No one is better or
worse than the other no matter how much technique one knows.

I don't feel that sort of energy is helpful in an environment where
we are dedicated to Uplift, Educate and Love.

Also I got issues on "Judging" in general. First Commandment Beef
and all that.

I will celebrate, nurture and love my ClayMates, it's not my job to
pass judgment on who's work is better than others.

Art is an expression of each person's unique vision and as such is
equally precious.

Just stating my case on the issue of Competition and this list.




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