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Sense of Self Part Two: Dr. Ginger Blume


Just as I don't create tutorials that are already "out there" on the
web, I don't need to rewrite things that are already out there on
the web either.

In doing a web search for "Sense of Self" I fell across Dr. Ginger
Blume. I think I love her now that I found her.

She wrote about the "Guiltless No" and "Imperfect Holidays". There's
all sorts of wonderful articles on the page that link above will
send you to.

For more on how to repair our "Sense of Self" do check out Dr.
Blume's articles. She's singing the same song I am.

Her focus is on women, but I feel the men on our list would be well
served to go read these articles to better understand the women in
their lives, to better understand how their daughters can be
validated and encouraged to develop a better sense of self.

To have a healthy sense of self does not only benefit the
development of the artist. It is something we need to work on to
live our lives to the fullest in all respects.

Some folks think that the artist is an weird manifestation that
happens in the population. I disagree with this view. Thinking that
everything one creates should be viable for sale is the weird
manifestation that's happened in societies geared towards
conspicuous consumption. In the history of humans that is a new
point of view.

Archeologists and Anthropologist look for signs of "artifacts" to
determine if a lived in area was inhabited by humans and not just
primates. Art - I - Facts. Interesting word that.

One very old archeological site had a spear head that was 6 foot/2
meters tall. Obviously this spear head was not made to kill
Godzilla. It was made to hold some sort of symbolic significance for
the humans who lived there.

Art or items that hold symbolic significance are the first signs of
sentient beings having in a lived in area.

When humans create something that is NOT practical, that is NOT
immediately recognized as useful, then that's the sign that there is
sentience going on there.

So let's think about that for a minute. Creating art is the first
sign of being human?

The Archeologists aren't looking for signs of commerce. Tool using
is seen in primates that are only barely self aware.

Items created that have symbolic significance, mystical
significance, or for the gleeful play of amusing humans are
considered signs of human habitation.

If anyone needed a reason to be able to play, to dream, to create
just for the fun of it, to not be stressed as to "will it sell" this
observation by learned propeller heads should give you support and
strength to be able to feel good about having fun with your clay.

I get heat all the time for not focusing on sales.

"You should set up the shopping cart on your site."
"You should charge for demos."
"You should create another list and charge for memberships."

Hey... get off of the hem of my skirt. I tell these well meaning but
obviously misguided folks that

would, could, should, don't count

What IS happening is what counts.

For every action that is repeated there's a reinforcer.

What is my reinforcer here?

My reinforcement is when those who are on tight funds express
appreciation for the free tutorials and free demos. When my
ClayMates are having fun, bonding with each other socially.  When my ClayMates make me weep when they tell me my ramble touched their heart and they are on the way to self healing.

What money can buy that?

Money is over rated. It's the False Idol of the 21st Century. Money
is not the goal's end in this artistic venture, it's a means to the
end, which is personal creative self expression without guilt.

James, my husband for those who are new to the list, backs me up on
my quest to provide free art teaching. "You're a kept woman now,
boopie. Do what you do best. That's following your bliss like you
keep on telling the list." Which means he doesn't care if I sell any
of my clay efforts or not. What he cares about more is that
his "kept woman" is a happy girl. That means he gets spoiled rotten
every day.

He said, "I have that Leo Moon, I'm happy that you're doing what
you're doing. I get to brag about you all the time." and he laughed
merrily. That's his reinforcement.

So are we weird because we feel creating is a Right and not a
privilege of the rich?  No we're not.

Art is the right of every human because they have sentience.

Commerce is an option to those who want to engage in that part of
the modern world. It is not a prerequisite to being an artist. It is
not the logical result of being an artist.

Choices... we have choices in our life. We can choose to sell or
not. We can choose to work with clay or not. We can choose to share
what we've made with others or not.

We do no have the choice wether to be sentient or not. That
sentience needs expression and that's why we're all here. Keeping
that as a "reason to be" is good enough. It's been working for
humans for 60,000 years and we've only been dancing to that tune
here for 5 years.

Now I'm off to clean the bathroom, continuing in the romantic life
of the artist. LOL





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