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Three Day Open House Marathon In Chat

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the
First Day of Kwanzaa on the 26th

Ok, here's the thought that occurred to me. The review
for mini food and maybe some sculpting, will be the
focus of a three day Marathon Open House Chat. I want
to make a Nativity Scene *on* Christmas for my MIL,
and what's a celebration without food?

We'll do that for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the
First Day of Kwanzaa on the 26th. The Kwanzaa day is
going to be exciting for me for I have African
neighbors who will be receiving the clay gifts for
days and days. he he he

There's going to be ClayMates who are not visiting
family, not observing Christmas (Like me and Hilda),
or are missing their loved ones because they are far
away. I'm thinking some mini comfort food is in the
menu. Sculpting babies always cheers folks up. 

Folks can pop in as they have time, but I'm going to
have an "open house" sort of chat for these most
tender of days.

Remember "Only the Lonely?" By Roy Orbison?

Only The Lonely
Roy Orbison
(Miscellaneous Movie Songs Compilation)

Oh-woh-woh-woh-o oh-wa-wah
Only the lonely, only the lonely

Only the lonely
Know the way I feel tonight
Only the lonely
Know this feeling ain't right
There goes my baby
There goes my heart
They're gone forever so far apart
But only the lonely
You know why I cry
Only the lonely

(Repeat *)

Only the lonely
Know the heartaches I've been through
Only the lonely
Know I cry and cry for you
Maybe tomorrow a new romance
No more sorrow but that's the chance
You've got to take
If you're lonely heart breaks
Only the lonely

That song was my Christmas song for many years.
Separation being something I've had to learn how to
muddle through. This Winter Solstice is polar
opposite to the "verb" Mars in my astrological
sentence. I got Mars in Cancer and I've gotten so blue
around this time. Ghosts still come and haunt me, to
dance their old dance on my heart. So I open my home
to other lonely souls, living or dead, to mark the
time with me.

Busy hands, good fellowship, virtual hugs are all on
the agenda for some Holiday Cheer.

Ya, this food thread was a good nudge for a topic for
our Winter Observance.

One year we did a Blue Blue Christmas In Silver and Blue, kicked
around some fish scale, which has Christian overtones,
so this year we'll review comfort foods, baby faces,
and keep each other company.

Everyone else, who have family and loved ones near by,
who are mobile and have the energy to go off, you just
have the best of times.

This isn't like school where if you miss a class you
get a bad mark. This open house is part of our MSAT
Outreach. Part of our Mental Health Maintenance for
our list members who are not leaving the crib. But who
would like to have "someplace to go", where they are
known, loved and appreciated. That's the motivation
for the three day Marathon.

Ya, I'm liking this more and more as I think about it.
I face this time of year with a bag full of winces,
now it's starting to look like fun.

Clay is therapy, I swear...



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