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1999 - What you can get from a "sink hole" at the end of a large cane.

This is one of my first large canes and I made all together too much. I made flowers with a bunch of petals, with branches and leaves and when it was reduced it pleased me a great deal. What I found was the end-o-cane made huge "dog bone" and a massive sink hole in the center. I went YIKES. I let that end-o-cane sit for a long time and then went back to it to see what I could do with all that clay. I hate wasting clay and I discovered something quite interesting in scav'ing that end-o-cane.

When you make a large cane the end of the cane gets "dog boned". What to do? I say form it into a cone and start slicing to see what you get.

This cane had a bunch of flowers, branches, leaves, as the design in the cane. As the "dog bone" cone was sliced I saw that the design elements started to disappear bit by bit. Which stands to reason when you think about it.

That's the sink hole at the center of the cane that is made by the end of the cane making the "dog bone" shape.

You can see the design seems to be being sucked into the center. It was fascinating to see flower petals, leaves and branches disappear the more I cut down the cone made by the end-o-cane.

The smaller the cone got the less of the design would be seen as you can see in the next picture.

You can see the cones that were made by the huge end-o-cane "dog bone". I took the small designs and add them together to get a whole new design of small flowers with a few petals.

Here you can see how the flowers with a few petals were repeated by reducing, slicing, and stacking the end-o-cane.

Here's an even closer view. Maybe it's just me but I find this salvaging of the "dog bone" end-o-cane just FABOO!

The smaller the bits became the more I'd slice and stack the cane, here I added pearl and a rose mix as a surround.

By adding more to the salavaged bits I was able to get new designs based on the salvage. Reduce, reuse, recycle, that's the motto.

Now the design is getting so small it needed more additions to make it usable. I added rose stripes with pearl, another pearl and rose surround.

There is a penny for size reference.

Here is a pinch pot made of with the salvaged canes. The penny is there as a size reference.


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