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Mini Meme


>I don't know how long things like this take and since
> the holidays are upon us I'm sure folks are busy
> with the Christmas shopping and creating....I know I
> am.  AHHHHHH!!!!! 

LeLax Lynn:

For those who are new, LeLax is how my mother says
"relax". Anyone remember the Amos and Andy Show? Where
the Kingfish says to Andy, "Unlax yourself there,
Andy." giving him a chair. Our family says that same
line with LeLax. But we just silly that way.

I'm just happy that ideas aren't like Thanksgiving
left overs in the fridge. The clay and mini ideas just
don't go bad. As babies are born and old folks die,
it's the ideas we been passing on down the line.

In fact ideas are recycled here all the time. There's
folks who are new to minis just like others are new to
clay. That's one of the unique qualities of this list,
it's like two rivers meeting and swirling about before
merging and flowing somewhere. 

This idea will keep until we're done with the winter
observances. It is still a good idea.

There are so many holidays, so many cultures, so many
opportunities to do something special as a group. The
fact that this idea triggers an urge to participate,
motivates folks to do new things, allowing your
ClayMates to put their practice to a charitable use,
all this is wonderful.

It's the idea that's important. It's a mini meme.

What's a Meme? Even old timers are saying... "Uh oh
this is new."

Meme (pron. meem): A contagious information pattern
that replicates by parasitically infecting human minds
and altering their behavior, causing them to propagate
the pattern. (Term coined by Dawkins, by analogy with
"gene".) Individual slogans, catch-phrases, melodies,
icons, inventions, and fashions are typical memes. An
idea or information pattern is not a meme until it
causes someone to replicate it, to repeat it to
someone else. All transmitted knowledge is memetic.

Kicking around ideas is part of the mental exercises
that are part of a list like this. Just as important
as the Happy Dance and the Happy Clayer Jumping Jacks.
LOL Kick that idea around, it won't hurt a thumb or an
ankle. (Hey Jeannie, shim poi poi, kiss the owie

One is not committed for coordinating a group project
until they volunteer. I got to send you a huggle...
that's a bunch of hugs in a bundle.

I Meme It! LOL

I'm so busted, ya know, copping to the use of Memes on
this list. The Quarter Jar is a Meme. A Sassy Clayer
Attitude is a Meme. The rambles are rife with Memes
right and left.

For it is only through the written word that I am
allowed in anyone's head. My mini clay memes are
pebbles toss out into the pond of collected
consciousness here, they ripple to out and hopefully
it'll motivate someone. Goosing muses and brain
massage are the main memes of this list.

Just playing poker Chicago style, all my cards face

So that being said, LeLax. We're here to have fun and
it is a stress free zone.

Oh I just told James about the mini memes, and how I
really meme what I say. "You're pushing you luck there
with that." he rolled his eyes. Oh goodie, when James
rolls his eyes and sighs then I've got a good meme
going. He and Sister Rasheedah say I'm going to
Pun-ishment Hell in a hand basket with jets on it.

Ok, at least I'll be amused there if nothing else. LOL




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