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08-20-11: That is the logo that will be at the beginning and end of my polymer clay YouTube videos. It has been four years since I uploaded any videos to AuntyAlias's YouTube Channel. I held off because my hardware was crappy. My software didn't scale up with my new computer three years ago. Then I went through the divorce. Now that my son bought me new hardware and software I am able to create new polymer clay oriented videos for my ClayMates. For now the videos are embedded on the home page and in the Monthly Highlights.  I intend to also embed the videos in the web sections where they are most relevant. You know how I run things here: belt, suspenders and safety pins. Thank you all for being so patient while I ramp up my tech.

New YouTube Video Tutes


Some videos will be either repeated on pages, or there will be links to the "basic" page because they will be relevant.

About these new YouTube polymer clay videos

August 2011 Leaf Cane-Face Mold Making a leaf cane, using a slice in a face mold.
Basic Techniques: Color, Mix colors, condition, press sheet, blend, The "Dreaded" Chevron Flip, Wet Sanding, Vat-o-Finish August 2011: Eyeball Iris Review and Kai Gets an Eye & Kai-Eyelid
Tools: From turkey skewers, Kemper cut out, texture sheets, food processors, ClayShapers and more. 2011-09: Finishing up on the Leaf Cane Kai Pendant Surprise ending!

9-17-11 Curing with Corn Starch

Use a bed of corn starch for your polymer clay items that have curved edges, or will be seen from both sides, like bracelets and rings.

August 2011- Chop and Toss: Leaf cane, face cane, 5AoF cane, seeing what we can make with this 3 cane chop.
9-17-11- De-Skewer Beads

This is how you get the finished beads off of the skewers.

August 2011 - Miniatures: 4 Leaf Vase and Pinch Pot review.

09-17-11 Recycle Skewers

You donít have to buy new bamboo skewers once youíve used them while making beads.

September 2001 Face Sculpting
9-20-11-Tube Bead with Leopard

How to make a tube bead with bamboo skewers using leopard spot cane.

November 05, 2011 Methuen, MA, Workshop: Leopard Ruth filmed my making a leopard spot cane at the workshop at Julie's home.

2011 Holiday Greetings to my ClayMates and StarGazers.


02-19-2012: Testing 2 webcams and NCH Debut Software: It WORKS!
February 12 through 14, 2013 Pen Swap Prep: 02-12-2013: Introduction to Covering Pens with Polymer Clay; Pen #1-Plain Green;  Pen #2 - 5aoF;
02-14-2013: Valentines Day "Melt-assacre" I used BicStic (grey) to cover the first batch of pens. A YouTube subscriber said that they melted on her. I took a sample pen and tossed it into the oven, not taking care to make sure that the temperature was correct. The pen melted into a horrible mess. I thought it was the brand of pen. It was not. It was my error. JulieS, our beloved Swap Mistress, write to me saying "The Bic Stic (grey) works fine. Cure it in corn starch at 270F for a half hour." She was correct, bless her heart. So this is my Bic Stic Error Page. 
February 14 - 15, 2013: Chop and Toss of the 5aoF cane scraped off of the Pens from February 12 through 14, 2013 Pen Swap Prep: Natasha Bead from One Srapped Pen; Double Sided pendant from 4 scraped pens; Chopping 5aoF unreduced cane;  Undoing Double Sided Pendant - Re do to 2 pendants
02-16_17-2013 Tiger Cane Cover Pen: Mixing Colors; Easy Breezy Blend to Jelly Roll; Make Fat Stripes; Add Stripes & Chevron Flip; Cover Pen with Tiger Leaves.
02-17-2013: Making leopard spot cane and covering a pen barrel.
02-19-2013: Making Zebra cane and covering a pen barrel
02-20-2013: Faux Pine Grain, covering pens, chop and toss scraps to beads.
02-19 through 26, 2013: Faux Ivory, a "short order claying request" from Fred from the UK. Using Desiree's Faux Ivory tutorial, covering a pen, Easy Breezy Scrimshaw. 
03-02-2013: Animal Chop Pen 2 videos: Chopping Animal Cane and Covering Pens in two different ways.
03-03-2013: Brown Waves - Multi-Layered Bullseyes cut into 4ths, stacked to make a wave pattern, or it work as fish scales.

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