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New YouTube Video Tutes

02-19 through 26, 2013: Faux Ivory, a "short order claying request" from Fred from the UK. Using Desiree's Faux Ivory tutorial, covering a pen, Easy Breezy Scrimshaw. 

02-19-2013: CITY-o-Clay is exploring faux ivory. This is the prep video where we examine real antique ivory, look at Desiree's Faux Ivory Tutorial, and look up Ecru as a hue. Color cards are reviewed and an ecru hue is mixed.

02-26-2013 Ivory Part 2 Bullseye
Second part of the faux ivory effort. Making the bullseye canes with ecru/pearl mix and translucent.
02-26-2013 Ivory Part 3 - Lace Cane
Part three of the faux ivory effort. Making the Lace Cane from the bullseyes.
02-26-2013 Ivory Part 4 Cure Sample and Cover a Pen
Faux ivory effort part 4: Cure a sample of the faux ivory. Cover a pen with a slice pressed thin with the pasta machine.
02-26-2013 First Batch of Pens Cured
Showing how I set up the pens to be cured. Showing the cured pens before wet sanding and applying a finish.

02-26-2013 NJ's Easy Breezy Scrimshaw
Using the Faux Ivory sample I carved my NJ Cattle Brand with wood craving tools. I filled in the carved area with a fine tip Sharpie.

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