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YouTube Index 2011-09: Finishing up on the Leaf Cane Kai Pendant: Reducing the leaf cane into a cone to get different sizes of leaves, making 3D leaves, surrounding the face with the leaves, and leaving him in the oven too long so he got scorched. 

9-3-11-Leaf Cane Kai Pendant Finish Part 1

Finishing the Leaf Cane Kai pendant: This is part 1 of I don’t know how many parts because, as you know I ain’t got no plan. In this video I recommend reducing leaf canes into a cone shape to get different sized leaves when you slice the cane. I show how to form the leaves, again. I put a back on the pendant with a half dozen large leaf slices. The next video will be attaching a number of these 3D formed leaves to the leaf cane Kai pendant.



9-3-11-Leaf Cane Kai Pendant Finish Part 2

Using a “Natasha” bead for where the cord will go through on the pendant and then surrounding the Leaf Cane Kai pendant face with leaves. Discussing why different size leaves make for a more natural look rather than leaves of all the same size. Musing on how the life of the artist is one percent excitement and 99 percent tedium. While putting the leaves in place I muse on how people don’t realize how many steps are involved in creating art, but if they want to learn my tutorials are free and so is CITY-o-Clay at Yahoo Groups where the COCModSquad and I hold hands of anyone who wants to learn how to get a grip on their clay.


9-3-11-Leaf Cane Kai Pendant Finish Part 3

The third and last part of the finish of Leaf Cane Kai pendant and the chop and toss beads that went before him. Tricks shown: how to “fill the gaps” in the multitude of leaves; how to cover the top of square natashas if they will be between smaller round beads; and how to quickly measure the amount of beads you have for a project, not using a ruler. Trick is I used a ruler to figure how wide my out stretched hand was. Measure your outstretched hand and from the tip of your thumb to the first knuckle. You will have an instant ruler on your body. So now the beads and the pendant will be put in the oven and we’ll be off to the next project.

9-4-11-Leaf Cane Kai Pendant Finish Part 4-Burnt

I got distracted doing webwork and Leaf Cane Kai Pendant was in the oven for too long and the pearl got scorched. I’m sharing the truth of it because that’s the easiest thing to do. I’ve burnt enough polymer clay to be able to shrug my shoulders and accept the finished item scorched. It is what it is. I recommend that y’all, whether new clayers or old timers, also take your burnt bits with a bit of good humor. It’s only polymer clay. If it were a real emergency you’d know it. Hah!


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