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What colors do you need to start?

A new claymate is starting out with white polymer clay. Another claymate said...

You're going to need more than
just white clay!!!

No Jive Kelly

For the beginner clayer

For new clayers who do minis
NoraJean.Com Rambles/MiniClayFaq

A way to keep track of your color mixes

I limit myself to 10 colors

Primary Colors of
Cadmium Red
Cobalt Blue
Zinc Yellow

From mixing the Primary Colors you get the Secondary Colors of
Orange, half red and half yellow, for example

Now... if you took that basic orange and added Translucent clay like
You'd have the range of orange color that could stand in for blood
oranges or weak orange juice.

Red and Blue make Purple
Add pearl to that and loose your dang mind

Blue and Yellow make green
add gold to that and faint dead away

So along with the Primary Colors it behooves us to also have

Black comes in handy, for you can press slices of your practice citrus
cane on sheets and cover grapefruit knife handles like our ClayMates
in Florida do

When you take White and mix it with anything you loose the translucent
quality, it becomes opaque, and it becomes pastel. But white has it's
purposes like with Day of the Dead Skulls.

If you are doing figures mix your skin clay

Which leads us to Raw Sienna, which is like milk chocolate and Burnt
Umber, which is exactly like bitter sweet chocolate.

Cadmium Red
Cobalt Blue
Zinc Yellow (Cadmium Yellow is warm, Zinc Yellow doesn't have that red
hit to it. If I want that I'll add it myself)
Translucent (regular or bleached and Liquid) So this counts as two,
solid and liquid Translucent
Raw Sienna
Burnt Umber

One dozen clay colors. With that you can mix just about everything. I
wouldn't suggest buying green already mixed, or purple already mixed,
just get the primary colors and mix the basic secondary color
yourself, then lighten, darken, according to what you need. But keep
track of your mixes, leave clay crumbs for yourself to replicate a
color mix that makes you just suck air in between your teeth with

Just like when you make a good cane, you never make enough. When you
mix some great color, you never mix enough. So remember how you got
there make some more.

So Kelly, are you having fun yet?




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