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Walk Like Egyptians


There's an Egyptian family that was created in Demo. I was
experimenting with the filing faces and using TLS and clay to fill
in the marks.

Ma, Pa and the baby. Brother, Sister and Elder Male.

Here's the bodies, raw, bald and naked

good name for a reality TV show: The Raw Bald and Naked.

Now here they are, first cure. Dressed and faces being filed.

Then I use TLS and Clay color to fill in the file marks and give
extra color to the faces.

I must have put in Sister's eyes a half dozen times, on cam in Demo.
This is when this extended family was started.
Here they get color on their face with TLS and Clay.

I'm sharing this to let you new sculptors know that you can add,
cure, take away and add more, cure again, until you get to what is
in your mind's eye. It's something that is unique to polymer clay.

Sculpting takes time to learn, time to do once learned, and it's not
instant noodles. If you shy away from sculpting because of the time
factor, then look at these links, they span a couple of months. Some
things I've been working on for years. Do a bit, set it aside, go
back to it and fiddle with it some more.

The free time we have is scattered through out our week. But the way
I'm advocating learning how to sculpt is incremental. Do a bit, go
to work or be a parent or both. Go back to the sculpture, do a bit
more and go off and have a life. Have a few things you're working on
to take advantage of the mood you might be in during your rare free

So anyway, it's way past midnight at this oasis, so I'm off to my




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