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GOLDEN RATIO of 1.618, is the rule for beauty

Dr. Stephen Marquardt's site on Beauty Analysis.


I'll have to say I had a great time on Saturday during demo. We
covered a lot of stuff I had been wanting to review on sculpting.
The best part of the demo was when I was showing how to use the GRID
to map out the face before sculpting it.


We have "THE FACE", a two video set from the BBC mini series hosted
by John Cleeves and it is mentioned on that mini series that the
GOLDEN RATIO of 1.618, is the rule for beauty.

Here is a page that goes into this observation

Now it goes deeper than that, the lower body is 1.618 larger than
the upper body. Each bone of your finger is 1.618 smaller than the
bone going towards the palm of the hand. The mouth is 1.618 larger
than the underside of the nose. The front tooth is 1.618 larger than
the tooth next to it. It just goes on and on.

If we are to sculpt faces and bodies and we want them to be
perceived as beautiful, no matter what race or gender, this ratio of
1.618 will be the key.

Check out that page and then gather pictures of folks you consider
beautiful and test the ratio yourself.

Now on the flip side of this golden ratio coin, if we were to sculpt
bodies and faces that we don't want to be beautiful we can skew the
ratio. Make eyes smaller, wider apart, make the face not symetrical,
this will make faces that babies will shy away from. Babies are
drawn to faces that are beautiful. It's hardwired in our genes.

The page on the Golden Ratio will help budding sculptors and the
face grid that we reviewed yesterday.

I'm very excited about making sculpting a less scary event for new
clayers. There are tricks to mapping out the face. It does take a
bit of homework but of all the things we do here on the list
sculpting is the LONG HAUL effort. It's not instant noodles. It does
take practice and study and this is the study part of it.

Bernie cracked me up in Demo yesterday saying she had to confess not
listening to the Preacher in Church, for she was studying faces in
the congregation. LOL It is still cracking me up.

So check out that page, practice some face grids over pictures of
folks you deem as beautiful and this will help you in your sculpting
of both beautiful and not beautiful faces.

For more observations and discussion on sculpting faces check out
our FACE OFF section. It's when a bunch of us worked on sculpting
faces and shared our experiences.

I would like to do more demos on Sculpting figures and faces. I need
the practice and new sculptors need the company while they practice.



Dr. Stephen Marquardt's site on Beauty Analysis.

I do hope you checked the other pages on the Golden Ratio link I
sent through. I noticed the author used Dr. Marquardt's face grids
that are shown on THE FACE videos we have in our lending library.

This site of Dr. Marquardt has downloadable face grids that he shows
how universal our sense of beauty has been all through history.

I downloaded the grid.

A couple of years back I tested a software called "Face Works". One
could take a face that you created with PhotoShop and then snap a
grid on it and make it move in time to a song or dialogue. That face
grid for FaceWorks was what set me thinking of ways to sculpt in
real life easier.

Check out Dr. Marquardt's site, what he has there is of use to us.
Like the picture of a profile of a man from a youth to an old man.
The differences between adult faces and babies. All good for
sculpting study.

Also this is an alternative to the Forensic Facial Reconstruction
angle on sculpting a face, which made some folks go "Ick!".






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