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Who is the Official Vendor for CITY-o-Clay and Why


Updated 03/23/05

Karen at ClayAlley is our "official" vendor because for years she's given the CITY-o-Clay list members a discount, donates to our charities and provides perfect service.

Vendors who use CITY-o-Clay as a captive audience without participation, discounts and donations are getting put on Moderated status.

Now some folks may call me a hard ass for this.

I don't care.

What I want is to have vendors who use this list for spamming purposes to know that if you don't give discounts to the list members, if you don't donate to our needy ClayMates, if you don't participate without your hand in our pocket, then you don't need to be
posting here.

Karen has given so much to the list members behind the scenes it would embarrass her for me to make a list of it all. Those who have received
Newbie Boxes and boxes of donated art supplies will see polymer clay products in there. As well as tins an tools and all sorts of supplies and tools.

So this is a "heads up" to other vendors who join CITY-o-Clay, never participate in a real way, spam the list without contacting the Team Leaders here to arrange donations and discounts. The Team that volunteers to run CITY-o-Clay have voted in our last meeting to clamp
down on these spammers, give them a chance to really contribute to the clay community since they are making money off of them.

If these vendors don't want to "pay forward" to the community then they don't need to post on CITY-o-Clay.

With her Official Hat On
NoraJean Stone (formerly "Gatine")
Team Leader for CITY-o-Clay


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