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02-14-2013: Valentines Day "Melt-assacre" I used BicStic (grey) to cover the first batch of pens. A YouTube subscriber said that they melted on her. I took a sample pen and tossed it into the oven, not taking care to make sure that the temperature was correct. The pen melted into a horrible mess. I thought it was the brand of pen. It was not. It was my error. JulieS, our beloved Swap Mistress, write to me saying "The Bic Stic (grey) works fine. Cure it in corn starch at 270F for a half hour." She was correct, bless her heart. So this is my Bic Stic Error Page. 

02-27-2013: The Grey Bic Stic pens MELT into a horrible mess!!

02-27-2013: Update. I had the oven on too high. My bad. The Bic Round Stic was tested twice: buried in cornstarch and on a BBQ skewer and the pens survived. The temperature no highter than 275F/130C and the time no more than 1/2 hour. Be careful and you won't burn your Bic Round Stic pens.
Showing what Bic Stic I melted by mistake and unboxing the Papermate Flexgrip Ultra.
02-27-2013: Test Bic Round Stic in Cornstarch
My earlier disaster with the Bic Round Stic was my miscalculation. This video starts after I cured a Bic Round Stic covered with the Faux Ivory Clay, buried in corn starch. As per Julie S's instructions. I must have had my oven on too high before and that's why the green sample pen turned into Pele's Poop on a Stick.


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