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We - B - Chatty in Demo

(2013 - No Webcam Demos Scheduled)

--- Sharon  Vigneux <> wrote:
> Jean,
> We are a chatty group
+++++ snippidy do dah++++++

Oh just checked, September 2002 was when we started
doing Demos regularly. So over two years.

To see some set ups of the Demo behind the scenes,
check these links...
This is when I was working with the webcam and a
mirror, for seeing both sides of the action.

That is how I set up for doing micro minis on cam.
Something one can't teach in a live situation.

The webcam I'm using now was bought by the ClayMates
passing the hat. It's a Logitech QuikCam Pro 4000. 


You and I must be connected by the third eye. I was
washing dishes and thinking about the reply to Jean's
surprise that the Demo was so chatty while I do

I can't help but laugh really. It must be a mind
blower for a first timer in Demo. Jean I'm not
laughing at you, I'm just laughing near you. LOL

Ok, other experiences I've had with mass chat
situations, like in the SciFi chats with famous actors
and stuff... Only the actor or director can chat with
the Moderator. All questions that are asked are sent
to the Moderator who passes it on to the actor.
Individual chat can happen, but only seen by the
individuals chatting with each other. I found it stiff
and off putting.

Other live clay demo experiences I've had, and there
have only been a few I'll have to admit, but they went
like this...

There's someone working from a script.

They are not usually natural public speakers so you
can't hear them.

They are never funny.

They don't have enhanced viewing tech, like in the
cooking shows, so you can't see what's going on very
Everyone is gathered around a table, standing
uncomfortably close to each other, jockying for a
better view.

No one can speak.

No thanks... standing like that for any length of time
hurts my knees and ankles. Not being able to see just
makes me want to give up, go outside and have a smoke.
Not being able to hear makes me frustrated and not
being able to ask questions makes me crazy. I'm crazy

Do I want the demos to be some reverential hushed
gathering? No way... There's times that what I'm doing
is right boring, conditioning clay in the food
processor, pressing sheets, getting colors ready.

For I don't work from a script. I ask for short
orders, special requests, so I don't know what colors
need to be prepped until the ClayMate says....

I want to see roses.
I want to see noses.

Jean, I asked you what you wanted to see and you said
you weren't ready to make a request. Hey none of us
are ready, we're all doing improv. LOL

Oh chalk it up to my being a weird person. I teach in
a weird way. I run the list in a weird way. Folks
either love it or hate it, but as Bushyaib said this
afternoon, "Mom there's no neutral reaction to you." 

I don't want folks to stop chatting in demo or on the
list. It's part of our culture here to ramble, share
our lives, make friends, it's monkey love. Social
bonding. As long as we keep it positive and not
devolve into a bitch fest.

Then I was ruminating while washing dishes about why
the social bond is so important to me on the list and
in demo.

Because it's scary to show your first clay effort to
folks who you don't know and don't like in some way. A
bond must be made to ease folks into showing their
first efforts. How can we bond if we don't have social

There's clay lists galore where experienced clayers
can pat each other on the back, where folks show off
stuff they have to sell. Where when you ask them how
something was done they say "It's a trade secret." or
"Pay me and I'll show you."

Where do the beginners go? Where do the beginners feel
loved and safe enough to share their first effort?
Where can folks see things up close? Where can they
get all of this for free and be able to ask for
specific things? No where but here and in our Demos.

I have two websites with over 600 megs of pictures,
tips, and tricks. If folks just want the "How To" of a
technique they can go spelunking around the two sites.

Just as clay and minis are the Off Topics here, and
let's admit it there's more of that than clay or mini
talk. So too in Demo there's more social banter than
meat and potatoes facts and techniques. If I got a FAT
TIP to share I'll give you head's up. If I start
summarizing what's been done, folks chill out and let
me type the summary out.

The only thing I'd like is to have some Virtual
Scribes type in what they see on the cam.

But would I be happy with everyone all shut the heck
up while I'm doing demo? Not really, too formal for

This list is informal, but loving. The Demos are
informal and a lot of fun. It's the only social time a
lot of us have for the life of the artist is a
solitary one by its very nature.

As for there being a lot of folks at Demo. 19 isn't
the most we've had. We've had over two dozen and more,
covering the USA, Canada, EU, South Africa. We've had
three languages going on with folks translating for
other folks who don't speak or read English but want
to be there anyway.

There's folks who watch the cam and don't come into
the chat room. I can understand that, but they are
missing out on the most important reasons for the
demo, being able to ask questions and get answers
right there. Being able to ask for specific techniques.
To share good fellowship. It is not only my answering
questions but folks can chat about pasta machines,
where to get various supplies, share links for
eyecandy. Rickie Beth and Karen Rhodes can provide
vendor services for the ClayMates in demo. I'm always
pleased when I read the demo logs afterwards when
there's an exchange of information like that when I'm

So I don't want demo attendees to think they got to
slap a strip of gaffer's tape on their mouths when in
demo. That would make me unhappy. I just want Virtual
Scribes to describe what's going on now and then.

Also, there's a statement on the home page of this
list. "We are chatty". In miniature magazines that
have articles about finding out about minis online,
when MSATClayArt is mentioned it is always said "But
they are a bit chatty".

Yip and Yow, naw, who us? LOL  Yup, We-B-Chatty, but
there's a very serious reason why, monkey love, social
bonding, so beginners can get over THE FEAR of
exposing their first efforts.

Spoiling the beginners is a small kindness... just
like my favorite Surah, Al Ma'ooh

Woe be unto him who makes a lie out of his religion.
Who can be seen making a big show at worship,
but repels the orphan,
refuses the feeding of the needy,
and who refuses his neighbor the small kindness.

That's my motivation in all this. That and not to bore
myself to death.



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