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New YouTube Video Tutes
02-16_17-2013: Tiger Cane Cover Pen: Mixing Colors; Easy Breezy Blend to Jelly Roll; Make Fat Stripes; Add Stripes & Chevron Flip; Cover Pen with Tiger Leaves.
02-16-2013: Tiger Pen part 1 of 5
Sound Problem - Click the CC for my CAPTIONS.
Mixing cadmium yellow with white and burnt umber for the start of the Tiger Cane that will cover a pen barrel
02-17-2013: Tiger Pen part 2 of 5
Showing how to do the Easy Breezy blend that makes blending quick. How to add more color at the end of a blended ribbon the rough and tumble way. Making a Jelly Roll Blend as prep for the Tiger Cane.
02-17-2013: Tiger Pen part 3 of 5
Tiger stripes are tapered at the end and wide in the middle. Here's a quick way to make those stripes. In prep for the Tiger Cane.

02-17-2013: Tiger Pen part 4 of 5
How to add the Tiger stripes to the Jelly Roll Blend. Reducing the Cane.
How to do the Chevron Flip. Remember this technique for making leaves.
In fact check out the leaf videos that shows how to use the jelly roll blend and chevron flip to make a really nice leaf cane. It's in the videos.
Now the Tiger cane is ready to use to cover the pen and that will be video 5 of this playlist.

02-17-2013: Tiger Pen part 5 of 5
15 slices of Tiger Leaf Cane, placed on the pen barrel that has not been prepared with anything. Done in real time so you can see how quick it is to do, once you have the cane made.



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